Post Match Thread: Feyenoord 0-4 Manchester City [UEFA Champions League]

Post Match Thread: Feyenoord 0-4 Manchester City [UEFA Champions League]

2' Stones J

10' Aguero S

25' Gabriel Jesus

63' Stones J

Fuck football

Stones was on 🔥 🔥

Hahaha get fucked Arsenal

Feyenoord - city 0-4

Liverpool - city 0-5

Feyenoord > liverpool

Not only were we really shit, City was also really good. Credits to them, can see them getting really far this tournament

English players who move to "money clubs" always have an uphill battle in winning the media over but he's well on his way to doing so

John fucking Stones remember the name

Napoli lost to Shaktar. Football is perfect!

Nah, Silva has been our most important player since he's been with us.

‪De Bruyne is quickly becoming our most important player. Man of the match for me, Stones close second. ‬

Thanks for pep

John stone proving the haters wrong ala Sterling. Was fucking perfect today.

After the second half you looked like you were getting in the game

I miss the glory days of the eredivisie. Back in the 1320's, football was a completely different game. Seems like so long ago now.

Nah mate, he misplaced a 70 yard pass once so he's shit

Becoming? Has been for a while mate

Thats actually pretty bad for Feyenoord, I think Napoli is much better than Shaktar most days. It will be hard to even get 3rd place now.

Yeah, but I feel like that was just because City held back a little bit. If they'd continued to play like they did the first 30 minutes it would've been way worse for us

The diving block he made just after making it 4-0 was so satisfying.

Feyernoord > Liverpool

Heracles - Feyenoord 2 - 4

Liverpool - arsenal 4 - 0

Heracles > Arsenal

Sucks to see a dutch team losing in European football even if I hate them. :(

An opinion of someone who watched 3 highlights in the first 2 moths of the season... from around December onwards Stones was really solid up until his injury. Stop spreading bullshit about a player you clearly didn't watch regurlarly

Has been for a little while now but doesn't get the plaudits he deserves.

Prepare for the downvotes, but honestly it's decent banter since we Dutch are always going on about our past.

Aguero to score easiest money in the life.

50 million what a steal.

ManCity was playing amazing. Damn!


Stones was fantastic, great game

No he was so important last season we bought a second Silva because Pep thought the team fell apart when he was off the pitch.

Helps he had a full preseason under Guardiola this time around. He looks much better this year so far.

Still better than liverpool amirite.

Kill me


he's gone through natural growing pains that come with a step up and learning a system which demands constant correct decision making. He's made big strides under Pep already and is starting to really assert himself and feel comfortable in big games. He's in the perfect place to become a top, top defender and has the quality to

I feel you. Going to hate rooting for the Chicago Fire in the World Cup.

He better accept that armband next time!

City looked pure class. They could make some real noise this year

I always thought he was going to make a huge step this year. The defending has been good and the goals are just a bonus tbh.

Otamendi is a yellow card waiting to happen every match he plays so I'm pretty sure pep will prefer stones over him.

Ik ga morgen naar het politiebureau vanwege matchfixing

Haha you guys let us. That second Stones goal just killed us off completely. Would've liked to see what we could've done with Jorgensen/Haps and without that early goal but it is what it is. I really like the team Guardiola has put together, hope to see you go far this year.

Could've been more tbh City really let their foot of the throttle

Goddamnit, KDB is just unbelievable. MOTM for sure... can't deny Stones either.

Consistently playing at a high level at least. De Bruyne didnt take a whole season off

Luckily we can spit shine our CL trophies, right ;)

If Feyenoord can do the double over shakhtar they'll finish third

Of course that was a hyperbole, but my point was basically that he was taken to the cleaners by the media for even the littlest of the mistakes and was rarely, if ever, praised even after putting in consistently good performances.

You're being downvoted but we were pretty irrelevant in 1320.

John fucking Stones! Not only did he get the goals but he was an absolute ROCK in defense. Cant wait to see what type of season he has. Looks absolutely brilliant so far!

I think we really let our foot off the gas in the second half which contributed to the game being more even

Hats off to City, it's gotta be said. They hardly made any mistakes all game, played excellent football, and they didn't resort to time-wasting or such at the end, even though the game was already over. Many other top clubs could learn from that.

He's playing much deeper this season and has been given more of an orchestrating role. It's looking like Aguero/Jesus/Sane/Sterling will score most of our goals this season

while i do agree that we can have those iffy games where it doesn't work up top and our defence sucks. Surely with the squad getting more and more used to Pep's tactics, those errors will fade away. We're clearly not the City from last season and we've proved that pretty much every game this season.

Easier said than done, Feyenoord looked awful today and they will have a hard time getting points if they continue like this.

Eh, these are professional football players we're talking about.. I expected them to lose too, but they didn't show anything. Looked like a bunch of amateurs out there. If City kept going it would've ended 0-8.

Would've argued that Silva was tbh. Up until very recently we looked lost without Silva on the pitch. Kev has changed that

John stones and consistently proving himself as a solid defender, name a better iconic duo

When we're at our best we'd still lose to City, but tonight we were definitely not at our best. Silly mistakes in the first half making it way to easy for them. Credit where it's due, City are looking really good this season.

Stones MOTM for me, been so good this season as well.

Shut up u egg

Not a City fan but I seriously think Stones having Walker by his side is helping him out tremendously, I know City fans have said it all last season even though people just laughed at them and called Stones shit, but there were games last season where Stones would genuinely be stranded between two positions cleaning up messes from 2 players mainly Otamendi and more importantly Sagna leave MASSIVE gaps at full back.

Yes he's a ball playing CB, and the whole team playing under Pep Stones always seems to have a pass easily.

At this rate we'll probably just crash out in the GS. I have no idea how good Shakhtar really are but you and Napoli are at least better than us, so yeah. Europe is not looking great. Domestically on the other hand I think we have a very good shot at defending our title given the state of PSV and Ajax atm.

6 Months? Behave, yes Stones has had a good start to this season but Otamendi was class the entire second half of last season whilst Stones was struggling to get a start.

Imagine this was the last pool match and city had to repair a -10 goal difference to their competition... they would probably succeed

Go on...

Can't argue with mathematics.

If it's any consolation, at least you didn't lose 5-0.

Napoli got beat as well, so there's that.

Missing out Jorgensen, Haps, Nieuwkoop and playing Man City. It's not really a shame to lose at this moment. We definelty have to improve, but don't pretend it's over just yet.

American gloryhunter in 2017 LUL

First half was horrible, but the 2nd was how we should've started. Maybe then it would've been 0-2 wich would pretty decent. Feyenoord as a club was almost broke ten years ago, to be facing the worlds most expensive squad (I believe like 480 million?) is a feat on itself. Manchester City looked incredible, might give PSG and Real a run for their money, might take it if they continue like this. It is notable that Jorgensen and Haps were missing, and Kramer and Nelom barely make EL level. Not that it would've made a big difference anyway. It hurts to see how the Eredivisie is tumbling down, we as Feyenoord can't even make transfers that Crystal Palace does. Only one that could compare with Crystal Palace would be Ajax, but they don't spent the money. But even Ajax (by far the richest) couldn't compare to Everton by now. By the way, that finish from Aguero was pure class.

If FIFA really wants to make ambiance more real in their games.. How the f did they not yet include De Kuip? The ambiance tonight was not something new for us. Ofcourse its not like this weekly but this is how the matches against Ajax and PSV are like yearly. The stadium itself is the most iconic stadium of The Netherlands, even the national sqaud prefers to play in De Kuip rather then Amsterdam Arena. Why De Kuip and it's ambiance hasn't been included yet is beyond me.

Same. But I would add David Silva. And Bernardo is slowly becoming better and better

City were with 10 men and went to equalise and nearly won against Everton and the red was a joke

Het is dat Vente in mei 18 is geworden, want anders kon je kindermishandeling erbij doen. Je kan zo'n jongen tegen City er toch niet inbrengen man.

John Stones was absolutely brilliant

He got beat on 1 v 1 vs an elite striker one time too, so he obviously sucks.

Good result for City. Feyenoord beat us at their ground last season in the EL.

Someone give Feyenoord 850 million

It was so scary, when city was in possession. Debruyne, fuck... to aguero, fuck... to Silva, fuck... to silva, fuck they even have another silva. I didnt know stone. It appears he is pretty good too.

His crossing is unrivaled!

He is now, I'll agree with that but up until very recently it was David without a doubt

John stones and scoring in the CL

Give him back