Proud Father

Proud Father

This is the worst thing I've seen in months.

Sorry to hijack this comment but not sure if editing the original post with this will keep mods happy.

Apparently the girl in this is a missing child in Indiana. If you see her or have any information involving her disappearance please contact the authorities.

Hopefully the attention this /sub/trashy post got can lead to her being found safely.

That girl is actually a missing person in Indiana as of last night

Just wait like 3 more months

Wow! Now that is not what I expected to read in the comments. We have all made dumb choices but being that young with child and to be missing. Fucked

Kid has a brand new 1997 bulls hat on. Either he's wearing a retro hat, or that baby is 20 now.

The cross necklace.

It's a flat brim... That's all anyone needs to know for dating purposes.

Wow. Went from /sub/trashy to /sub/unexpected. Hope the girl is found soon, safe and sound. Doesn't look older than 14.

She’s 15, I’ve seen this photo making the rounds on Facebook. The boy is the babydaddy. The girl is a runaway, still missing, and she was talking to an older man on the internet before she disappeared...

You could say its the worst thing I've seen all year.

She can’t be any older than like 12. Seriously? I think I’ve had enough internet for today!!

Ugh. First thing I noticed. Of COURSE she has a cross necklace.

Only because he does not want to get grounded.

Dude looks like Corey Feldman!

That makes this photo even more sad.


Babies having babies. They are not even out of junior high and already bringing a life.

Christian flag in the background. This is in a church.

Apparently she's 16 so not as bad as I thought it was, she looks much younger, but still not great

I checked with Gary. He don't know nothing.

No, let's up hope they give the baby up for adoption.

Teenaged runaways are so common that there's really not much media coverage when it happens. It's not important whether there's a secondary source to back up the Facebook post. This is more to show that OP did gank this from a missing kid post on Facebook.

Without the Facebook context the picture is still pretty trashy on its own. Her being missing doesn't detract from it being to-be teenage parents showing off a baby belly in church.

Their parents are the real trash. These poor kids never had a chance.

Well, now Im just sad

thanks! Indiana is my home state, i'll keep an eye out

She doesn't look older than 12.

Yeah nobody wears clothing with random years on them, and couldn't wear that hat once 1997 ended

Seriously, “we have all made dumb choices”? She didn’t disappear herself, or get pregnant by herself. She’s very clearly a child. Adults make “dumb choices.” Little girls in her circumstances (pregnant and missing) are victims.

Ehhhh I was a young girl once and starting at age 12 the hormones were raging and I became sexually active on my own terms. She looks like she was dating this guy and had sex willingly, I wouldn't call her a victim as far as the sexual activity and pregnancy goes. She's a victim now that she's missing, yes.

2018 is set to be a wild year.

“Hey guys this girl is trashy look at her hahaha also she’s missing, don’t mind me just trying to help”

Not condoning it but at least he's still in the picture & supportive

Christians have a flag?

15 is a baby

Kinda trashy to post a picture of a missing teen just to call them trashy.

Neither of them were prepared for the world properly.

She's 16?! I wouldn't have guessed anything older than 12

At least he's not old enough to fall back on the "heading to the store for cigarettes" ploy.

Earning the "best dad in the grade" rosetta isn't hard when you're unopposed and in junior school.

Where can I find them if I'm not still?

I believe in making the world safe for our children. but not for our children's children, because I don't think kids should be having sex. -jack handy

That flag specifically is used primarily in the US by evangelical churches although not always. I see them most often in front of Baptist churches here in the south.

Oh, phew.

Here I was, worried that we had a serious case of a missing fifteen year-old, but now that I know she's sixteen I can rest easy.

Yeah, gonna need some substantiation to that claim, dawg.

Edit Found one

Yeah, gonna need some substantiation to that claim, dawg.


Plot twist: they have the same parents

Check Gary.

/sub/trashy... Milk carton for the digital age.

Is there a link to post to help raise awareness about her?

Was looking at comments further down. Seems she's 15, but yeah has a baby face.

He's still in this picture.

Please edit last name out. Sub rules.

Edit: Did I get downvoted because I asked him to obey the rules of the sub? Good job Reddit.

Get out of here with that reasoned thought and logic

Sure a victim whatever you want to call her. She is a child and in danger. Yet, at 16 I was catfshing old men left and right and that was the early 2000’s and just for laughs with friends. At 16 you know what your doug. You just don’t truly see how your choices will affect you. Point is I said we all make dumb choices. Then said she is so young with child. Sooo what’s your point?

> It's a flat brim... That's all anyone needs to know for dating purposes.

That's Bree from Elkhart, Indiana. 7 months pregnant and apparently still missing

Ye all my hats say 2018 on them.

I was in the doctor's office this week and a young man was chatting with the receptionist about how he's a grandpa. He was maybe 30, tops.

This picture doesn't confirm that, but it isn't exclusive. My buddy down in FL is now 25 with a 9 year old(he was 16). His mom had him when she was 16, and oddly enough her mom had her when she was 16. The lady was a great grandma at 48 years old.

Yea if you’re still find them at limp bizkit concerts

"Momma, he said he was a goin to the skate park, we'uns ain't seen hide nor hair of him since"

Jesus Christ, come on now...

Now that's just sad. Shouldn't their faces be blurred out or something?

Do you have a source other than a FB post? I tend to not put much faith in those unless there is an accompanying news article. Too many attention whores out there reposting stuff that isn't true.

Wonderful to know this behavior isn't exclusive to the younger generation everyone blames everything on.

Edit: Guess I was wrong about the time period.

Can't miss the Christian flag in the background. Just like Mary and Joseph, a couple of unwed teenagers finding themselves having a child.

not Gary, Gary

This is what we're talking about.

This is what we're talking about.

It's heartbreaking. Let's hope the father sticks around.

On a good note, happy cake day!

Yeah, came here to say this. I love making fun of trash but both these people are underage kids and one of them is missing and may be in danger. Just not appropriate.

The girl, disappeared Monday likely abducted by an adult male she knew.

Found this on an obscure trash meme page.

How is she a victim of getting pregnant?! If we want to be philosophical, we could argue that maybe her parents are to blame for her being this dumb, but you can't say getting pregnant as a child is not a dumb choice.

Let's not be apologists for young people, who don't value their own and their future children's lives enough to use any sort of protection. Jesus...

How did you get that pic and not see any of the text for context? The only thing trashy is you posting this for karma.

I thought God hates flags?

No hispanic and black teenagers have twice the pregnancy rate of white teenagers.

Birth control, yes. And also... the cross and the Christian flag make me think it's likely that this girl wasn't really given any options other than "you made your bed, now lie in it."

If my 15-year-old daughter got pregnant, I wouldn't force anything on her. I would try to respect her wishes. But I'm not gonna lie; I'd be hoping she would choose to terminate, and I'd probably be pretty open about it.

What caught my eye here was the vocab used for "substantiation," but ending the sentence with "dawg."

You clearly haven't run into the dreaded Hat Police. A division of the Mattress Tag Police.


She’s missing rn

I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to update my hats yet this year.

Can't believe she's 16. My inner Matlock is kicking in and wondering if the adult friend is actually the baby's father.

Seriously? Do you have a link to a news story? This is so messed up.

Legend says, whoever enters Gary never returns. Hunger Games rules.

If this pic is recent someone needs to plaster all the OBGYN clinics and hospitals with flyers. Eventually she’ll need to pop into one of them for health care.

Probably start with the hospitals. It wouldn’t surprise me if she skipped prenatal care and just showed up in labor.

My bad. Fixed it. Although, being a missing person, but still. I just hope it's not a big ruse. All the pics look kinda old, and she's supposedly still missing this morning. Just saw it on Facebook

What if she ran away?

Yeah about that...

She's the one who left (she's a missing person in Indiana, apparently the boy is frantically searching for her and his unborn child).

You may find it healthy to ignore the contrarians here. They just argue for the sake of it.

It's already a great year for me because I'll never be able to top that.

Im in IN as well, neighbor is Statey, did a quick search of the database, no such person has (yet) been reported missing. Pointed out that the post asking for specific individuals to be contacted, then the St Jo Cty police seems a bit suspicious. He assumes either a hoax, or a runaway who's realatives are looking (and isn't currently a police issue, as no crime commited)

I don't have a problem with their ages and them having sex, but for God's sake, teach your kids about birth control. (And no, "Abstinence" is not a form of birth control.

Yeah for some reason. It's really ugly and unnecessary.

Interesting. TIL

How many months does she weigh?