That was brutal

Fucking police brutality


That was murder first degree

Sir, this is a civilized society, so I'm going to have to ask you to stop being so fucking savage

This subreddit is fucking SICK how the FUCK are you guys just going to sit there and watch this woman get burned alive?

Police Police police Police.

Flames visible from space!

I've seen this gif plenty of times before and I could never figure out what was so significant about it. I just got it

Jesus christ what a fucking savage

Umm. Im sure everyone knows that's not really police brutality. Im sure you'd be the only one that didn't understand his joke.

Trying to show your colleagues

The cop gave her a ticket, but he should be going to jail for FIRST FUCKING DEGREE MURDER

How do you fuck that?


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo

Apparently the SIU had to get involved

I'm just fucking with you.

He's saying they're getting a ticket, but agrees that cops don't give pretty girls tickets. So if they are getting a ticket...

They're not pretty.

An armed society is a polite society.

I am a liberal. I am pro-gun. The comment was irrelevant and pointless. Downvotes are not always disagreement.

You slowly insert it into the hole

Look at his post history, he is le epic troll

What's with the five extra buffaloes? Is there a different way I don't know about?

Right, I'm an idiot. I didn't get the "sign here" bit being her getting a ticket so couldn't make that connection. Cheers

For some reason, I feel like an animated gif is not the best medium for this.

Vincent D'Onofrio rolled through and chewed up all of the scenery.


To be honest she went straight into that fire herself

Police brutality, not police tenderness. You gotta ram it in there

Wouldn't the sentence "I want to put a hyphen between the words fish and and and and and chips in my 'fishandchips' sign" have been clearer if quotation marks had been placed before fish, and between fish and and, and and and and, and and and and, and and and and, and and and and, and and and chips, as well as after chips?

Every time I watch it, I smile a little more.

I can't tell if you are adding to the sarcasm or if you are serious.

I mean, she was pretty much just setting herself up for that one.

Good job

They were in your neighborhood and he was pointing out the 'slow children' sign.

I'm really torn.

police brutality doesn't even exist

This is the most false thing ever

apparently this subreddit exagerrates things to new heights.

This is the most true thing ever.

I'm getting "dumb", not "sarcasm", but honestly don't know if it's just poor writing ability.

Girl: I thought you didn't give pretty girls ticket. (Look at me, I am too pretty to be getting a ticket)

Cop: You're absolutely right. (Yes, we don't give tickets to pretty girls- the fact that you are getting a tickets means you are NOT pretty)

This guy fucks.


You're not an idiot. You are a star

Another officer involved murder


Send him to jail, holy fuck!


/sub/pussypassdenied would like this

Yep. She ded

Please don't describe the murder in such graphic language!

I'm still not tipping an uber driver unless something out of the ordinary was good.

Probably just wanted to burn off some excess karma.

James while John had had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher.

If she's not ugly, she still got brought down a peg or three.


They would have called SVU but the officer was right, she wasn't pretty and they only take care of the pretty ones.

I've been known to fuck myself.


You a stupid hoe

This gets worse every time the gif playbacks. Inhumane.

This needs to be flaired NSFL. Horrible