Price for Seattle expansion is $650 million

Price for Seattle expansion is $650 million

Carey Price left exposed in the 2021 expansion draft.

Could you fucking imagine this entire sub being the GM of a team and transactions were based on upvotes

Everyone Venmo me like $5, we will get there

hes a good goalie, and an expansion team needs one of those for sure, but doesnt that seem a little steep?

Twitch plays be a gm (IRL edition)

"Seattle announced today that they have burned Matthew Tkachuk on a stake at center ice. Sources close to the team say that Tkachuk tried to spear the stake as he burned"

If everyone subscribed to /sub/hockey gives $1350, we could buy the team.


$150 million extra for 4 year delay? Impressive

Hahahahaha oh shit.

"Pony up the dough and get a nice expansion draft team like Vegas or we'll make you take the Coyotes!" - Bettman probably.

Heh. We bought Atlanta for 175

As the guy who runs the /sub/hockey offseason sims, I can tell you first hand that this would be a terrible idea

"Approve my sale at this price so yall can jack up the cost of Seattle's team." - Karmanos, probably.

Let me make a joke, ok.

Canes just sold for 500 mil they were lower half of the league in valuations. Prices for hockey teams are rising.

You shut your whore mouth!

"lol Chiarellis offering us a 5th round pick for Carey Price! Chiarelli is so dumb! have fun with that contract! What a steal of a trade we just made!"


Lemme check my couch....

Atlanta was trying to sell for 10 years, they were desperate for anything

The demand for NHL teams has definitely skyrocketed since then.

"The Department of Player Safety has suspended Matthew Tkachuk 1 game for the unsportsmanlike conduct."

Just don’t let Siege do much

150 million more than Vegas? Seems like too much.

This is a no-brainer guys. Lets make the Seattle Shitposts a reality

no, it would be the Seattle Teamy McTeamface

Just don't put Siege in charge

Our prospect pool would be really deep lol

Sounds about right, Starbucks is expensive.

ITT: One good Carey Price joke and 106 bad ones

If Vegas is any indication, maybe he'd finally have a shot at the cup at least.

"We are proud to announce the Seattle XxPu55yDestr0yers69420xX as our latest expansion franchise"

They are kind of artificially setting a price though. Based on revenues, I don't think that kind of money makes a lot of sense for many teams.

Relocation =/= expansion.

Price will cost 650 million dollars for Seattle to buy him from MTL

In a surprise move, the Seattle Shitposts will be renamed to the Seattle Quietly. The collective ownership group only offered a single statement, that "it is in the best interest of the team to be current with internet trends".

if they want to spend that much for price, whatever gets him out of the atlantic division is fine with me!

It's not just based on revenues though. Obviously that's important, but the reason owners are willing to lose some money on operating expenses is because in the long-term they know they will make that back and then some when they sell the team.

It's the fine for fucking up the first time and letting Vegas beat them to it.

Fleury did too. He waived to allow them to expose him.

Don't worry I know this Nigerian Prince that can help us out