PRES. TRUMP: "James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!"

PRES. TRUMP: "James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russi...

I think he is referring to CNN today which spent all day saying that there is no evidence Trump campaign colluded but right after that they doubled down and said it's still a concern and might take years for investigation.

Dems and MSM want to use this in 2020 and want to keep it alive

They want to keep it alive to distract from the accomplishments of Trump and the failures of Obama.

Considering 91% of people find media coverage about Trump to be negative and 78% don't think they'll give him a fair shake, it's safe to say they're on the road to irrelevancy.

The 9% who think the media is fair to trump must REALLY REALLY hate Trump (probably bc of the media)

Seems the God-Emporer is on fire this morning.

Good morning Mr. President!

Always the same storm of replies from a select few verified Twitter accounts in the top 100 replies. As if there are no positive replies or something. Luckily more and more people are starting to see they're being manipulated by filters and algorithms suppressing opinions Twitter doesn't "agree" with.

Whoa whoa whoa... it's not "James Clapper said" but rather "17 intelligence agencies have confirmed"

Remember, if James Clapper says something in a letter, that means the 17 intelligence agencies all confirmed it. Through some twisted Clintonian logic.

Dems and MSM want to use this in 2020 and want to keep it alive

If this is really their plan, they're really shit at execution. Already people have started to get weary and desensitized about the Russian narrative. By 2020, there wont be any shock factor or outrage about the Russian connections because by then most of the people would stop giving two shits about it.

"There is no evidence, but....... WE MAY NEVER KNOW."

And to make everything he does illegitimate because he should not have won if it wasn't for the Ruskies

and clinton is so corrupt she turns the negative into a positive, so much that it turns Bill straight and his positive HIV into a negative HIV

They are simply the ones most susceptible to propaganda, they are weak minded.

Emphasis on "everyone knows it". By doing this all the left is doing is making the average person sick and tire of them

Yah its always the same idiot at the top lol. So fake.


I love waking up in the morning to see multiple Trump tweets. It's like MAGA coffee.

Everybody knows it!

I love that Trump tweets but there are some topics I wish he would be quiet on and let the evidence do all the talking. There's a famous saying walk softly and carry a big stick

Every Trump tweet has a bunch of morons doing a tweet mini-storm after. It's like they just wanna cry every time he says something. I would count that as harassment since it's pretty much the same guys tweeting 5-6 times in succession and calling him rude and demeaning things. But I guess per the liberal/tech sector that's norm for the day. Sad.

...and on Barron's birthday of all days!



It's a fucking embarrassment, just like every rising post on pol or even pics gasps.

Also find it convenient how all pro-trump or even neutral comments are down voted. That's okay I'll just start reading bottom to top.

He's excited for Comey's announcement today !

Refers to himself in third person. Hillary who is Potus?


Say it with me people! I KNOW IT! YOU KNOW IT! EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!

Plus you know it will make the media run around like crazy ants all day.

Trumps tweets are 4D. He's been shitposting forever, why should he quit now lol.


I keep reporting them as spam, because it IS spam, and blocking them. Now the comments are a bit more normalized. There are still negatives, but they're spread between other comments like a normal comment section would be.