Proposition 203 looks like a YES!

Proposition 203 looks like a YES!

Fuck. Yes.

My dad (a nurse) came running to tell me about it this morning, as he voted for it too. We had a nonchalant discussion on the conditions necessary to obtain such marijuana (him being a nurse and all).

Wow that is awesome. I never thought it could come back.

I had faith... then I lost faith around last weekend... then I was pleasantly surprised on Saturday night while I was at a very horrible football game :(

Seriously, fuck you, USC.

If it wasn't so close i would have given up hope too. I knew with the trends of the young people to vote YES, we could turn the race around. Young People tend to move around more or vote early.

A good friend of mine went down there to See his old U of A Wildcats this weekend. He said they left at half time and went to a bar. He also face planted into the floor and got a nice rug burn after drinking all night. I guess that was him trying to relive his college days. Funny shit!

I had faith the whole time!