Pre-download for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt now available. 25GB

Pre-download for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt now available. 25GB

Wow, that's a really early preload. A whole month? Well at least those of us gamers with slower connection can comfortably prepare to play the game on launch.

Going gold doesn't really mean anything in a world where day 1 updates exist.

This would have been the perfect time to launch the GOG galaxy (a program that houses your games, like Steam or Origin, but optional) since GOG is also a CDprojekt venture. Pairing it with a major game launch like this would surely have jumpstarted the user base. But galaxy still has no release date in sight.

Then again, there dones't seem to be PC preloading yet, since they don't have to worry about console certification they may keep working on it longer.

I take it as a sign of confidence. The game has also gone Gold over a month before its release, and the delays were specifically for polish, not content. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

Or maybe they'll get themselves all over front pages by suddenly releasing it weeks early.

Good luck cracking an AES 256 key.

Spoiler: You could have 10 to the power 30-40 of the fastest supercomputer on the world and by the end of time you'd probably crack just half of it, and I may be generous.

"Did we say May 19th? We meant April 19th, obviously."

Steam uses AES-256. Wouldn't happen even given all the computing power in the world and 1 billion years.

You have to realize that encryption would be pointless as a practice if things could be 'easily decrypted' given any human stretch of time.

Or maybe they'll get themselves all over front pages by suddenly releasing it weeks early.

Its everything I've ever wished for.

Portal 2 released hours early, not weeks. It was about 4 hours for the average PC user, and about 8 for people who earned the golden potato. The frontrunners on the ARG got flown in to Valve and played it a day or two early, but that was maybe a dozen people.

Simply by launching globally at midnight British Standard Time, GTA5 PC launched significantly earlier on its release date than Portal 2 launching 4-6 hours in advance of a midnight global release on Pacific Standard time.

AV probably has tons of HD cinematic cutscenes right? Even with the immense audio I would expect in TW3 I think that probably takes a backseat to the cutscenes. (Just speculating)

Or, you know, don't include the .exe and/or other crucial files? Look what Rockstar did with GTA V. Although 3DM worked fast, he could only work after the game went live.

Anyone know when we can pre-load it on PC? This appears to be just for the Xbox version as I can't pre-load on Steam.

Perhaps they leaving out PC so it isn't data mined to hell or possibly cracked and pirated.

From what I can gather, galaxy isn't ready for prime-time yet, and it would be unwise to attach your big high profile game with something that's not bomb-proof. There's been enough day one technical problems with games recently and I think GOG are wise enough to be cautious.

However, GOG have apparently been updating their standalone installers so that when galaxy does come out it'll recognise installed games and work with them, so when galaxy does come out it'll 'just work'.

The background services for galaxy are already being used by some games right now, just not the full client, so it shouldn't really get in the way for whatever updating/etc TW3 needs.

It's 4 times larger than Skyrim...

It's different. Reverse-engineering the exe to be able to peek at the files is completely different from trying to unscramble everything in the first place.

It would likely be encrypted to prevent this.

Portal 2 did it with the Potato Sack challenge thing.

It was a fun event but in the end people didn't enjoy it too much.

It means console players will be able to play early when their copies arrive, and it means the game definitely won't be delayed.

Going gold might mean locking v1.0, but that doesn't mean they won't keep working on the game right up to release and put out a mandatory 1.01 patch on Day 1. Games do it all the time.

Or you know, maybe you're looking at different technology(lossless audio, uncompressed textures, prerendered cut scenes). Having a big game isn't a result of being lazy.

Only 25gbs? That seems really small.

i uh...hate to break it to you, but GTAV is a rather large game...

From what I can gather, galaxy isn't ready for prime-time yet, and it would be unwise to attach your big high profile game with something that's not bomb-proof.

sooo, like don't bundle early steam with Half-life 2?

I think the files are encrypted pre release to protect it from that.

Don't tease

Considering shadow of mordor was 50gb, 25gb for an area of that size including all dialogue and everything else is very small.

I can't tell if you're just making a joke but if you really are wondering, a pre-download is downloading a vast majority of the game prior to release so that when it goes live on its release date, it's ready to play without having to wait and download it then.

I wonder about this, GTA V is what 45-65gb? An the witcher 3 is a suppose to be in a area larger then Skyrim + dragonborn and has tons of outdoor,wildlife,flora,etc. If the 25gb is the full install I will be super curious how much compression they managed.

Most companies and services like steam compress the dl files to save some bandwidth and dl time then the files uncompress for installation.Guess we will see at launch.

despite the fact that they have a little over a month to go before release

You seem to not know what going gold signifies. It means v1.0 has been finalized. The time between going gold and its release is reserved to manufacture and ship the product.

The pre-download only applies to digital pre-orders because there's nothing to manufacture. Letting people pre-download the game while the PS4/XBO/PC-DVD copies are being manufactured is their choice, but the v1.0 that will be on all versions was done the second they went gold.

Bloodborne was helping me control my anticipation for The Witcher, but now I'm DONE with Bloodborne and I can feel the need..... rising....

Any game in recent memory done that? How did it go over?

The amount of still unfinished indie "games" in my library from that event shudder.

It's around the size of a WoW installation.

Maybe they aren't using uncompressed audio.

It means they are confident that their current build of the game is cost effectively the best iteration and version of the game despite the fact that they have a little over a month to go before release. True day one patches do exist and even Witcher will have one, but thats a bold statement to make regardless.

Brink released a week early after several delays.

It could have used the extra week.

A week wouldn't have been enough time to even start the process of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic that was Brink. It was too bad because I thought it looked like it had potential and bought it like a dope.

Same size as DA: Inquisition so, we'll see if it holds up to the that map we saw the other day comparing it to Los Santos

Does pre-loading mean that people can datamine everything that comes in and find out a lot before the game actually comes out?

GTA V cutscenes are not pre-rendered so they have nothing to do with the file size.

Yeah, except that steam was up and running a year before HL2 launched.

Besides, one of the selling points of galaxy is that it's still optional and on top of the games being DRM free, it's not an authorization service, and TW3 isn't a multiplayer game where everyone needs to be on the same version.

but they were 12 bucks!

I had fun with the challenge at least. It was kind of awesome to play these random games and do pointless challenges. I got my $12 out of it at least.

Well it has always meant that version 1.0 of the game is accepted for mass production by all parties involved and is playable as intended. Day 1 patch just adds extra polish on top of that and is always welcome.

GTAV's download size is abnormal. For comparison, Skyrim was something like 6GB. With a shit-ton of very large mods, Skyrim only takes up 20 GB for me, uncompressed on the hard drive.

That should give a sense of how big 25 GB is and how ridiculously big 60 GB is.

6 hours

Skyrim has no cutscenes though. HD cutscenes can get extremely large in size. GTA5 has of those HD cutscenes. That's how you end up with a 60gb download.

In game textures can be compressed and reused all over the place. The developer can use tricks to make it look better than it really is. HD Video doesn't have those advantages. Each one is completely standalone and not reusable.

Don't you dare joke about that. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this!

To extend on what the dude below said, the game executable comes with the key used to decrypt them, otherwise the game couldn't access its files. It was just a matter of catching that key whenever it was called by the exe. Also it helped it was one for everybody. Afaik steam randomly generates them and are called whenever they send the command, on release date.

It seems small because devs are no longer compressing anything due to discs being blu ray. So they just say fuck the user's bandwidth, 59gbs is fine.

That was from uncompressed audio in every language being included on every install.

Shadow of Mordor also had a lot of HD prerendered cutscenes.