Porsche Will Not Stand In The Way Of Hartley’s Potential F1 Debut

Porsche Will Not Stand In The Way Of Hartley’s Potential F1 Debut

Get comfortable enough in F1 and then have Porsche join with Mark Webber and Hartley as drivers. Porsche WDC 2021

I'd much rather Porsche came in as an engine manufacturer vs a full team. Williams-Porsche sounds so sexy...

He probably hasn't impressed Red Bull as much lately. Hartley has been performing very nicely these last few years.

Seeing how well they've done in WEC, and how well their road car went versus a very much hyped McLaren road car, I wouldn't be surprised if Porsche did come in and get to the top pretty quickly.

Would be a pretty shitty thing to do with them pulling out of WEC. His WEC career in LMP1 is essentially over with them quitting. Standing in the way now wouldn't look very good to the fans I would imagine

If they are looking outside, why not Felix da costa?

So freaking hot.

Respect to Porsche for having a such a good policy.

I think it's the 918 vs the P1

Yeah in the first couple of races I believe. He didn’t have any helmet without RB stickers on them.

As much as I'd love to see that, as a fan of Felix da Costa, I'm afraid his time is gone now. It was really unfortunate that Kvyat happened to him in 2014, but now he's been a bit out of the loop and no longer impressing as much as he was a couple of years ago. Yes, he still won Macau, but I'm afraid no one cares or pays attention to that anymore. Hartley has been on the spotlight recently.

Having said that, hope dies last and I'm still dreaming of a one off for Felix.

Really? Was sure I saw a Red Bull logo on his helmet in Formula E... eh, the more you know. Thanks :)

He must have lost his Red Bull backing fairly recently then?

Red Bull are certainly cut-throat. Vergne is a damn good driver; he could have done really well in F1 but it just wasn't his time. Same as Buemi really.

Every former Red Bull Junior receives some kind of support from Red Bull, I believe. Buemi, Vergne, and Hartley all do, and I'm fairly sure Da Costa does as well.

Well, da Costa was decent in both DTM and FormulaE, especially in the season 2, when he was doing wonders in a very unreliable car and crappy car.

isnt he with bmw now