Protest after biracial boy, eight, nearly hanged by teenagers

Protest after biracial boy, eight, nearly hanged by teenagers
Protest after biracial boy, eight, nearly hanged by teenagers

I live in New Hampshire, not too far from where this happened. Two things to know:

The police have done a pretty piss-poor job handling this. I believe the chief of police made a remark to the effect of "teenagers shouldn't have their lives ruined because of one mistake." Except hanging an eight year old kid isn't a mistake. Accidentally shitting your pants on a hot day is. Assaulting a child isn't.

Claremont itself is a shithole. There's not a lot of opportunities there, and as a result there's lots of drug use and all the stuff that comes with it. Opioids and meth are big problems in that area of the state.

The rope burns are bad enough. The fact that you can see tears running down both cheeks breaks my heart...

What they did wasn't assault, it was attempted murder. You don't lynch someone to scare them or injure them, you do it to kill them.

Let's hope these monsters get locked up for a long, long time.

Terrible thing for that poor kid to go through. Thank god he survived. No innocent person should be treated like that.

I remember when I was a teenager and I made the common mistake of trying to hang my black neighbors. We were just dumb kids, playing 'lynch,' we didn't mean nothing by it....

Jesus.... H.... Christ....

I didn't notice those before. I couldn't look away from his poor neck. I just want to make everything better for this kid. Who the fuck does that? What kind of twisted upbringing did those teenagers have to make them think this is ok?

Can we crowdfund some therapy for both the child who was attacked and the assholes that attacked him? They're minors, so they won't face any serious punishment. That means they'll be out, interacting with multiracial people in the future. They need some counseling to become better people and be rehabilitated.

Edit: this has grown more popular than I anticipated. I'd like to clarify that my desire to rehabilitate the teens responsible has nothing to do with empathy for them or their future. It's all about risk reduction and pure punishment is ineffective at preventing future crimes. Therapy has been shown to greatly reduce recidivism rates which is why I want these teens to also receive treatment. It's ultimately in all of our best interests to reduce the likelihood these teens will engage in similar behavior.

Second edit: here is the GoFundMe! Looks like they're already half way to their goal. Obviously this is specifically for Quincy, the young victim. There still needs to be a dialogue about how to best treat the young men (and I've learned a young lady was also present) that did this. We can prevent them from engaging in similar behavior in the future, but we need to radically change how we approach criminal justice. Punishment alone just isn't working. We need to rehabilitate so we can protect all the future potential victims.

As bigots, both young and old, are making themselves publicly known, it is up to everyone else to remind them why they should be ashamed of their hateful words and actions. Hopefully, it's not too late for these teens to change their mentality. I wish a speedy recovery to the boy, and I hope that he is able to fully overcome the trauma.

Tl;dr Some teenagers tried to have a lynching in New Hampshire in 2017.

Let's call it what by its name. They tried to lynch the kid.

That's not something most people can just bounce back from. And the attackers in the lynch mob should be named and should have the book thrown at them.

Edit: the lynch mob should be named and shamed, and their families and friends parents should be shamed, also. These ideas didn't pop up out of nowhere.

Definitely not gonna happen. If they're like under 15 they probably won't get anything.

wooo boy lots of low hanging fruit in this thread.

In all seriousness this is why we have federal hate crime laws. Local police can not always be trusted to act appropriately. The parents need to get the feds involved here somehow. The chief's reaction speaks to a potential pattern of ignoring race related crimes in this area.

edit: the internet has informed me that Jez Sessions is literally a nazi and all hope is lost.

Jesus. I hope that kid is okay :(

I live in NH too, unfortunately there are far to many shithole towns in the state.

"teenagers shouldn't have their lives ruined because of one mistake."

Tell that to the Black males under 18 that are serving life sentences for nonviolent offenses.

edit: Since this seems to be getting a lot of attention:

-One out of every 8 African-American youth who are convicted of killing someone will be sentenced to life without parole, however this is only the case for one out of every 13 white youth convicted of murder.

-60 % of people serving life without parole for crimes committed in their youth in the United States are African American, 29% are White and .8 percent are Native American.

-When African American youth have committed the same offense and have the same prior record as their white counterparts they are often found more culpable, in fact studies show that most minorities are sentenced more harshly than whites.

-73 % of the people (whose race has been identified) serving life without parole in U. S. federal prisons for a crime committed under age 18 are people of color.

-African-American youth make up 17% of the overall youth population, 30% of those arrested and 62% of the youth prosecuted in the adult criminal system.

-A comprehensive six month study of 18 representative jurisdictions across the country found that youth of color were disproportionately charged in adult court. In order to be sentenced to life without parole in the United States you must have contact with the adult criminal justice system, which is completely separate from the juvenile justice system.


Human Rights Watch & Amnesty International. (2005, October 11). The rest of their lives: Life without parole for child offenders in the United States, 39-44 . Retrieved from

Mitchell, Q. (2005). A Meta-Analysis of Race and Sentencing Research: Explaining the Inconsistencies. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 21 , 439–66.

Human Rights Watch (2009, June 4). Letter from human rights organizations to CERD regarding juvenile life without parole in the US. Retrieved from

Arya, N. & Augarten, I. Critical condition: African-American youth in the justice system (Race and ethnicity series No. 2). Retrieved from Campaign for Youth Justice website:

Juszkiewicz, J. Youth crime/adult time: Is justice served? Retrieved from Building Blocks for Youth Initiative website:

Second edit: I'm amending my original statement. It was ruled by the Supreme Court in 2010 that it is unconstitutional to sentence a youth to LWOP for a nonviolent crime, via Graham v. Florida:

Absolutely. If his family is able to, they should probably move. No reason to have to stick around a place that reminds you of being hanged that one time.

Man. I miss the good old days when New England towns were just full of drunks and stoners. This opioid epidemic sucks.

*under 15 and WHITE. If these were black kids they'd be tried as adults.

The ones who tried to murder him should have to move. Or rather be put in prison. In another city.

even taking race out of the situation entirely it would take a truly cruel person to try to hurt any 8yo kid like that

Let's see those under 15s shoot up a police station and have the chief handwave that as "boys will be boys."

So terrible, I wish I could hug him. Cant imagine the rage his family must be feeling.

Exactly! Just like sock full of quarters, hoop stick, or kick the Jew. All harmless shenanigans!

I know this isn't exactly related, but in some school districts in Texas, if a kid is bullied constantly by some shitbag of a kid, the victim is asked to move schools or districts. The bully gets to stay with all their friends, and their lives are pretty much unchanged even though they're complete pieces of shit.

Lovely how that works out.

Why is Attempted Murder gets less of the sentence than actual murder. We shouldn't award people for being shitty at killing. Its just as bad.

He's not an innocent boy anymore. He's scarred for life. Fucklehead's fucked him up good. Glad he survived but damn. I really really can't imagine going through that bs.

Or, anyone? 8, 28, or 58, I can't fathom doing that to someone.

Fucking psychopaths. Lock em up and throw away the key.

Same people who had salem witch trials, or the Catholics that burned early christians, just because we are educated doesnt mean we are no longer monsters

"teenagers shouldn't have their lives ruined because of one mistake





Or who just got shot dead, no trial

Not just to kill one person, but to terrorize an entire community into making them "behave." That's what lynching is.

I was gonna call bullshit on your comment because I was under the assumption that mostly all kids are tried as kids unless they do something horrible. Then I googled it and it literally took me 30 seconds to find out from three different sources that nearly 80% of minors tried as adults are black or Hispanic. There's clearly something wrong there....

I suppose the logic is that if you're punishing them both equally if you're all ready being charged with attempted murder there's no reason to not go all the way and kill them.

This story should break anybody's heart. I couldn't imagine this mom's sadness, or the kids trauma. He'll bounce back though.

Attempted murder and a hate crime. The offenders should receive life in prison for their crimes.

And yet people are still running around trying to figure out why Black Lives Matter is a thing.

The lives and futures of those of white kids is being deemed more important than that of the biracial kid. That kid was almost deliberately murdered for the color of their skin, they'll never be the same again but for some fucking reason the cops care so much more about the lives of the attempted murderers to the point of even minimizing what they did; "mistakes they make as a young child..."

W.T.F. I was hoping this wasn't as horrible as the headline...and it was. WTF is wrong with people. Is it that difficult for parents to teach their effing kids to respect the lives of others?

You graduated due to opioids? What were you using?

Melissa Etheridge - Scarecrow

Every time I see a story like this, my mind keeps going back to this song: . Particularly this portion:

This was our brother

This was our son

This shepherd young and mild

This unassuming one

We all gasp this can't happen here

We're all much too civilized

Where can these monsters hide

But they are knocking on our front door

They're rocking in our cradles

They're preaching in our churches

And eating at our tables

I search my soul

My heart and in my mind

To try and find forgiveness

This is someone child

With pain unreconciled

Filled up with father's hate

Mother's neglect

I can forgive But I will not forget

what, you don't remember playing "get the fuck out of my town" as a kid? fun times!

He wasn't "nearly hanged." He was hanged, and nearly killed. Mobs are terrifying. When one of the teens said, "Let's do this," the mob took over, and each cowardly individual stopped thinking.

EDIT: Lots of interesting comments about what "hanged" means. It's a slippery one, but in this case I stand by my comment: because the WaPo cited the NH newspaper as saying, "The boy swung back and forth three times before freeing himself," I believe he was hanged. Interesting side-note: At some point in history (I couldn't find an exact event) the words "until death" were added to the sentence "shall be hanged." A few folks managed to survive being hung (yes, that's correct usage per Merriam-Webster's).

hello well-measured response.

Yeah, have them be tried as adults. I know you have to be 16 and over and have to have committed rape or murder. But this is a lynch for crying out loud.

Ah the classic excuse for slapping a young white male on the wrist for committing a serious offense.

but they shouldn't have their lives ruined over one mistake

The police chief.

Exactly, growing up it was nothing like this. Now it's just so drug ridden it's crazy.

I don't even know the subject and this puts me in the white-hot range of the spectrum. Poor kid. I will never understand why people do things like this.

From the local paper:

In an interview on Thursday, he acknowledged that he has received several inquiries from people both in and out of Claremont, and though he is constrained on what he can say, he said he has reassured each person that the police department is committed to getting to the bottom of all complaints it receives.

For good reasons, Chase said, criminal investigations involving juveniles are kept confidential.

“Mistakes they make as a young child should not have to follow them for the rest of their life,” Chase said.

The original article has some more details about the incident itself.

While we don't know the exact age of the perpetrators, the victim was 8 and the perpetrators are described as "teens."

Teens using racist slurs, throwing rocks and stick, and hanging someone does not exactly sound like "mistakes made as a young child."

Also, though I'm just arm-chair lawyering over here, in New Hampshire juveniles can be tried as adults for committing first or second degree assault, which includes "Purposely or knowingly causes bodily injury to a child under 13 years of age" and "Purposely or ....

Now, I think that there are probably too many cases in which juveniles are tried as adults, but since it is a judgement call whether to do so, it's interesting that the police and prosecutors don't appear to be doing so in a case of what appears to be deliberate race-motivated violence.

Yeah, but the media isn't covering the fact that the young boy was likely kicking and struggling while being lynched, possibly almost injuring the lynchers. There were some fine people, rope enthusiasts, at that lynching, and there was violence on both sides.


I hate the boys will be boys or kids will be kids comments....same goes for the "don't ruin their life over a stupid mistake".

People were saying that same kind of shit about this group of teens running around holding people up with a gun to steal their cellphones. If you didn't immediately hand it over, they'd start shooting at your feet.

So many people said they were just kids being dumb and that their lives shouldn't be ruined for it. That's not "just being dumb" and that's not "just being a kid" or making a "stupid mistake". Nevermind that one of them had just gotten released not long before these incidents for armed robbery and other things.

There are some things you can chalk up to kids being kids/boys being boys....hanging someone or holding them up and shooting at them with a gun isn't that. That's dangerous criminals in the making.

I feel like this is very common in these types of town. My hometown is exactly the same, except for sexual assaults and rape. So my sister was raped by a multiple offender who has previous claims of rape against him (the same guy is the type of guy who didn't mind beating the shit out of his girlfriend in a the middle of the biggest mall around for a few miles, he just did it out in the open)

Well after my sister confided in a police officer (who was a friend's parent) who neglected to even report it, I actually was the one who reported it because she confided in me. The captain of sex crimes legit told her "we know for a fact that he did it, but you should just drop it because you'll have to go to court everyday and it'll be hard for you. And he is just too young to ruin his life. ( this lil bitch is older than 18, he was my current age of 20. So that 20 yr old raped a freshman in high school.)

Now you might be shocked at this, but here is the kicker, every sexual assault or rape or anything of criminal sex acts, are encouraged to be dropped, if not the police department sweeps it under the table. My friend who was raped by two guys whom filmed it, and police got a hold of that recording showing her saying no and begging for them to stop, while showing both of their faces. Wanna guess what happened to that case, didn't go to court, it got swept right under the rug.

There really isn't much we can do in the town against such a crooked police force. Even the the captain for robbery himself goes out and robs people. ( I know this because a former police officer who was against what they do, quit and was harassed by the police until he left, he is also a friend of my family)

In towns like these police have ultimate control really, and if the community backs them (which most of mine do in my hometown) it's hard to do anything about it.

I am deeply hurt by what has happened to this innocent boy. But due to the comment that the police chief said (if it's correct in your statement) then i doubt it will be a thorough investigation, well at least as thorough as my towns investigations into crime.

I think the implication is that, while it's cruel to do to anyone regardless their age, an 8 year-old is much less equipped to understand and process something like that happening to them. OTOH, "kids are resilient" they say

Brock Turner intensifies

It's not really that black and white. I was bullied when I was in middle school and it was bad enough for me that when I go pick up my brother it brings back horrible memories. Also if you stay at the school while the bully is forced to move you're still known as the kid that got bullied which opens you up to more bullying. Especially if the bullies friends are still there.

Good catch. I was mostly using Academic Perks.

If attempted hanging of an 8 year old is a "mistake" I really want to see what that chief thinks a crime is...

Unfortunately if a bully was forced to leave it would probably just result in backlash from all of the bullies friends directed at the kid who "caused" them to go. At least if the bullied child goes somewhere else they have a chance of a fresh start.

That used to be my take, until I heard Fox News say it. Then I knew something was wrong, but I couldn't see the forest for the trees, so had to get a friend to explain it to me.

He said: of course all lives matter. But by saying All Lives Matter, you are saying that all lives are equally in danger from the police. Clearly that is not the case.

Innocent Blacks are statistically much more in danger from the police than innocent Whites, so that is why Black Lives Matter was formed.

For some reason, many whites are reading it as (Only) Black Lives Matter, when it should be read as Black Lives Matter (Too). I wish they had named the group that, but who would think it could be misunderstood the way the right has attempted to paint it?!

I just wish the vast majority of good cops could root out the few horrible cops that are tarring them with this bad reputation. Stop protecting your fellow cops if they are bad people!

And I desperately wish juries would not exonerate a cop just because he is a cop! If a doctor deliberately killed people, he wouldn't get that.

I respect cops so very very much. It's why I feel it's crucial that they police their own. That the good cops speak out, loud and often, before the reputation of all police is harmed beyond repair!

Wanna make it more real? Have a kid under 15 (12 in fact) and black with a toy gun and call the cops on him, see if the cops think "boys will be boys"

So, I'm a juvenile justice public defender, and the one thing about juveniles is that we don't treat them like criminals. If they're found "guilty", they're not actually convicted. Rather, we juat say, if they were adults, then they'd be guilty.

The focus of juveniles is not punishment, but reform. Because of this, and their age, we give them more privacy protections. The police are specfically prohibited from releasing certain information about the offenders. Their hands are tied about that. While the family of the victim is entitled to know what's going on, because she's been so vocal about it, the Court is likely to put out a gag order.

Now, in some instances, children who commit very serious crimes, such as murder, rape, etc., can be or must be charged as adults. But the younger the kids, the less likely they will be charged as adults. If they are charged as adults then the juvenile rules don't apply and police can release information.

A very important thing to remember is that these are kids. Their malleable, and absorb information really easy. They can change, more so than any adult. Focus should be on how can we make these kids better, and let them live in the community as functioning members. They need treatment, not public punishment. Punishment runs counter to what the goal is.

If you're a teenager and you try to murder a child, you should be charged as an adult. Fuck that police chief, what he really means is "No white kid should have their life ruined because of one mistake."

It would be a murder if they'd succeeded. Attempted murder shouldn't be punished less for incompetence.

I'm a juvenile justice public defender

Oh interesting, someone with experience

looks at username


well, fuck.

Why haven't I seen this on local tv?

Even my small town I grew up in had several deaths after I graduated due to opioids... like wtf.

Assault? More like attempted murder.

No innocent person should be treated like that.


No one should be treated like that period.

Somehow I doubt that those teenagers are all that educated. And I have a slight hunch that their parents aren't either. And I'm also pretty sure that that worsens their ignorance and disgusting behaviour.

Seriously. What kind of sick fuck thinks it's ok to even joke about doing something like this?

I am not an angry person, but this really boils my blood.

Why not for attempted murder too? It's just a murder that failed to reach completion.

To quote our last president......people must be taught to hate... They learned it from their parents and peers. Hate does not spring up in a vacuum.

Man, I live in Mass and graduated in the early 2000's and I knew a few people who died from overdoses some time after highschool. When they use the word epidemic I don't think people take it as seriously as they should, it's killing our generation left and right it's down right frightening.

This shouldn't be looked at as a mistake at all, because it wasn't. It was a choice, and people must pay for their choices

Jesus, it sounds like he is talking about a noise complaint from a loud party, not ducking fucking lynching of a child. What a cocksucker.

This is some lord of the flies stuff, except it's society that's allowing these kids to do it, rather than a lack thereof.

Yeah, they're old enough to get shot by police for intimidating them they're old enough to go to jail for attempted murder. (agreeing with you here, not arguing)

Did you mean Stanford Rapist Brock Allen Turner?

That Brock Allen Turner? The Stanford Rapist Brock Allen Turner?

It's to bad. I live in Boston and love driving through NH pretty much anytime of the year. Such gorgeous views in almost every part of the state. Doesn't matter if I'm going to Winnipesaukee, Montreal, Burlington, or hell even the NH State liquor store I always see something pretty. It is a great place and a shame to hear that so many towns are crappy.

Shit, start with a turtleneck or something.

We can kickstart us a scholarship later.

Thanks for keeping an open mind and looking into it.

Who the fuck raises these kids?

When white teens rape or commit attempted murder we need to be compassionate and understanding and not ruin their lives! /s

The police are freaking protecting the kid that tried to hang the poor victim.

Mistake my rear, throw away the key.

Yeah, except that isn't assaulting a child, it's an entire group of people involved in attempted murder of a child.

Not only that but it was a hate crime based on racial background. This isn't the 1800's. That shits not gonna slide.

Oh my rape kit took years to even test and I had to check and insist on it.

It is mighty hard to get justice when you're raped. It's terrible going through that and realizing chances are they won't prosecute. They told me to not say anything or sue or nothing and they also never even tested the kit until I insisted and this whole thing took years. I don't wish rape on my worse enemy.

That's a really good point. But, I wonder how many full blown murders are prevented by that logic compared to the number of people who just failed at it.

For some reason, many whites are reading it as (Only) Black Lives Matter, when it should be read as Black Lives Matter (Too).

Honestly, as a white guy... I suspect that a significant portion of people who read it that way are simply rationalizing their dislike of the phrase because they don't want to appear racist. I think the implied "too" is perfectly clear. I'm not necessarily saying that's true in every case, but it's probably pretty common.

Swap the ethnicities of the victim with the perpetrators and the police chief would be screaming for the death penalty

He's scarred for life

the police chief thinks the psychos who did this to him shouldn't be affected for life, but he's fine with the boy being scarred for life.

This. If that same chief found a black kid with a gram of coke, you better bet he's throwing the book at him.

"(White) boys will be boys"

Poor drug addicts

Aw, they were just joshing around lynching an 8 year old. You know, normal teenage stuff.

This. Doesn't matter who he is or what his background...poor baby <3

Hey man, all lives matter.

You know, I've never really thought about it because I thought we were over lynching in this country (I can't say I'm too surprised we're not though) but it should be considered an act of terrorism. Just like public beheadings, lynching has a very specific, premeditated effect.

And a leader saying things like, "this will not be tolerated" is not enough. A leader in their community needs to step up publicly and say they're ashamed of their community and its people. Inspire the people who are just sitting there doing nothing while their neighbor or friend goes on a racist rant. When shit like this starts happening, it's time to start telling people to their face that they're wrong and need to get some fucking therapy.

My cousin was "missing" on a drug binge a couple weeks back. I was going on fb to look for mutual friends as to call some. I literally passed 5 highschool friends that died of OD before I decide not to continue looking that way. Very sad indeed

I hope someone will do something awesome for him. Like a scholarship or something.

I posted this elsewhere, but I imagine it will get buried. Your comment seems like an appropriate place to bring it up again:

As horrible a thing as this is, I hope it serves an eye opening incident for the rest of America. It is easy to write off racism when you think it's only secluded to a few rural counties in Alabama. People may think that kind of thing doesn't happen in the north, when in fact racism is still very much alive, it has just moved behind closed doors. No one is born prejudiced -- kids learn these ideologies from their parents and from their community. Something like this shows us that racism still exists everywhere, and we all need to do our part to eradicate it.