President Trump on Paris: 'It Looks Like Another Terrorist Attack, It Never Ends'

President Trump on Paris: 'It Looks Like Another Terrorist Attack, It Never Ends'
President Trump on Paris: 'It Looks Like Another Terrorist Attack, It Never Ends'

Vive Le Pen and Deus Vult

So glad they have gun control so this kind of thing never happens


Take your country back France!

Do we still need a counter??! It's always ZERO

Muslim Explodes

Fuck them, fuck them all!

If we don't elect Le Pen, we're fucking done as a country.

Update it to "hours since".

religion of peace!


Edit: Jesus warned us about this shit.

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them."

Death is the fruit of Islam.

What an Islamaphobe!

They don't only explode they also run over people, shoot them, or attack them with a machete.

They have a very diverse portfolio when it comes to killing infidels.

"Minutes since."

Paris is no longer Paris


..but what about the shoulder thingy that goes up?!

3 days before the French election, LePen is going to win!

Look at Europe! Its like looking into a future where we let the left win. Open borders, weak police, insane gun control etc... this is their utopia! People dead in the streets every damn day!

Islam is the religion of peace, which is why the Middle East is the most peaceful place in the world.


b-b-but france has some of the best gun control in the world! how is this possible! I think the only solution is more gun control and letting in more immigrants

France is no longer France.

Western Europe is not Western Europe, it is Northern Eurabia.

It is a damn hard truth to swallow.

Based French Frog Merchant

Then the gauc wars wipe out humanity.

Using the word Muslim is rather offensive as hate groups coin the term to persecute them. Please be mindful of this and use the term Combustible American instead.

Only a sexist wouldn't vote for Le Pen. Let's use SJW tactics.

First 10 days, pure Utopia.



but what about the shoulder thingy that goes up

And that is a young Tucker Carlson in the first video where she asks the dumb question.

They want peace by killing everyone else obviously.

What about Jeb's timeline?

Also, if they support a WHITE man over a WHITE woman, they're racist and deplorable

Ramadan bombathon is right around the corner too. The counter is getting some wear and tear...


Nope its all the CIA's fault from like 50 years ago. Or it was Iraq, or it was the crusades. reeeee

Dont forget acid, and axes, and stones

So, this just happened:

President Trump says it looks like a terrorist attack.

F. Chuck Todd of NBC/MSNBC says that it was a robbery and infers POTUS is off the reservation and acting stupid.

President Hollande comes out and says it was terrorism.

Still waiting for Todd to admit he was wrong.

Fucking Pastafarians again boys

Edit: and girls

Edit 2: no more genders that's about it Maybe boygirls if you count hermaphrodites


I think you mean BombSpringa, when the Amish erupt into religious violence

Oh wow Tucker Carlson on MSNBC

Not even a joke. Not even the Germans were able to destroy France as much as the muslimes and 3rd worlders did.

Between the French election and the new British General Election... I'm on the edge of my seat here... both soon (7th may final for France, with first round this Sunday and 8th June for UK)

A chance it could all go horribly backwards

The turtle rebellion of 2017

If Le Pen doesn't win then France is doomed

This helps le pen

Well the CIA certainly didn't help.

Jeb's timeline is too low energy for any other timeline to reach. We can't even see it.

Just unplug the clock and leave it at 00:00:00. Save the electricity.


Things are going to get really ugly when she wins - not just from all the imported terrorists, but also from the home-grown leftists that will throw a shit-fit that will make the Left's tantrums in the US seem like amateur-hour. It's gonna be bad.

She had better win, or there will be another one every three days or so at least for the next five years.

And the Swedish grenades.

Ban Islam before it's​ too late!

And the Christian Bible says that if even an angel from heaven come down to preach a different gospel, they're cursed by God.

Jesus was very clear about stuff like Islam. Considering Islam tries to incorporate Jesus is a distorted way, it's crazy they don't see this.

Before that, it was the utopian social welfare state with minimum defense spending. It was the future then, too. Don't think for a second that the sequence won't happen in the same order here, for one must follow the other as the acorn must grow into a tree.

Jello wielding mormon extremist

If you look at the actual story and history of Islam., It sounds as though Mohamhead was possessed. He shakes and convulses much like the girl in the movie the exorcist. Moreover he just spits out an entire document that is the Koran versus the Bible which was the inspired writings of the apostles.

Google the Satanic verses - it was a book written in the 80s at highlights a major theological conundrum in Islam pertaining to a specific point in the life of Mohammed.

That ugly crescent moon symbol of theirs was the symbol of the pagan moon guard at the people of the Arabian Peninsula were shipped prior to becoming Muslims. Most of their traditions are bastardized still in traditions from Christianity and Judaism. For example the choose prayed in the direction of Jerusalem in ancient Israel

Fuck no. Never use SJW tactics, they always backfire.

I was joking

It definitely was not like this.

I think that's going to be a popular quote told to the grandchildren of modern Europeans.

Then they start killing each other.

A “shoulder thing that goes up,” on the other hand, is more reminiscent of the shoulder-mounted plasma caster from the Predator films.

After seeing all the predator on xenomorph violence, then I'm tempted to agree with her. I don't think we should let just anyone own shoulder mounted plasma casters.

I would pick Nazi occupation over Islamic occupation any day.

I have a feeling thing are gonna get ugly if she wins, but it needs to happen. People are about to see the true colours of Islam

Days without incident-0

It really is horrible that multiple people died, but this will surely lead to a surge in the polls for Le Pen. Then maybe we can start getting back to a safer and more prosperous Europe. Sooner or later France, and Europe as a whole, will see the threat of globalization for what it is. Not enrichment, but enslavement. I pray it is sooner.

I thought the riots in Rotterdam would've helped Geert, but the Dutch cucked out. I want to believe that France has had enough of this by now.


Guys, we already see how bad Europe is now.

Imagine in 15-20 years when all of the children of the migrants they let in are teenagers. Europe might become a caliphate by 2040.

How the hell does the media think they have better intelligence and briefing than the leader of the free world??


I saw signs of this when I was in Athens in the early 2000s, post 9/11 but it was close to the Iraq war so I didn't think too much about it except that I knew it was a problem. By 2003, Brussels was already full of aggressive male Muslims willing to openly harass American tourists in daylight. In France, there were already riots happening routinely with hundreds of cars burned by Muslim "youth".

Fast forward a bit over a decade and we have people routinely slaughtered on the streets of every major city in Europe, often in mass casualty attacks. Can you imagine what it will be like in 5 years? In 10 years? They have got to get control of this or they will lose their countries forever.

This is an existential threat to all of Western Civilization.

If she doesn't win the french have lost their fucking minds. I just don't see how you could even consider anyone else!


and airplanes



For france maybe but Britain its not great but the tories should win this one easily so not much to worry about with labor ukip and the lib dems rougly being the same


Did that years ago, no one noticed the difference.

Twas a different time

You fucker, you just made me leave my kids ballet practice from the waiting area because I couldn't stop laughing. All the moms were giving me the weirdest looks.

A man was just attacked by some guac.

2nd paragraph spot on. They actually teach that he "swooned" on the cross and was mistaken for dead, rather than actually died and was resurrected. This rips out and negates the entire central reason for Christianity.

Changing my profile picture to a France flag. Pray for Paris everyone. Let's do our part and virtue signal to the world that we all stand with Parisians as CUCKS

Wow you know that really puts it in perspective because I would choose the same. I can't think of anything worse than Nazis, but I would choose them without a second thought. That's pretty scary.



Reports from the scene say the shooter was clearly heard shouting "God is great in Arabic", in French.

That only happened because we were providing defense and footing the bill.

Video evidence

Already doing that a shit ton too.

Negative 2D checkers

The religion of peace strikes again..

Can we stop resetting the clock? Please save your country, France! No more French lives are worth sacrificing for liberal ideology.

LiberalLogic in a nutshell.

Holy shit. I was there in 2011 and we walked on foot all over the city. It definitely was not like this.

Planck time

I would literally pay money to watch that, even if I ended up being a victim.

LePen is mightier than the polls.

1D tetris