[Portal] Congratulations, you played yourself

That's garry's mod . . .

They tried?

And failed.

I went from thinking this was Portal to Gary's Mod to GTA V all within a 6 second gif.

expected nothing more from a serial reposter

It's actually the new Marvel movie.

Anyone have a link to the portal gun mod? I remember looking for a portal mod and couldn't find one that actually made portals.

This is not portal Jesus christ

Isn't portal, and you didn't even use the meme correctly, what is this god damn amateur hour?

Ask and you shall recieve

OP reaches the front page by the hour.

I don't think he cares... or is actually posting.

Judging from his post history, I hope he's boting because he's posting DOZENS of pics/gifs every hour in the day time.

He must have a life and is boting somehow, for his sake. But then again, there is a period where he doesn't post anything, so it could be his nappy time before posting more stuff on Reddit for his daily routine.

They posted the same two posts.... five times each.

Note how the snow leopard gif was at 5 subreddits total, with one of them being /sub/rarepuppers. OP doesn't know their animal families. Edit: changed to be gender neutral ;) Edit 2.0: Either OP removed it from embarrassment or the mods of /sub/rarepuppers did because it didn't have a dog in it.

Avengers: Tony Offs Himself

$1 mil in unmarked bills in a bag, negative consequence free pls.

The beauty of gmod everyone

I mean, portal gun, city street location, iron man player, sniper, wasted. I don't think anyone is confused that this really is portal.

Could be heavily modded GTA V...

Oh wait

Not portal Not portal Not portal Not portal Not portal Not portal Not portal Not portal Not portal... Still not portal

Welcome to Reddit, where every hour is amateur our.

Can't be GTA V. Has mods.


Pretty sure that was the plot for Iron Man 2.

Wrong game tag

Congratulations, you played yourself


Post that made me join

"Adult life dae?!?!?"

I know you don't actually read comments on your botposts, but I just wanted to congratulate you on making the most cancerous /sub/gaming post of the hour.

How are you even supposed to play Garry's mod? Serious question. From what I gather it's similar to playing mine craft in the mode where everything is flat everywhere and there is nothing.

Edit: I don't understand why I'm being downvoted, I just want to know how to play Garry's mod.

Edit 2: thanks for all the replies everyone. Looks like I'll have to wait for a steam sale to bring it down. I'm on a lentils/beans/rice diet at the moment, so I can't spare video game money. I hope it'll be easy to find the good servers once I'm in game.

OOHHH serial reposter.

Im an idiot.

where every hour is amateur our.

Pfft, amateur.

I don't even know what game is this anymore, Grand Theft Iron Man Portal?

Looks like Garry's Mod with a Portal Gun to me.


For real tho?

No, not everything is flat from the beginning unless you pick that map. you can download some mods from the workshop (free, mind you) or go to the multiplayer servers and play some shitty RP.

So I just watched Iron Man open a Portal then shoot himself with a .50 Cal, while playing GTA, all in the Garry's Mod universe.

Umm the wasted sign is from GTA...

Look at OP's comments and posts. He's a bot. He posts constantly. I try to downvote him whenever I see a post from him. Bots are a cancer to Reddit.

Can't be GTA V. Too many mods.

That first one, I'm getting tired of seeing it. I see it more than the merchant fighting the dragon

Someone's thought out their genie wishes...

Don't bother. It's a bot, so even if you do get a response, it'll be the creator of /u/tkmj75 feigning ignorance and claiming they're totally innocent.

Too soon man.

Emphasis on shitty. I still don't know how I put hours and hours into those servers despite them generally being pretty awful.

There's no predesignated map you have to play on. Think of it as Half-Life, except you don't have to play as Gordon, you don't have to play in the story mode or in those maps (unless you want to; you can play any map you can get in there) and you can use whatever weapons a modder can conjure up to fight whatever a modder can conjure up with any character a modder can conjure up.

It's a multiplayer-based game where creative people create their own content for people to play together. It's a giant mod.

I think it used to be a Half-Life 2 mod that eventually became its own thing. Anyway, there are tons of game modes people have created, like The Hidden (where one character is the semi-invisible monster and everyone else is a soldier/guard/whatever hunting it down), Trouble in Terrorist Town (where one person or more is secretly the traitor who has to kill everyone else while the detective tries to find them) and then there's stuff like story modes/campaigns (custom-created stuff people can play cooperatively in).

Endless content so long as people keep creating for it.

Iron Man 2? I thought that was 3. Doesn't he kill off all of his suits at the end?

...or was that 2? Hell, I can't remember. Only one I really enjoyed was the first, sadly.

Counter Strike: Source for anyone wonder :3

Grand Iron Portal Mod

Let's find it. u/tkmj75 care to explain yourself? If not, there's always the Reddit court system. They love new cases, especially when someone claims a cake day.

It's portal Iron Man.

With JavaScript for the programing, right?

The first he saves his own life with the battery chest magnet thing. In the second the battery chest magnet is killing him so he changes it. The third he blows up all his suits and takes his battery chest magnet out to get the shrapnel away from his heart.

Also Don Cheadle isn't in the first Iron Man and that's a real shame because Don Cheadle is amazing.

I don't dislike Don Cheadle, but the actor change pissed me off. They always do it like we won't notice, even though we obviously will.

Hollywood politics ruins a lot of stuff in movies.

Anyhoo, thanks for the refresh.

Lmao "css"


/sub/rarepuppers does allow non dog posts

I don't think the bot works here, but it's been about one and a half hours, so I'm reminding you now.

Man, Gmod was one of my favorite games. Put over 2k hours into. Over 800 hours in just one server.

Steve Jobs

I don't know when you played or what servers you joined but dark RP used to be amazing. But I have no doubt the prevelance of shitty streamers has degraded the quality of rp over time.

What's the point of a Reddit bot like this? Farm karma, delete all posts and comments, sell the account? I don't get it, that's all I can think of

I mean, yes. But at least they are both using HL2 as a base... right? (Garry's Mod may be using CSS or something, don't quote me)


Only a million? Cute


saving for later thx

The armor, it does nothing.