Pornhub and Twitter ban AI-generated 'deepfakes' videos that put female celebrities' faces on adult actresses' bodies

Pornhub and Twitter ban AI-generated 'deepfakes' videos that put female celebrities' faces on adult actresses' bodies
Pornhub and Twitter ban AI-generated 'deepfakes' videos that put female celebrities' faces on adu...

The porn is creepy but the real world applications seem like they could be really sinister.

It isn't going away. On the bright side, I suppose once the tech takes off, celebrities can just shrug off any compromising material as fakes manufactured by pervs on the internet.

/sub/deepfakes just got banned by Reddit about an hour ago.

Yeah, but have you seen the SFW deepfakes? They can be funny af.

So can everyone else.

This may be the counter to every teenager having every piece of teenaged idiocy documented. When videos of anyone you'd like doing anything you'd like is only a quick video edit away, having video proof of anything is devalued.

Leaked sextape? Lets keep it

Fake videos using real faces? Oh shit thats way too horrible we dont want this shit here!

Admins re-wrote a rule to enforce the ban too

It's announced on the front page

Now. In 10 years that process will be simplified. In 20, almost anyone will be able to do it.

They even banned /sub/celebfakes (been up for 7 years) so this has more to do with bad exposure than actual concern

It’s sinister but not in the way you think. It’s not the beginning of an era of intense blackmail, it’s the death of blackmail itself. It’s the death of any controversy. You have instant deniability in whatever you do. I’m now more scared of that. It’s so seamless that if a real video of Ajit Pai signing the repeal of NN and laughing saying “holy shit I’m gonna be rich fuck the American public” came out he could just say “well it’s clearly a deepfake and uses a vocal impersonator.” Even if people prove its real it won’t matter. This is the beginning of an era of the complete erosion of accountability. I’m terrified of the potential.

I'm betting 5 years (maximum) before it's an app on your smartphone.

Unpopular opinion: I don't think that sub was actually that bad. There's so much bizarre shit online. Obviously shopped pics of wonderwoman masturbating are a silly place to draw the line.

I don't understand what this is. Can someone post several examples of Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams at least 2 minutes long and at most 2 and a half minutes long?

Looks like reddit killed the subreddit.

Ah, the top 2 reasons to use shiny new technology....for porn, and for the lulz.

only a quick video edit away

Nah, this isn't a quick process. Takes hours of AI training (per video) and also requires some pretty powerful equipment to do it. It's so much energy that's put into this that many people have begun trying to sell or take requests on the videos, and some are even trying to implement some kind of blockchain into the process.

Cant have the nobles of high society brought to the gutter with the rest of us.

So how is this any different than a realistic fake photoshop or, for that matter, erotic fanfiction?

Both examples I just listed are sexualizing actors or actresses without their permission. Is it just that deepfakes are "too real?"

Yeah guys that video of me sticking my dick in melted candle wax is totally fake stupid deep state AI bullshit

I can't wait for the Captain Disillusion episodes.

Looks like reddit killed the subreddit.

Yup - /sub/deepfakes was banned about 30 minutes from the time of this comment (or about 30 minutes after this article was posted here on /sub/news).

I'm so glad I backed up all my fake Phyllis Diller porn before this rule was enacted!


Secondary use being to put Nicholas cage into every film possible as every character

I think it got banned because someone pointed it out to admins in the announcement thread saying "ok well then why don't you ban this". So they did.

Admins re-wrote a rule to enforce the ban too

Which they are perfectly allowed to do, even though some people won't like it.

Yep, the actually process will become pretty easy pretty quickly.

However, there's no way around the process needing a lot of source photos to work from. The people doing convincing work are using thousands of photos to 'train' the software. Even as the tech improves, you're still likely to need hundreds of photos.

So kill your social media and don't have dozens of photos of yourself online, and no one can do this to you.

Or even better, flood the online world with images of yourself so you can commit crimes on camera and have a great alibi!

It was a sub about a program that used AI to project any face onto another face... And of course because it's the internet, it's main use was porn...


They can't make money off of fakes.

Reddit is being a hypocrite. There are thousands of subreddits where college guys and girls around the world are bullied and photoshopped in porn images. They didn’t ban those and probably are not going to ban also. But when it comes to celebs, they acted so swiftly.

Wait why is this a bad thing? Especially when they’re literally called “fakes” by the people who make them?

Edit: I maybe figured it out. PornHub is worried that <actress> would get litigious and sue for damaging her brand. <Actress> can say she should have control of her image.

It’s like how Disney had to get permission to put CGI Peter Cushing in Rogue One.

Forest Gump had footage of JFK talking about pee. That was 20 fucking years ago. I'm surprised there hasn't been more fake footage of politicians.

Admins are, of course, free to run their website the way they see fit. However, they have a habit of removing shitty subreddits (and crucially, they only remove shitty subreddits once they bring enough bad PR to reddit), then changing the rules afterwards to justify it. They did this with jailbait, they did this with fatpeoplehate, they did it with thefappening, and now they did it with deepfakes. I'm not trying to defend the subreddits by any means, but it's a clear pattern and it's hard to assume good faith when they keep doing it that way.

What makes it worse is their inability to unilaterally enforce the rules they've already made. /sub/coontown was banned for being racist, /sub/greatapes was banned for being racist, /sub/conspiracy and /sub/the_donald are not. They've banned subreddits for organizing brigades yet /sub/bestof, /sub/subredditdrama, and /sub/shitredditsays remain. Vote manipulation is met with a site-wide ban but /sub/freekarma and /sub/circlejerk are allowed. Why? Because admins don't care about their own rules, and that's the real reason people have a problem with that sort of behavior.

No difference, in fact a lot of fakes before this where just that edits done frame by frame, now it just faster and much easier.

because banning things has totally worked in the past in all of human history.

Are you one of those dudes who spends an hour+ wacking it?

To be honest that seems much more strange to me than a dude wanting to see a super hot porn so he can be done quickly and get back to what he was doing earlier.

To get smug over another mans masturbation times.....that's fucking weird.

Yet /sub/deepcage is still around. Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

Jokes on you. That really was Phyllis Diller.

Oh, my God, that's disgusting! Naked pics online? Where? Where did he post those?

Are you one of those dudes who spends an hour+ wacking it?

Only because it takes FOREVER to find a good fucking video

Reminder reddit has a very active community completely based around watching and sharing real gore and violence, yet fake celebrity porn is what apparently what crosses the line in morality.

Isn't this some kind of Streisand Effect? I barely knew or cared about deepfakes other than the Nic Cage/Captian Picard one, but now I've heard about its "controversy" every day this week.

Now I'm curious how convincing DF porn actually is and how much of it is out there.

People can still tell when a picture has been photoshopped some 20 years later, I don't think I understand how this technology will really be much different. Stupid people will always be fooled by something.

EDIT: just looked some videos up on PornHub. They aren't any more convincing than a Photoshop from 2010. I don't think I can get behind all the fearmongering. Maybe a major government can make a legit fake but the porn has a LONG way to go.

Well thank God you still get to masturbate

reddit seems to take such a high moral high grounds these days.. as if their past seedy porn subs never existed

I don't think that's the goal. The genie is out of the bottle and he's not going back in, and that may not even be a bad thing, but that doesn't mean that Pornhub and Twitter (or reddit, as it seems they banned most of the subs that were sharing this stuff) want to support it, or should.

Why does this seem to be a controversial opinion? We don't have a bill of rights, this isn't a democracy. Admins can change rules and ban who they see fit. It's their website, we just use it.

Pretty fucking much.

The fappening? Yeah boi.

Fake celebrity nudes? Nah.

So what's the goddamn difference between using deepfake and photoshop? I think it's so fucking stupid they banned the subreddit relating to the technology but keep photoshop around. They're just the tool.

Was that just a sub reddit that put people's heads on different bodies?

Laziest admins.

Agreed. Sure, it's a bit weird, but as far as fucked up things go... C'mon, banning that? They've got people vocally advocating armed revolution, saying (literally and unironically) that men are less than human, arguing that women aren't capable of controlling themselves, and any number of worse things. Morally, making fakes of some pretty woman to jack off to is...pretty clean, by comparison. I'd rather someone do that than anything else I mentioned.

There was a guy who re-did the young princess Leia scene in rogue one far better than the movie pulled it off. So the tech might be being push by perversion but the legit real world application for it are huge.

I didn't know what this was until it was banned.

Now its my go to spank material, for now.

No need to paint them as fucking goblins. People wanna jerk it and celebrities are naturally set to be societal ideals, means a lot of people have fantasies about them.

But there’s no reason for you be dropping shit like incel creeps for some guys (or girls) because they can super impose a face onto tits

Jerking to Terry Crews' face on Shane Diesel's bod isn't for the lulz?

I agree, though I wouldn't say it's the beginning of an era, but the end of one. The end of an era where video evidence can be accepted full stock as proof that something happened without further scruitney.

Right now I like to think the typical person understands that a single image can be faked with stunning accuracy; however they accept the complexity behind faking a moving image enough that it's generally infeasible. At least something like faking a movie of them robbing a store or sexually assaulting someone.

Very soon anybody will be able to make a "deepfake" of anybody doing any kind of crime. As you put it this quickly unravels any kind of trust that anybody has from "video evidence".

Great that they're taking a stand but it's not going to stop or slow any of this down.

Because the media attention isn't on non-celebs. Reddit only takes action if the world is watching and judging.

Wouldn't want to devalue those brands without payment, would we? /s

How long until Reddit bans the sub?

Funny enough, it's Reddit that would typically embrace the technology.

EDIT: Looks like the main sub has been banned.

Part of me hopes this takes off and becomes the new kind of porn rick roll, like you click a video and then the girl turns around and has nic cage face or something

Because this is America damn it and we don't like sex here!

So that post where the girl got her prom date changed to Channing Tatum should be removed?

I'm not worried about celebs, I'm more concerned about people using this tech on regular people to incriminate, blackmail, or otherwise basically just fuck up their lives.

Interesting that an entire form of art can be driven underground so fast. They still don’t care about regular photoshops, this is just a more advanced form. They should go whole hog and ban all digital media manipulation, up to and including text.

What about your own face on porn star bodies? I think that could be a huge market (for me at least lol).

But why are they drawing the line at porn? Photoshopping porn is no different legally than photoshopping anything else.

Yeah, I understand it, but I don't like it. But then, I think Reddit should be entirely content neutral. If it's not illegal for them to link to it, they should allow it, IMO. Pornhub and Twitter though, entirely different situation, they never pretended to be about free speech, etc.

Only took you 9 minutes to find a good one to rub it out to, eh?

Pornhub reaffirms its the most overrated porn site in the world.

It's new, give it five years and it will be near indistinguishable from real video.

what, you don't want 20 varieties of doing your step sister or step mom?

Honestly though, all the step stuff is pretty creepy.

They still don’t care about regular photoshops

Reddit has just added new rules to its content policy and now /sub/celebfakes which had been around for y e a r s is now banned as well.

Thats all it takes, eh?

Honestly though, all the step stuff is pretty creepy.

You're on the internet my dude. You haven't even scraped the top layer of the real fuckin creepy stuff.

For a video, it's going to be decades before the artifacts can be completely removed. Photos are still fairly easily identified as altered with a couple of algorithms. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time. Also, I'm a forensics expert.

Or just don't worry about it and live your life.

He's just hit the gold mine, this tech will keep bread on his table for the forseeable future.

This is one of those headlines that makes you take a step back and reflect on the progress we've made as a species.

This is a thing that happens now. What a time.

Digital forensics can easily discredit or prove true natural sound waves and real images/video

Everyone said this about Photoshop, but we as a society have already got a good grip on that.

Yeah, but none of that stuff has generated reddit bad publicity (yet), so why should the admins care?

If you think reddit admins did this on any kind of moral grounds vs publicity/ad revenue reasons, you're sorely mistaken.

Which they are perfectly allowed to do

you have too much respect for property ownership.

Considering you can still find pics from the fappening on PornHub I'm gonna go ahead and say this isn't a moral concern.

Do we? How many times have you been fooled but not known it because the Photoshop was good and not enough people scrutinized it call it out?

"Photoshopping" hasn't even been around that long and the tech is only getting better and easier.


Not at all. Just a Luddite reaction to a disruptive technology.

Siri, please put my wife's face on Selma Hayek's body.

I think that's basically what people are suggesting. Which would be typical for technological advancements: Until porn does it, no one really cares. See the VHS vs Betamax war of the 80s (porn chose VHS, VHS won), or any of the various modern digital video format wars. Porn chose the winners in most all of them. Porn chose the winner in the online payment war.

It's just porn all the way down.

once this becomes more mainstream, it'll close off video as an avenue for blackmail since you'll be like, that's not me, that's a deepfake

I know right. One I watch to masturbate, the other for the superior acting.

There's just so many subs out there! Which ones! Which ones are you talking about!

I can see it now. In 2025, Nicholas Cage will be the highest rated porn star on pornhub!

They probably use gaming chairs.

Fooled or not wasn't what I was referring to, but how we as a society have handled the fact that it even exists. People with common sense have learned to not always trust images that may or may not seem fishy, and given that a) everyone panicked about photoshop the same way we're panicking about deepfakes, and b) our society hasn't crumbled due to photoshop, I think we're gonna survive just fine when it comes to this sort of photoshop-for-videos.

Sure, there will be people fooled but not know it because the fake was good enough. Sure, the tech is getting better and easier. But also, we've been through this before, and we're fine.

or celebs could take legal action.

What subs are you talking about

I don't think they care about stopping it, they just (rightfully so) don't want to be associated with it.

20 years?! Dude almost everyone can already do it, you just need a decent GPU. In 20 years the fakes will indistinguishable morelike.

For now, sure.

This is good for deepfakes.