Prayers for Ryan Shazier

Prayers for Ryan Shazier

If you’re into praying and stuff.

Looks like a compression injury to his neck or spine. He dropped after a hit and reached in pain for his thoracic spine. Carted off the field, lower body not moving.

Bro every single football coach I’ve ever had has constantly stressed to NEVER tackle with your head. It’s taught at every single level of the game.

Sometimes it just happens by accident. Ever tried to make a diving tackle at someone running full speed? Sometimes you make a mistake. Don’t be ignorant and just go with the “dur Americans are dumb lol” memes.

Such a routine tackle too, so absurd.. football is a brutal sport.

Prayers up for Shazier

NFL is going to either be gone or completely different in like 10 years.

Can't understand how any parents sign their kid up for football these days, after everything we know at this point.

It's just not worth it in any way.

Yeah that's not good

Never seen a guy get paralyzed like that on the field. Scary stuff, best wishes to Ryan and his family.

Looks like a broken back or spine from a tackle, he wasn't moving his legs

May be paralyzed from waist down. He made a tackle and he didn’t get up.

He immediately could be seen reaching around to his lower back after the tackle and his legs didn’t seem to have any function. He then reached up to his face mask and for the rest of the time he was visible his hands did not leave his face.

Why American Football players use their heads to tackle? That's the most stupid thing a human being can do.

Of course you will have CTE by the age of 40 if you use your head as a weapon.

What happened?

Video for those interested. NSFW!