Position Open

Position Open

I bet the women are just lining up.

as a single dad in early 30's; can confirm, no one is lining up

That arrow suggests he's looking for a woman roughly the same height as the family dog.


Are you starting out your dates asking, "Hi, will you be a new Mommy to my 3 kids, dog and cat?"

I'm actually dating someone happily for 4 years. I was just making a clever joke.

In all reality, when I first split 7 years ago, there were all kinds of women...

More baggage than a Samsonite store.

Was a single dad, early 30s. They lined up.

Best I can do.

how many different kinds are there?

asking for a friend.



Chicks with dicks

He accidentally backed into his wife.

good luck

Maybe he's looking for an eldest child.