Prince Charles being poked in the chest by Ruling Elite: Evelyn De Rothschild - Oligarchy is Real

Prince Charles being poked in the chest by Ruling Elite: Evelyn De Rothschild - Oligarchy is Real

I thought everybody knew that the British Royal Family are basically figureheads with little political power.

No kidding. Realistic descriptions of geopolitics are "conspiracy theories" now.

"Hey, I think that campaign contributions to political candidates are basically legal bribes."

"Conspiracy theorist!"

remember what we done to your wife, don't fuck me Charles

Some people live with their head in the sand. I was down voted to oblivion in worldnews for saying the same thing.

"You've got something on your tie."

"What's that?" looks down


He looks like a child being told what to do otherwise the future will turn grim for him and his family.

There are very strict an longstanding issues of etiquette when interacting in person with the Royal Family - and the paramount rule is NO TOUCHING - a rule that some folks have learned the hard way:

LeBron James learns royal protocol: Don't touch them

At the NBA game Monday night in Brooklyn, James either forgot, ignored or was never told about a top rule of meeting with royals: Don't touch them.

But he did. Horrors.

During their grip-and-grin picture op at the game, James wrapped his arm around Kate's back, producing a surprised reaction judging from the pictures and the video. Which of course the British media rushed to put online.

Michelle Obama Partially Embraces Queen, Brits Go a Bit Mad

Meeting the Queen is a complicated thing. You have to curtsy, you can't extend a hand before she extends hers, you can't pick up food before she does, and you definitely, most certainly, never, ever are allowed to attempt to hug or kiss her. Which is why it caused quite the hilarious stir yesterday across the pond when Her Royal Highness half-embraced Michelle Obama. Nearly the entire nation simultaneously snarfed their English Breakfast. And then, the unthinkable happened: Michelle hugged her back.

Of course, such clumsy gaffes from "uncultured Yanks" such as LeBron James and Michelle Obama can be written off - attributed to their innocent ignorance of British protocol.

However, the same CAN NOT be said for Evelyn de Rothschild - himself a British Lord, born in Britain into one of the wealthiest and most politically powerful families on Earth, he was groomed and tutored in all manners of etiquette, and, having interacted with the Royal Family on countless occasions, is no doubt keenly aware of the strict taboos utterly forbidding uninvited physical contact of ANY kind, ESPECIALLY something as aggressive and demeaning as a "finger-jab" to the chest.

There is only one reason that Rothschild would make such a bold and brash public display of contemptuous disrespect, and that is to cow the Prince into submission while asserting his dominance as "Alpha Male" of the British Empire.

That's not even "conspiracy talk" that's just a misunderstanding of current Geopolitics. Go /sub/worldnews

The biggest success ever; making conspiracy theories and conspiracies the same thing in the eyes of the public. Suddenly all criminal conspiracies become dismissable.

Charles ordered that himself most likely.

This should be the sidebar pic!

Without context, no, it really does not.

I wonder who had the balls to take this picture and post it online a year ago.

You know you're at the top of the pyramid and as evil as evil can get when you look more menacing and devilish than those inbred British royals.

"You will do exactly as I say, underling."

"Yes, lord Rothschild."

This is actually a very disturbing image to me for some reason, and I am not even a Brit. While the actual power of royalty is questionable, the facade endures. People all still pretend like the royals matter. This disregards all of that.

creepy af

Spot on, however I think Americans are probably the only people who CAN disregard British formalities such as touching or whatever. "oh you're royalty? That's nice, but frankly we don't give a shit."

This photo really does speak volumes

Sticky Post it at minimum. Archive and spread. Please.

Found It

Reagan being told to hurry up by his CIA groomers. I don't have the link but that's what I remember. Good point, another slip of reality.


It's not a "simple" picture. This is a Prince of England and a Rothschild. Imagine a picture of Putin and Obama with Putin's finger in Obama's chest? We are not huge on edict in the USA but I assure you English monarchs take it very serious. This is a show of reckless power.

Yup. we went to war with them partly so we don't have to bow to them, or anyone.

...go on.

It's like that scene in American Gangster where they're trying to figure out who the black guy is, in a $40k mink coat with better seats than the mayor. Must be someone with a lot of wealth and power.

Right, it could be

"you've got heart, Charles"


"i'll stab you, right here"

the desire for money and power own the rothschilds, it dictates their every action

How many people do you think have ever done this to Prince Charles besides the queen?

As an experiment I just walked up to my SO and did this exact thing while we spoke. There was instantaneous anger. So why would a Rothschild do that? Even the inbred aristocrats know a thing or two about body language. It was no accident.

There's an interesting situation I've come across about this powerfull man.

His wife posted this on her Twitter

He's on the right. It's a House of Cards episode (Season 3 Episode 8)where he is essentially portraying a cameo of what he did on his life, which is pressure and influence politics on law-making and etc.

Never seen anyone post this on here, I found it to be pretty interesting.

Other fun fact, someone posted a while back that Evelyn Rothschild and his wife met in the Bilderberg meeting of 1998, introduced by none other than Henry Kissinger.

They're Rothschilds Zionists. They invented their own family religion based on Judaism, which makes it easy to use Jews as scapegoats in the media

I'm pretty sure his sexual partners haven't even started producing it.

It's how they transfer their child-soul credits, which they use to stay alive

The have very little power and the power they do have is symbolic. Making the prime minister resign is a procedural action that isn't used until the government (not the royals) want it to happen.