Proper use of packing peanuts

I'm not sure how the peanuts makes their moves look so much more Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but those are definitely Kung Fu Ferrets.

I looks like an old timey puppet show

the combat spaghetti conflict within the peanut dimension

This made my day

I always wondered how a ferret day cage worked.

It was a disease hole, but by god I loved it

Chuckie cheese ball pit all over again.😌😊

So a ferret-sized ball pit made out of packing peanuts?

Suggestion.. Plastic tub, 100 ping pong balls (or however many fills said tub 3/4 full.) The tub and ping pong balls could be cleaned on a regular basis and reused, this packing peanut version is only good for one post and untold reposts by others stealing the OPs karma.