Proud mum blepping at her 4 new kittens!

Proud mum blepping at her 4 new kittens!

"What do I do with these fluffy jellybeans?"

If I had just given birth to and washed all over those cute little kitties, you can bet I would be sticking my tongue out at this stage...

Congratulations, you now have four new Karma Machines. Take lots of pictures of the adorableness and post them frequently!

There are too many stray children. People still have kids. Some people prefer to continue the lineage of their pets, some don't care. I agree that there are a ton of strays that should get homes, but ultimately as long as the breeder is being responsible and either keeping all the kittens or finding them quality homes (usually friend and family), they're really not doing anything wrong.

For the record, both my cats are adopted, but that doesn't mean everyone else HAS to.

I do understand the emotional space you're coming from though.

I call them "kitten nuggets" :)

This is a good message, but not everyone who lets their animal breed does it irresponsibly. You may want to tone down that commanding tone just a bit.

Awe that's so cute. When my neighbours cat had kittens she called them fuzzy sausages.

Good points! The irony is that the mum cat above was adopted as stray, was pregnant and we will keep or re-home all of the kittens..!

Wow crazy. I have that exact same Walmart towel. And it's the dog towel. Super cute cat! Time to get spayed! :)