Portal Trick Shots

Do yourself a favor and watch some CorridorDigital videos. Amazing CGI with a touch of pop culture humour. Will not disappoint.

They should shoot one portal under the hoop and the other above to get easy points

25 schmekles

Anyone know how much these portal guns will cost when they will be available to the public?

This has to be the fakest video I've ever seen... there's no moon rock anywhere. Who do these people think they are shooting portals anywhere like they want like they want you to believe it's possible to just lay a portal on a concrete. I call not real scientists

Twenty-five Schmeckles? I-I-I-I don't know how much that is, is that a lot? Is it a little?


Agreed they have some great ones. My personal favorite is this one:

"Art of the insta kill"

And then subsequently fucking die.


Well that's how much I paid for these big fake boobs!

Hi I'm mr boobie buyer! Id like to buy those boobies for 25 shmeckles?

If Portals existed like this, I'd never even attempt infinite falling loop. Fuck. That.

Its a tempting offer, but Ill have to decline

That last one is exactly what I would do on my first try with that portal shit

Air resistance would mean that you'd never get as fast as the gif implied, but you'd still be going fast enough to kill yourself on making contact with anything.

As someone who's on mobile I'm glad about a gif.

Spend around five minutes...

...at Blips'n'Chitz, motherfuckerrrr!

Thank you, finally someone calling them out on blatant lies.


If a surface isn't perfectly level, you'll drift slightly to the side of the portal every time you go through. You'll eventually hit your foot or something.

Gee Rick, I-I-I only have 20 schmekles. W-What are we gonna do Rick?


I don't want sound, or the 5 seconds for the YouTube app to load, just for a 15 second advertisement followed by a buffering screen, finally followed by the video.

I'll take a gif any day over a video.

One... portal gun... t-twenty... grepples!

Those blue shells have special place in Mario Kart hell!

Yeah there's still wind resistance, so you'd hit terminal velocity, but you'd also glide a little to the left or right and end up hitting the edge of the portal and dying.

I am dissapointed they didnt accidentally relocate the wrong portal on that last shot.

But the blue shell kills friendships

I know it's a joke but still, it's not just moon rock that is portalable, even concrete is usually portalable in the games, here I found a discussion thread with a nice theory http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/276901/what-makes-surfaces-portal-able


I can brush my teeth in 43 seconds.

If it works like the game, the portals would funnel you in towards their centers.

Wouldn't this just tear your body to shreds at that speed?

Six and a half grapples

They also have a subreddit now! /sub/corridor

You'd hit terminal velocity pretty quickly. If you can space them far enough apart and bring a parachute it's like free skydiving!

To be fair, that #1 was pretty spot on

I was rooting for Bond, but he came in third.:(

Air resistance, yeah, but seeing as you're moving through the same body of air repeatedly, and in the same direction, you would get that small section of air moving in the same direction as you. So you'd hit the terminal velocity of ~120 MPH with respect to the air around you, but that air could be moving at a pretty decent clip in the same direction making your speed relative to the portal a good deal faster than terminal velocity. I mean, if you did that same thing in a sealed tube that was exactly portal shaped.....

It's so good that halfway through I caught myself on forgetting that it's not real. Or maybe it's just I used to play Portal too much. Back in 2007 it actually became a part of my morning routine, to beat Portal in one sitting, right after I brush my teeth.

Well, yeah, but if we used spherical cows...

relocate the wrong portal

My life when i play portal :(

Did you play Portal 1? Moon rocks make the best portal conductors, but they're not the only thing that conducts portals.

Meet boots!

Ah, the old Reddit brusharoo!

I think I'd rather buy a plumbus

if you did that same thing in a sealed tube that was exactly portal shaped.....

You would likely tumble due to poor aerodynamic stability, hit one side of the tube and your flesh would shear off of your bones.

Making a highway out of moon dust must be friggen expensive.


This brings back the memories of watching channels like this back in the day, fereddiew & corridordigital inspired me to make to videos like them, sorta, yeah not really they where shit but it was good fun

I have no fucking clue what you are all talking about, but i like it

To shreds you say?


pretty exclusive shit

Honestly, I think it should have been Star Mario. The blue shell doesn't even kill. Nothing in Mario Kart does.

I can get you one for about, ummm $3.50.

That's 6 and a half brapples

Are you asking people to private message you,like pictures of their personal messages? Or are you asking for pictures of like...well... like girl stuff

The last one looks really dangerous. He should atleast wear a helmet

You gotta reach wayyyy up in your butt hole Morty

Well, he's sure gonna regret that one when he gets cancer xD

I have no code of ethics, I will kill anyone, anywhere. Children, animals, old people, doesn't matter. I just love killin'!

Hold my toothpaste! I'm going in!

But you can turn that off in the options.

Was that a recent update to the 2nd game? I've never heard of that

Meat boots

But the portals (and ragdoll bodies) are computer generated images. It's still CGI, just composited over live-action footage.


Is this the trailer for the portal moive then ? 😀

My hypothesis is that portals are best conducted by silicon oxide compounds (particularly aluminium-silicon-oxide, which is the primary form found on the moon's surface). Concrete certainly falls into this category, as it is essentially manufactured from terrestrial rock which, like most rock, is composed of silicon oxide compounds. Other materials such as wood and metal contain almost no silicon and cannot conduct portals. Metal seems to be often employed when a strictly non-portal surface is required, perhaps suggesting that electrically-conductive metal is able to earth / short out portal energy to ensure that a portal cannot form.

I find it amusing that if one hasn't gotten with Yvonne Strahovski, their strength is zero.

that video came out a few months before CSGO was released

I would rather prefer for webms to take over. Lesser size than gifs, any framerate, better quality, possible sound.

Thickness isn't really the issue, your foot would shatter on contact with the cement, and it would push the rest of your at an angle... then the rest of your weight falling through the portal would drag your foot off the ledge into the portal. The next time around, you'd be tilted slightly, or you'd have glided a bit closer to the edge, so this time your forehead and knees would go. First shattering, then the weight of your butt would suck you through the hole again.

You see where this is headed.

Corridor is cool for their movies and such, but I love them as gamers and watching them play games on the Node channel with the whole gang and Brandon.

Not with that attitude they aren't. Make them circular. Cave Johnson out.

Portal Mirrors

Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica gives the following formula to calculate a sci-fi character's strength:

P_char = (# of hot aliens banged) x (# of Yvonne Strahovski banged)

The math is simple. Shepard is clearly the stronger sci-fi hero.

This is why we'd also need long fall boots like Chell had.

PM me ur Prime Ministers

How about instead of bickering let op know he did well, he gave both!

The gif is more of a preview, if you like what you saw, you will go into comments to find the video link, some one will post it. Here op did, well done sir!

Or perhaps worse, not dying immediately.

I always wondered, would the edge of the portal be sharp? Presumably it would be as thick as the portal, which is essentially two dimensional.

Nope. It's called something along the lines of portal funneling, although I can't remember where it is in the options. The console command for it is sv_player_funnel_into_portals, and is the only way to disable it in Portal 2


And /u/fivecentpsychiatrist who is trying to steal my bit...

My man!

just after HL3

A cake.

What a shame.

And go ahead and throw in that sex robot for my grandson.

But you can turn that off in the options. Do portal guns have a settings menu somewhere?

That's amazing, same price as boobies.

Personally I liked VGHS (first two seasons at least,) but I've lost interest in Freddie as well. Corridor surpassed him awhile ago in effects, and I always thought Sam and Niko had a better sense of humor.

fake and gay

fake. at the end he would have actually clicked the wrong button and splattered on the ground.

I lost interest in Freddie a few years back, I just couldn't get into VGHS

How long did it take you each time?

Oh god I wish

That was great and all, but... Shepard stronger than Master Chief? No way!


And? What if I'm listening to music already? I don't want Youtube interupting that. Doubly so with a fucking Ad playing.

It's funny because the entire video played at 480p, which is still higher quality than this gif, would almost certainly use less data than a gif of the same.

Edit: Keep downvoting in denial guys. :^)

I checked the file sizes, the gif is 65.39MB and the video itself in 720p is 44MB

Impressive CGI.


I had no idea what to expect.

Not at all disappointed.