Poster for the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP that Daniel Cormier ended up winning.

Poster for the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP that Daniel Cormier ended up winning.

Too bad DC didn't fight Werdum. Would've been a great fight.

I was at the Fedor vs BigFoot fight in jersey. I was in middle school and saw my hero get fukking mauled by a TRT monster Lmao

Lit card tho all finishes. Kharitonov starched Arlovski

If you have fight pass you should definitely check this event out

People say Fedor ducked the UFC. I say Fedor was an idiot who should have ducked Strikeforce and went to the UFC instead.

I mean look at the poster and tell me with a straight face that somehow the earlier UFC was scarier than this. I mean FFS Overeem and Werdum are #1 and #2 TODAY in HW ranking. DC not even shown here is the CURRENT Champ today.

Who was the UFC champ back then? It was Lesnar. Most of those top UFC guys back then aren't even in the sports anymore! In hindsight if Fedor knew this back then, you bet he would have picked UFC easily if he wanted an easier way out.

Edit: I will give JDS and Cain as difficult opponents although they weren't fully established if you look at Sherdog rankings. But had Fedor continued in the tournament he would likely have faced Horsemeat Overeem or his replacement, HW Cormier. So its not like he could avoid fighting those hard matchups by running to Strikeforce anyway. Its just Strikeforce had a lot more threats.

Too bad DC didn't fight MEGAREEM aka UBEREEM. Would've been a great fight.

Is it a better line up than the Bellator one? Absolutely.

But I still absolutely love the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix.

Wait you mean the Bellator senior division LHW GP?

Wow 5000x as good as the bellator LHW GP

The clinch battle alone would have been something special.

Arlovski looks like an ancient greek philosopher

I can taste the steroids from this pic.

Fedor only beat cans is a ridiculous statement. Fedor stacked his record with fights against people with no right to be in the ring with him like Zulu, Lindland, Valavicus, Randleman, Hong Man Choi and the later fight with Coleman is a fair critique. Doesn't mean he isn't the GOAT HW though.

Same goes for Pride tbh, check out fightmatrix heavyweight rankings at any point during the mid 2000s and you will only see Arlovski and Sylvia in or near the top 10 for UFC fighters, Pride HW was stacked.

Also, if we're being honest here, Fedor was probably a roid head himself. I mean, it was openly encouraged in Pride. No one would blame him.

And sure, he passes the eye test, but so did Josh Barnett, and we know for a fact that he was a juicy slut.

Reem was

I got either DADA 5000 or Bobby Lashley coming in and winning this thing as an alternate

He doesn't get the credit because he's a roid head

This is where Fedor truly lost for the first time.

What I mean is, Werdum "Caught" him in a submission. That was his first loss, BUT this was the first time anyone had actually beaten the ever living shit out of Fedor and stopped him.

I don't think Bigfoot gets enough credit for doing that since he didn't get the first W against him.

Which is why it's funny when people say ''Fedor only beat cans''. Fedor beat the top of the top of the HW division at the time. JDS and Cain and Stipe hadn't even been established yet. And Werdum neither. And Overeem was a LHW etc...

So of course he hadn't fought them.

I got "any other winner" as a +2000, DC came in and made my day.

Edit: I seem to recall it was Chad Griggs or DC as the alternates, I knew DC would give people trouble, hence why I put a cheeky £10 down.


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How come Cormier ended up in? Was someone injured?

This wouldn’t have been the first time Fedor fought a roid head. He fought in Pride, everyone was juiced there. For the first time It felt like Fedor had lost step

I would have loved it ten years ago (literally). Now it's a bit sad (will still watch though... sigh*)

Ha, MMA betting is the only way I know these type of odds, 20/1 for the civilised society.

It's just horsemeat bro

Kharitonov transported him back to Antiquity

Anywhere recommended to watch this?

Guessing they gave +2000 as a; lol yeah bet on this because if someone does drop with an injury, there is no way their replacement will win....


Randleman had knocked out Cro Cop right before he fought Fedor. It was also part of the Grand Prix bracket, so he had every right to be there.

It would be today, but this was prior to Werdum improving his striking game.

Such a better lineup than the bellator one