Possible good sign for future anime: Netflix is hiring a Director in charge of anime!

Possible good sign for future anime: Netflix is hiring a Director in charge of anime!

Title says it all --- looks like netflix is hiring a higher-up just for anime! More here:


Any ideas for good anime for them to put into production?

Netflix has revived many canceled shows here in the west and made many more amazing originals. If they do this with anime it will change everything.

Spice and Wolf season 3 and more Index/Railgun.

Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer!) season 2 please <3

edit: faith in /sub/anime taste restored! (atleast until the big waifu war starts again)

Netflix winds up hiring a director that has an obsession for Rom-Com Harem Seinens

Not like this pls

Wait wait wait. Isn't Netflix famous for making great remakes?


Clearly the solution here is to have Netflix hire an /sub/anime user.

"I've watched Shirobako and have extensive knowledge of the anime industry please let me make my dreams real"

Netflix always excelled in reviving dead franchises. So I see a bit of hope for continuation popular anime that made little profit in the past as well as adaptations of sources that are already finished.

A good oppurtunity would be for example to finance Urasawa's Pluto by MAPPA. It's critically acclaimed and MAPPA wants to do it and has very good projects to back that intention up.

I hope whoever they hire convinces them that simulcasts are not evil so we don't have to wait an entire season to watch a new show.

If they do that... If Berserk gets a proper adaptation...


Netflix can do a lot to make anime more popular in the west.

Inb4 Nisekoi becomes new Sword Art Online

We might have been wrong all this time.

Netflix might have truly been ...

The True Savior of Anime

License a popular show for a spin off series. Like pick up a Manglobe series and finish The World God only knows or something.

I'm not too confident in a Netflix original IP without knowing their staff's capabilities. I think they should get their feet wet before jumping into the Pacific.


I just finished that yesterday. Where do I submit my resume?

They brought back Young Justice into a Season 3

Praise Netflix

Devil is a part timer S2 S3

K-on College

Put your grasses on

I agree, though it might be an overall Netflix thing since the Netflix design is basically built for binge watching tv shows. Will certainly be interesting to see what their ultimate goal is-I would love to see shows revived, or at least to improve the library. The problem is that people like me have already seen everything worth watching on Netflix before they make it available.

Nisekoi Spoilers

I'm in Japan right now and the anime selection on their Netflix is glorious. Ample amounts of both new shows and classics. Loads of episodes too.

No game no life season 2 and maoyu season 2

Anything a better than the manga Nisekoi ending

Nisekoi and oreimo

Remember though anime production in japan gets away with 70% of its workers being paid with slave labor grade pay and hours.

Comparing costs for animation from Japan to US is a huge fucking difference. Its goddamn massive.

Hell i think i remember from some Documentary or youtube video i saw mention an episode of metapoclypse (thats not even that well animated) costs upwards of 500k-1M per episode.

Thats about 25%-50% of an anime (depending on the group of people forking up money) made in japans entire budget for a 12 episode cour i believe.

K-on College

Be honest, is this just Yui drunk in her dorm room all the time?

I'm vacationing in Pakistan right now, and Netflix here has freaking Gintama. I just wish Crunchyroll didn't suck here.

Dear Netflix, please shove some money at JC Staff and tell them to make Index III

At this point, I don't care what it takes

And anything madhouse never finished

"Netflix Original" in terms of anime so far only meant that they were aquiring the exclusive international streaming rights. I think only Funimation actually bought themselves in into Dimension W.

WB did announce that Young Justice would be back for a season 3, it's just not Netflix bringing it back.

The strange thing is that I actually saw a (non-anime) show pop up on Netflix recently that was adding new episodes every week, so they clearly can do it. I believe LWA is even being released on Netflix Japan weekly, so they really shouldn't have a reason not to release the episodes weekly over here.

and finish The World God only knows or something.

Great, now I'm getting my hope up for more, oh how I wish.

Anime production is ridiculously inexpensive compared to a typical western series. Netflix could pay for an entire series to be made with the money they spend tipping the baristas.

This could have a very disruptive effect on the anime industry.

Oooh, Mappa wants to adapt Pluto? I have some problems with how Urasawa ends his stories, and that includes Pluto, but I'll be damned if his characters aren't some of the best. Not to mention he is the master of suspense.

Netflix pls, the world needs to know about Gesicht!

All Netflix "original" anime are released in Netflix Japan weekly. It's a decision made by the western branch.

Spice and Wolf is simply an issue of there not being enough money being thrown at the author for him to "change his mind" (more blatant references to how i personally feel the author for S&W is trying to pull a george lucas and wait until an unholy amount of money is thrown at his feet before "changing his mind")

The Index/Railgun thing is because jc staff is TotOo FuckiNG sCaREd oF monEY

They should steal Hideaki Anno.

So from what I understand they could potentially continue on with adaptations like Spice and Wolf and do a season 3 and possibly more? Or would this only be for new mangas that haven't been adapted to anime and new original content?

The only good thing about Nisekoi's ending was the Weeb world-wide meltdown for about 4 hours as a result of it.

/sub/nisekoi has never been the same since. a shell of its former self. First questioning reality, now a rift between time and sanity

that also being said. Nisekoi spoilers


I just want more MgRonalds

A new trigun and shaman king anime let's go!


this isn't precisely the case with Japan though.

Animators have been working and slowly improving with dumpster can wages for years. At this stage Japanese animation is NOT a career. It is more or a pseudo Career. A hobby, but not capable of being a career since its virtually impossible to live alone off a Animators average wages in Japan.

Unless you work for Kyoto or are a Legendary tier freelancer.

Animation in Japan in more or less a passion thing. Its not dead only because the current worker base is mostly passionate about animation. KyoAni's inhouse animation school has slightly changed this but not really. People are paid more working with KyoAni and for doing their inhouse school but ultimately speaking KyoAni is the "bastion of hope" for not dumpster animators pay in Japan. and that is still shit considering how much work on average KyoAni does. Granted its super high quality in comparison to other studios. But thats also a run-off effect of their inhouse studio. (same with other projects also steadily rising in base quality. Being another run-off effect of KyoAni's inhouse school, with other people being hired by other companies for animation projects. granted they probably don't get paid more for their skill :LUL:)

That being said People in japan get a sort of love for manga very easily.

If you can draw manga you can draw anime, anime is like the follower instead of the leader if you get my analogy.

Liar Game. Yes, the western fans would love this adaptation.

Also, Naoki Urusawa's 20th century boys, Pluto seem good

And yes, a proper BERSERK Adaptation

Hiatus x Hiatus (though I realize that's not Madhouse's fault)

They missed so many viewers on Ajin....

Crunchyroll funded Kiznaiver, Luluco, Galko-chan, Masamune-kun no Revenge and probably other new shows. They also funded Shelter and Children of Ether.

Not sure why you were downvoted because what you said was true. Sites like ANN and people who only watch legally didn't talk about the show or others like Kuromukuro except for one review when it was put up, and it lost tons of exposure by not getting weekly reviews there during the season. And too, because series fans didn't wait and just downloaded it.

No Game No Life is probably the most beautiful anime I have ever seen. The color palette was fantastic, and I don't believe a single character was outlined in black. Great story too, really made you think.


Nisekoi Manga

My buddy got Guts' mark as a tattoo and I started calling him "Guts".

Well, his girl only watched a couple of episodes and asked "Roxas calls you "Guts". Does that mean he's Griffith and I'm Casca?" He and I were both like "Noooooo nononono"

We made her watch more.

Crunchyroll also bought into Galko-chan.

As usual, CR had better taste.

I'm pretty much sure that anything Netflix would order will be original content since continuing an LN require buying the rights from publishers .

Log Horizon doesn't yet have enough material for another season, which is it's other main problem.

In a perfect world, Netflix could double the pay for the studios on the condition that the workers all get at least double their pay which wouldn't pull too much out of Netflix's pockets while still dramatically in proving the employees' quality of life. Shame that is unlikely to happen

I read both K-On College and High School a couple years ago. Those really need to be animated.

On Onodera

I swear if Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt gets revived by Netflix I will be so happy. Same goes with Berserk.

Netflix will save anime!

I think Netflix may piggyback the rate of how they pressure the whole anime thing off the success of Your name in NA theaters.

I predicted back during the early days of the hype that Your name was going to be THE decider for the future of anime production possibilities (in the west) at least until 2025 if it ended up failing in NA/getting 0 exposure. Which needless to say won't happen because of its global domination of basically EVERY theater its touched.

Forget that 2.5d CG shit that I.G and netflix were doing anyways. This motherfucking movie was the piggyback. the project with I.G is just a beta of the whole thing

I have no idea about this but isn't the author threatened to end up in jail for tax evasion? What did happen to that news? Is Log Horizon still being written and published right now?

EDIT: a word

Spoil me pls, I need to know who wins

Netflix was a mistake

I'd rather it be A Certain Scientific Accelerator, but I'll settle for Index III as long as there's an Accelerator arc.

Considering Index III would probably include the Group/ITEM/etc arc... you'd be good, fam.

However. What they really should do is adapt A Certain Idol Accelerator.

The thing is, with art, the more you pay -> the better work you get out most of the time. If you double these people's pay and give them more time than a weekly release schedule, they will be SO ENTHUSED, think about the amazing quality of work they'd make. Its such an easy investment choice IMO.

What they should do is get the rights to produce a sequel to a show that is popular but for any reason, unlikely to get a sequel.

Thus I feel that Log Horizon is a good choice. It's relatively recent, pretty darn popular and for some stigma relating to the author unlikely to get a sequel any time soon.

Big 0 season 3 baby, let's do this!

K: "But if they're weak trash, why would it be wrong to kill them?"

Meryl: "Because they probably have life insurance. And if they die then everyone else's premiums have to go up to offset the loss"

...Yeah, I'd watch it.

Interesting. Netflix's choice of anime (here in the UK at least) definitely skews harder towards shounen or action shows with a few outliers here and there. So i wonder if they are going to double down on that or this is a move to garner a wider selection of shows moving forward.

Kuromukuro was decent and that's the kind of original show ideas that id like to see Netflix continue to get behind.

My man.

Soul Eater remake could also be awesome.

Is it really available if it only offers 150 shows?

Nichijou. Please?

Shhhh, Trigger studios will hear.

Hell yeah, Soul Eater Brotherhood, lets go!

Remakes, not miracles.

Is there a source on that? Hadn't heard it before.

I don't think that would work out well. Gainax owns P&S and the people who were the soul are Trigger now. I don't even know if Imaishi is even interested in that old IP, when he can have fun with his new ones.

I'd watch that, but only if Trigun.

nothing will be wong

Because besides Crunchyroll, Aniplex, Asahi Housou(tv network), Movic (anime merchandise), Nihon BS Housou(tv station), Sammy(pachinko) and Ultra Super Pictures(holding for trigger and other studios, studio that animated) were also involved in the production.

His "funded" does not mean entirely but partially.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes Spice and Wolf S3 IM BEGGING NETFLIX pls fam


I wasn't much of a fan of the nisekoi manga but i was on discord in an inhouse lobby talking waiting for people to join.

Jesus christ the sheer amount and sound of me laughing when i saw the manga ended was just awful. Just the whole frontpage of the sub for a solid 6 or 7 hours was basically "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" in a giant moshpit of words and people who were slowly losing their minds.

the meltdown spread across /sub/nisekoi and /sub/dota2 (mostly because i think some tier 3 pro joined in on the meltdown)

It was fucking great man. I don't think we will see another Nisekoi grade meltdown for a while. Well. maybe we will see something close to that when rezero gets a season 2 hehe

Thus far they've only been the licensors for shows like Ajin, Knights of Sidonia, Seven Deadly Sins, etc. They're listed as Netflix Originals but they weren't involved with the production of those shows. They are involved with an upcoming series, Perfect Bones, however. We'll have to see moving forward if they take a similar role in other series.

Wait, so is it because of Netflix that titles like Ajin and KoS even exist? Or were they already being made and Netflix just acquired the sole right to stream it? It says they're Netflix Originals, but idk what that actually means.

Dumb question aside, I really don't care what they make as long as it seems cool. I would prefer not to see more of the CGI used in Ajin or KoS though because I'd be lying if I said I was impressed with it.

Maybe a superhero crime drama. Crime dramas are pretty hot nowadays, and superhero stuff is as well. It's probably one of the reasons Daredevil is so popular. Maybe just not have the MC be a brooding vigilante though, cuz it'll probably feel too much like Daredevil/Batman.



Give me a good Berserk adaptation and a mature Pokémon series and I'll be happy.

the problem with that is you also need the authors permission to make another season.

What will happen (if anything) is netflix will jump on the wagon to do either Haruhi or Index/Railgun since both have material they can adapt however for some reason nothing is done about either.

Both being highly anticipated (for years) and still having an extreme amount of merchandising potental.

Haruhi is unlikely as Kodakawa will hold onto that bitch tooth and nail.

Index/Railgun i dunno.

edit: berserk is another possibility but there is no possible way that will happen for at least 2 years. The reason i say this is ultimately speaking Berserk while it has a good manga selling track record its anime track record is fucking awful. Even Netflix will be extremely careful about it for a few years until they can stabilize whatever they support. Then we might see a NetFlixTM berserk. end edit

Those are the two biggest contenders i can think of for Netflix right now. at least RIGHT off the bat because they will definitely try to shoot for either an original for a short time, or go for a series that has a lot of material for a sequel for a super popular series but for some reason doesn't have one.

Its also impossible to predict if they will adapt something (if they do) off data from the west or Japan.

Worst case scenario they take over RWBY development and literally everyone holding their breath just blows their brains out.

I don't even know if Imaishi is even interested in that old IP

well he just did a little crossover book with space patrol luluco so he probably still has interest.

Idk how I feel about american companies getting involved in the creation of anime. Part of the reason I like anime is because it's so distinctly different from American fiction, and I think we'll lose that distinct style the more American companies become involved.

KyoAni wouldn't do it. They like independence and choosing what they want to adapt, they're like an island in the anime production sea.

My country does not have Netflix, so I'm not really knowledgeable about the service they provide, but if they asked the subscribbers about the shows they want them to produce and back up the most popular. There you go, no more "this didn't sell enough/the LN already ended, we don't see why we should make a second season". Then again this is very simple way of seeing things, I bet there are million of reasons to why this would not work...

In the show or the mango?

The team that did the anime says they're down for any future anime adaptations of it.

The ending being rushed had nothing to do with the final girl being decided though, it was decided from the start, as you can see in Nisekoi Spoilers.

Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, Black Mirror, ....

Netflix does a shitton of original programms and let's hope they add Anime to that. At the moment they only have some excklusive streaming rights to some.

Trigun: Brotherhood

Source is an interview of an spanish blog from a convention he attended. Take it with a grain of salt, but it is believable given the context that MAPPA was funded as means of producing anime that wouldn't be produced otherwise, as well as Maruyama having also produced Monster (he was responsible for greenlighting projects at Madhouse).

Edit about your comment score already? You sure defensive about your imaginary Internet points. :p

I think the Japanese word for that is "shounen".

with a Western buisness model though.

Keeping a show running long after it's worn out it's welcome and no longer has any artistic merit as long as it continues making money?