Poster in my daughter’s school

Poster in my daughter’s school

Clean up your area. Have fun. Ask for help. Make friends. Please speak softly. Stay seated.

I like this one. But I could not think of a good p one.

Capitalism is slavery Hail Satan All life is suffering Mercy is for the weak People order our patties Smoke weed everyday!

They really nailed the acronym. I sure hope y’all are reading /practicing English skills at home!

Oh no... it’s bad design.

some schools (usually elementary schools) have a system where your voice level is determined by a number. usually, 0 is quiet, 1 is partner talk, 2 is group talk, 3 is presenting and 4 is an outdoor voice. some schools do it differently, but that's how my school did it.

Calm speaking voices, hands raised for help, always speak quietly when eating, must stay seated, please clean up your area, students enjoy lunchtime

Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, Success

wtf is a level 1 voice

The kids know what CHAMPS means. Each letter is a behavior or attribute, and the text next to it is how they can uphold those behavioral goals in the context of lunch.

It's not bad design, it's just design targeting a different goal than you think it is.

That makes much more sense. I wonder what the attributes are.

gotta get them prepped early for the behaviorist management theory they'll be subjected to as workplace drones