Pres. Obama is about to embark on a 17 day vacation in his ‘native’ Hawaii, putting Secret Service away from families on Christmas. Aloha! 12:07 PM - 19 Dec 2013

Pres. Obama is about to embark on a 17 day vacation in his ‘native’ Hawaii, putting Secret Servic...

Pres. Trump is about to embark on a 6 day vacation in Florida, putting Secret Service away from families on Thanksgiving. Fore! thanks u/ZPTs

Normally people wouldn’t care where the president spends his vacations, neither would you care where secret services agents are either.

But this douche had to call out the black man on his vacation so he needs to be criticized too.

Good call out OP.

Wouldn't Secret Service be working anyways? It's not like they stop working because of the holidays, right?

Holy shit he even dragged his racist conspiracy theory about Kenya into that tweet

And I think he thought that the Secret Service got Christmas off.

Like the President didn't get 24/7 protection.

This is simply one of the stupidest men to ever walk this planet.

In a battle of wits with a toddler, he would go unarmed.

He couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the bottom.

Might tie in with the 'native' part. And the 'he must be Kenyan' thing.

In his first mandate Obama was already getting criticized all the time by Republicans for taking any day of vacation. Didn't matter if W Bush had actually taken more during the same time. Obama was just not allowed any vacation, since you know, he's a Kenyan Muslim he wants to "take away our guns" and also the actual Anti-Christ.

I like criticizing Trump but he invented nothing there, he was enabled by years of a detestable Republican bandwagon.


They knew what they signed up for

I wish Obama had taken his Christmas vacation in Kenya. That would have been epic level trolling. I'm pretty sure that my dad's head would have exploded.

I'm in the military and would love to spend every Christmas home but sometimes you are deployed and miss out, that's the reality of the job. Same thing applies for the secret service, sometimes duty calls when you would rather be home but hey, you'll get next Christmas off.

I can't wait to piss on this man's grave.

The Hawaiians greeting Trump with "Welcome to Kenya!" signs was fucking priceless.

He'd probably enjoy that tbh

they might have been working, but they would have been working anyway... at least they were doing it in hawaii instead of some shithole trump resort.

Well, I do think there were people throughout the US who specifically cried about that.

As much as I think Trump is an idiot, I think he meant that at least in DC they could finish a shift and go back to their families before their next shift where as in Hawaii that wouldn’t be an option

I was thinking maybe he's saying the only reason President Obama got more than the usual amount of flak was because he's black?

Kenya. Hawaii. Same thing, really.

Some signs, IIRC, read 'Aloha also means goodbye'. What a polite way of saying 'Fuck off'.

Yeah, I don't see the big deal in either one of these (other than Trump acting like a piece of shit about it). Secret Service is a job that requires you to jump in front of bullets, so I don't think "working on holidays" is that big of a deal. I'm an HVAC guy and I'm on call for holidays, and so are a lot of other professions. You get used to it when you need the money.

I'm running out of negative adjectives to describe this twat waffle.

Uhhh yeah he kinda did

Just like doctors, firemen and everything.

Noone works on Christmas.

Get hurt? Eh, wait till the next day or just die. Nothing to do about it.. Because NOONE works on Christmas.

Like damn man... Working on Christmas is nothing special at all. Of course your president still had protection.

I love this sub, but it just so frustrating. Trump can do whatever he wants and his core supporters will still love him. In order to soothe my frustration, I will just try to focus on how impressive it is that he is a master of flip flopping stances, lying, and pointing fingers.

I mean, at the time that was extremely obvious.

and those people tend not to be in the secret service where travel is far beyond constant.

Obama's race has pretty much everything to do with the GOP's hatred of him.

Imagine if Obama wrote a tweet like this right now. Fox news would not shut up about it.

Nonstop for 8 years.

What baffles me the most is how any Americans can support a man who eats his steak well done with tomato ketchup.

I guess the obvious counterpoint is, working for the Secret service is regarded as an honour and a privilege, you don't get the job unless you want it and you go for it, and you go in understanding it entails significant sacrifice, and I imagine if you asked former agents from the service if they willingly chose to miss a Christmas or two with their families for the chance to serve their country, the answer would be yes. edit: typos

Also, you know, there are 10s of thousands of soldiers on tours that cannot go home to their families either. And they don't spend their time guarding the president, they burn shit in oil barrels with diesel.

Even from a criticism point of view I don't understand this tweet. Let's just say it's legitimately wrong to keep secret service working away from their families... how the hell is the POTUS meant to spend his holidays? He cant exactly split himself into as many pieces as the SS agents so they can all be with their families while being with POTUS at the same time...

I’m sure they were upset about having to travel to that frozen wasteland that is Hawaii in December.

It's even obvious now, some people just forget that things written in the past don't always include the emotions felt/things happening at the time, so they just make assumptions based on the writing itself.

because their families can't vacation in hawaii?

And I wonder how many of those working at Trump hotels have to work on the holidays.

Nope, that would just be stupid, just like the Kenya theory. But when the first time it ever comes up in American history happens to be targeting the first black President, and the underlying message happens to be that he's not "one of us", and it's parroted by someone who happens to have said and done a lot of other very racist things, it definitely takes on a very racist undertone.

For more on this topic, you can look up terms like "dogwhistle" and "young bucks on welfare driving Cadillacs" and "the history of black people living in America for hundreds of years"

i always thought if you were the type to get into the secret service, you were the type who either didn't care about being away from your family or you just don't have one. You know you are constantly traveling before you apply for the job no?


It's not. No matter where the POTUS is at, there will be Secret Service agents guarding them. Even if Obama had stayed in the White House, agents would have been away from their families.

Fuck man, I use to stock fucking apples and I'd work holidays.

Reference to stave off your downvotes

I hate that Reagan gets compared to Trump.

Reagan literally invented NAFTA, Trump wants to fuck it over.

Reagan's immigration policy was closer to Obama's than Trump's. Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants, and created a new seasonal work visa. He did end up being tough in immigration, but his policies more went after companies that were knowingly using illegal immigrants and paying them less. He wasnt obsessed with deportations.

Reagan was strong on Russia. Lol at Trump ever moving an aircraft carrier group or ever having a "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall" moment where he calls out Russia on their bullshit.

Reagan can be controversial, and a lot of liberals hate him and I understand that. But he is absolutely nothing like Trump.

TBH the pissing on anyone's grave stuff is kinda out of line too. I'm just happy seeing Trump not in charge, I care fuckall what happens to him or his body afterwards.

I mean. He wore a TAN suit for Pete's sake

Name another president who was asked for their birth certificate. Name one whose faith was constantly questioned. Name one whose country of origin was constantly questioned.

I could go on an on and on with the insane bullshit Obama was harassed about.

What's the one single difference between him and all other presidents who were not subject to this kind of humiliation?

Nice catch. I missed that.

Pretty sure they're the type to keep on crying.

* 9 years and counting

"trump may be a bit racist"

Gee, what could have given that impression?

Yep, there's native brown people in both places.

we'll always have "twat waffle"

here's hoping we don't wait too long

I worked at Walgreens on Christmas, even they're open (beyond the pharmacy, which is a necessity).

Most entitled assholes came in on Christmas, and the sheer amount of racist Jewish comments got under my skin (not Jewish, not anything other than needing a job).

very true, it's not the travels themselvs or how it affects secret service that's being called out. It's the hypocrisy of the pumpkin overlord.

He's clearly upset Obama wasn't visiting his family in Kenya instead /s

I'm pretty sure the secret service works 24/7. This is a sensationalized title meant to stir an empty pot.

He didn't mean anything but to shit on Obama. He gives 0 shits about SS agents or their families. I guarantee he will do the exact same thing.

From a sensationally empty pot president.

But.... not all former presidents spend Christmas in DC. Surely the Bush’s go to TX, and presidents go to their respective homes throughout the years, no? Edit: Bushes usually went to Camp David.

Man there’s millions of Americans that have to work bullshit retail jobs on Christmas rather than spend time with the people they love. At least the secret service does a job they can be proud of.

They finally have a president who is just like them!

And if he didn't tweet this nobody would care that he is going on vacation and doing the same thing he criticised Black President Man for. I don't care if he goes on vacation or how much he plays golf, but you cant slag someone off and then do the exact same thing.

My personal favourite was the bit about his fist bump between him and his wife being labeled a "terrorist fist jab" by Fox.

Nah the other black president

on my bucket list.

Actually, collecting a bucket of urine and pouring that sounds better.

Hi Secret service, this is a joke. I do not wish to harm (or defile) our dear leader.

Holy shit, my dad voted for this puke, and HE EATS HIS STEAK WELL DONE WITH KETCHUP.

Hell, I work A/V for an actual christian church, and I've gotten the Jewish comments for working a christmas service on christmas.

Not saying they can’t but some people like spending Christmas at home with their extended family instead of on vacation

Because Racism, Part of an unhealthy GOP Breakfast.

I’m sure getting to visit Hawaii in December is just an awful experience.

Well considering the vast majority of Mar-a-Lago employees are foreign workers they're most likely going to be away from their families on Christmas whether they're working or not.

A quick reminder that be believed Obama was a Kenyan Muslim, hence why Native is in inverted commas.

Can we just talk about that for a second? This man was the Birther in chief. He was by far the most high profile person who believed Obama was a Kenyan Muslim. That's why this post election meeting with Obama was so awkward. AMERICA ELECTED A CONSPIRACY THEORIST!

Have we seen his birth certificate? How are we sure he wasn't really born on Lewis like his mother was. Mind you he'd show us his "fake" one he bought from the ever present "they". /s

Trump is a Scottish WeeFree!

This. It seems the GOP's whole purpose to exist is to push black people to the bottom rung of society.

A lot of people have to be away from their families on Christmas. That's just how some jobs work and most people know what they sign up for when they enter the profession.

Only if you're Russian.

Those type of blatantly obvious nuances are lost on Trump, apparently.

Nobody was flakking on him for being Hawaiian....

I understand the idiocy of it now, thanks.

As a liberal who absolutely detests Reagan and thinks hes up there with Harding for bottom barrel Presidents you're correct. At least the man could play the role of President and understood the majesty of the position. Something that seems entirely lost on our current President.

What confuses me is does Trump think secret service agents get the day off if a president stays in DC for the holidays? Because that's not how it works. At all.

It's the freaking Secret Service, nights, weekends, and holidays are part of the job. We expect some poor sap working at walmart to show up for their shift, why not expect the same of the people heading the most important security detail in the world?

Kinda like t_d with Clinton, ‘cept our “obsession” isn’t based on unrequited attraction.

Good news is he's no longer your leader if you're able to piss on his grave.

no you'd just be a dumbass. but if you thought obama was born in kenya and there was a coverup and a forged birth certificiate you'd be a racist dumbass.

A bit racist. For crying out load, Trump first became famous in 1973 when the DOJ was investigating and sued him for discrimination against blacks by not renting apartments to blacks.

He retweets white nationalists.

He said a judge was biased because "he's a Mexican" (same judge who has an assassination order out from an actual Mexican cartel, and was born in Indiana)

His property would not rent to black people. His casinos would discriminate against black dealers and employees as well.

Being black is at least half the reason Trump and the GOP hate Obama.

Because nobody who says they're conservative today are actually conservative.

The Brady Bill is rational, or at least was at the time. It requires someone's 2nd amendments rights to be waived by a court, which is okay in most conservative theory.

Aloha! Rather, "fore!"

He couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the bottom.

Never heard this. I love it.

This does prove he knew how to use air quotes four years ago

If I had a family, I wouldn't do a job like secret service (if I could). That sounds like a good way to force significant time apart from said family.

If I didn't have a family? Fuck it, why not be in something like secret service, if I wanted to and was qualified.

There are actually lots of jobs available to choose from for an American to work and provide for their family. Secret service is a job that's overkill for that. And it seems like the type of job that you would pick if you intentionally don't want to spend holidays with your family.

And he ate a burger with Dijon mustard!

Reagan was also pro-gun control, supporting the Brady Bill. How is he a Conservative icon again?

In fact, there WAS one other person during that time who had a "birthing scandal" ,if you could even call it that.

McCain was asked for his birth certificate because he was born on the Panama Canal and some questioned the validity of him being American because of that. McCain showed his certificate and, wouldnt you know it, was never questioned or harassed relentlessly about it ever again.

"But I like my steak well done!"

No, they just don't like steak.

As a kid I used to eat steaks well done, you needed ketchup to make them edible again. Since I moved out I switched to medium rare and could never eat a bloodless steak again.

It's tough to get outraged at every stupid thing Trump says. That would be a full time job.

"But this douche had to call out the black man on his vacation..."

What does the man's blackness have to do with it?

I'm not accusing you of anything, it just seems like an odd thing to throw in there. Am I missing a joke?