PS Plus cloud storage size needs to be updated on PS4, 1 GB isn't enough

PS Plus cloud storage size needs to be updated on PS4, 1 GB isn't enough

GiantBomb made a great point on their most recent podcast...this isn't even something the consumer should have to think about it.

Don't hate me for bringing this up, I own/love both systems, but this is something the Xbox One is superior to the PS4 at. It just uploads my games with unlimited cloud storage. I then go to the Xbox One at my friends house, and all my saves are just there, with no additional work required. I don't have to even think about it.

Remember when 8mb saved every game you needed? Boy, how things change.

And if you had 16mb, you were just showing off

It's as if we are using that 1 GB for our personal files. Its the saves of games Sony approves for their consoles. In this case Sony must either Limit the sizes of save files for all games to less than 5MB or remove the data cap.

That was the gist of their argument. The cloud storage should be of a size where the issue never comes up for saves.

technically you have 3 GB of storage ( 1GB for PS Vita, PS3 & PS4 ) so the least they could do is to merge it and allow users to use whole 3 GB of storage for lets say PS4 save data. I personally have all 3 systems but I never hit the capacity except on my PS4 (which didnt take me long, considering one game can have like 100MB save data).

Google drive gives you 5gb for free when you make an account, sony should really give us more than 1gb seeing as we pay a subscription every year for ps plus.

Edit: According to /u/chicken_and_ham it's actually 15gb for free on google drive which reflects even worse on sony.

Or you played Madden

XBL doesn't have a cap, catch up PSN

The best part about it is Little Big Planet 3 was the largest game save I've ever seen on the ps4. That's their own game!

For those of us who didn't hear it...?

It really shouldn't be an issue that a user has to deal with.

A lot of people are suggesting compromises and new limits...why? The direct competition offers unlimited storage for free so why settle for so much less, especially when we have to pay for it.

Again, the competition offers unlimited storage for free while PSN charges you for it and only gives you 1GB. That's kind of ridiculous isn't it? I don't expect Sony to write my name on a server bank but I do expect to be able to backup the save from each game I buy like I can on other systems. The PS4 needs to be more competitive for it's consumers. The purchase of each game should cover the cloud storage needed for it's save file. I shouldn't be paying for cloud saves via PSN fees and 60 to 100+ bucks for a game and not be able to back them all up.

There shouldn't be a limit and it shouldn't cost any extra. With a game purchase the necessary storage space should be included for it. That's not an unreasonable thing to ask considering that's exactly what both XBL and Steam do for free. Heck even most of the non-gaming cloud storage services out there give you way more than 1GB for free.

For me, the even bigger advantage that Xbox has it that it's all automatic. I never have to manually upload or download anything, it's all there and online whenever I log in to my XBL account. This has been a big adjustment/pain for me on the PS4. Sure, it's workable, but it's also friction that I don't want to deal with.

To be honest 1GB should be enough if they just prevented games from creating huge save files. I can't think of any reason why a game could possibly need 100MB+ for a save file. So either they fix that or remove the cap and watch as their server storage fills to the brim by the end of the PS4's life cycle

Even a 20mb Cap would help a lot. The problem is the very few devs that have games that have a save file taking up 100s of mb which is just crazy, especially since some of them are basic games so it's clear that it's just a screw up by the developer.

Pretty sure Google is 15gb

Definitely, I have a LittleBigPlanet 3 save that is around 500mb.

In this day and age it really should be something to be expected, and i mean in all forms of gaming not just ps4.

Everyone's trying to compromise while Xbox One has unlimited.

That's just shitty development.

If I can get 5GB of free cloud storage by registering a free AppleID or 15GB of free cloud storage by creating a free Google account, I should be able to get more than 1GB of cloud storage by paying for a PS+ membership. There really isn't any excuse for a 1GB cap. I get that unlike iCloud and Google Drive, PS+ is meant only for save data and not media content, etc. But when some save files are hitting 200MB, 300MB or even 500MB, 1GB simply is not enough storage.

I'm perfectly happy deleting unneeded excess save files (for example, games that save a new unique autosave file without overwriting the old ones) and maintaining my storage data, but even so I'm probably at almost 800MB of save data with less than a dozen games installed. As a paying member, I should be able to keep profile data and at least my most recent save for every game I own without having to delete saves to make room.

Minecraft worlds are huge, so there's a good reason they can be pretty big.

I don't know why the save files for LBP3 and Apotheon are so big though. LBP3 maybe, but Apotheon save file size makes no sense.

remove the cloud storage cap, solved

The only game I've had take up more than 50mb is LBP3, Sony's own game. It was 500mb and crushed my online storage.

You might be misunderstanding me, i meant we should expect cloud saving as a given.

Yeah, storage space aside it's not well implemented on the PS4. Saves only sync during some random standby time (or when you power on) and you have to manually copy any cloud saves back to the system hard drive to use them. Games themselves can't access cloud saves directly.

On the XB1 it's all completely automatic...files are synced in the background right away with the game and involve no manual copying at all. You literally just load up a game on any xb1 console and your current save is there. Its invisible to the user, it just works.

Or any of the TimeSplitters.

10GB should be the new cap if anything. Also developers need to work on lowering the save data size. I'm tired of getting failed to upload save data messages from DriveClub apparently that game wants to upload all kinds of shit.

Some games take 100's of MB.

Sony seriously step up to the plate.

I get 15GB of space for my free email account, considering PS+ is a paid service can't we get a bit more than 1GB? I feel like 1GB is what non-plus members should get for free

and don't forget about Apotheon, that one for me is 300mb!

The devs actually commented on this on reddit shortly after the game came out.

The reason for the huge save file is that the game automatically creates three save "slots" for you, and in each save "slot" are 10 manual save files and 3 auto-save files, for a total of 39 save files. And each of those 39 save files contain the entire contents of the game world (i.e., it's a complete memory dump of the game, right down to things like "the player struck treasure chest XYZ and now it's still upside-down slightly to the left of its normal position").

So even if you just keep one save file in the game, your save file actually contains 39 complete memory dumps in it.

Great design, truly. cough

NBA 2k14 file got to be about 1.4 GB. They decided that autosaves shouldn't overwrite the old autosaves and that all the save files should be bundled together and uploaded to the cloud.

Have to agree here. I don't own an XBone but the 360 even did it better than the PS4 does. Being able to play games from your Cloud Savegame was an awesome addition, instead of having to download and upload games when you wanna play them on the Playstation.

That is beyond ridiculous. It's a metroidvania game. It could save all the important states of items, player, and world in a 100kb csv no problem. WTF were the devs thinking?

They could also make managing the save files less of a pain. Go to list, delete, select file, delete, confirm delete then you get kicked back to the menu to start all over. C'mon.

It's lazy programming.

For Final Fantasy 7, Square couldn't get a single save to fit on the 8mb card. After a few months of work, they got it much much much smaller.

These days storage is cheap, so why not 600 mb saves...

Most save files are about 10MB in size. There are several games however that have save files up to several hundred MB (DRIVECLUB springs to mind with its hefty Ghost Data and Replay files) or games that create numerous save files (Alien: Isolation's chapter saves, for example) that can easily reach +200MB in total.

1GB should be enough for save files by any reasonable estimate on paper, but in practice there are way too many games that are storage hogs with their save data.

And if you had 16mb, you were just showing off

I was a baller with my 144 page PS1 memory card.

These days 1 GB isn't even considered generous for a free service.