Populating a lake with fish from a plane

Fish are notorious adrenaline junkies

You just know that somewhere there's a video of them messing up the release and fish-carpet bombing someone's cabin.


Some of them even jump without a parachute

So I tip a goldfish in a tank too quickly and apparently that fucking kills it, but this, this is fine.

Fish survival has a negative correlation with how much you care about it.

I didnt see a single one pull their cord... badass.

"messing up"

I feel bad for every fish in general, they will likely never know what it was like to play Ocarina of Time all the way through.

Though it looks like a harrowing drop, Hallows says that most of the fish do in fact reach the water safely."


"stocking remote lakes used to take months of walking in with milk cans full of fish, but now it only takes a few hours. Planes dip to about 150 feet above the lakes before releasing their cargo. Though it looks like a harrowing drop, Hallows says that most of the fish do in fact reach the water safely."

Source: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5574768

No badbass.

"Here fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy!"

Ten seconds later.

"Holy fucking shit it worked!"

I imagine it being a part of a series of escalating pranks between two rich neighbors. And the fish prank was nothing compared to the tiger prank.


The "bass was dropped" I guess

Too bad there wasn't someone out there on boat.

I feel bad for the last fishy, I dunno why, just do..

"Always gently return any fish to the water. Don't throw or toss them because the impact can kill them." - My dad. "FUCK IT drop 'em from a plane!" - Maine Forest Service

This is the most satisfying explanation I have read so far.

Trout, like these seen in the video are much hardier than people give them credit for.

I don't support people dragging them along the shore in order to land them, but some people really go out of the way to "protect" a trout they have caught and it really isn't needed to that degree.

In order to reduce stress on fish during transport, several states stock fish via aircraft. The act of stocking fish is one of the most stressful times in a hatchery raised fish's life. You must consider that while being shipped in the distribution trucks, the fish is not receiving fresh water. Oxygen is normally added, and surface aeration is occurring, but the distribution tank is not an ideal place for fish to spend a long period of time.

It is encouraged by most state fish agency's when stocking fish to throw the fish and water into the receiving water, rather than slowly pour the contents of the bucket into the water. The impact of hitting the water "awakens" the fish. Rainbow trout will often lay on the bottom on their sides if they are slowly poured into the water.

I can assure you that fish stocked via aircraft have a high survival rate.

Source: raise fish for a living.

Carp-et bombing


when possible, they actually land on the water and drop the fish in slowly

Hmm...I just checked one of the links from the article, and basically it says only "using a plane stresses the fish less" [than hiking them in via backpack].

So it may be that this is simply the most efficient method available.

I remember a long time ago studying this a bit and it was supposedly just common knowledge that shock of dropping fish from a great height somehow helped with their acclimation. Agencies would stock ponds via truck, dropping lots of fish from a bridge or of course via air.

Frankly that always sounded like bullshit to me. I've kept fish in aquariums and gone fishing since a child, fish can be pretty damned sensitive and I'm positive a 100-mph whack into the water at the right angle would kill some fish. Especially when you combine that with the change in temperature, pH, and other water conditions.

I think it would be better to simply say this is the more efficient way of stocking a lake.

EDIT: Watching the source video it looks like , maybe because they know this is better for the fish Or maybe it is for a more sensitive species? I would guess that on smaller lakes they have to drop the fish without landing.

Dropping the bass

(edit: aw, shit. i got gilded for this and i wasnt even the first one with this response.. thank you anyway, kind stranger)

Tiger Carpet Bombing new band name I call it.


But one thing is for certain, and thats the fish died a very painful death in absolute terror, alone in some sadistic childs prison

It seems so forceful... like they got fucking ejected out, can't imagine that blunt force landing is fun...

Shit, man, we do the same thing for people but we give them parachutes, and still the best you can do is "most".

Carp-et bombing.

I would feel bad for any fish still stuck in there...

I like how the writing and logo are meant to be seen as the container is upside down.

Thanks for that, Claptrap.


I think that their terminal velocity is very low since they are so light and it doesn't really affect them more than just a big wtf.

Yeah. As a kid we once put my dad's fish into a different tank with different water temperature too fast and it went immediately bonkers and died right in front of us, and traumatized young me.

Like 90% of those fish smacked the water sideways.

I imagine a Chihuahua made out of bread would be quite tasty.

I'm the best fisherman alive I didn't even use my pole today

It was trouttastic


The water might've been too hot and cooked him alive. It might've had really low oxygen levels and suffocated. It might've had way too much ammonia or chlorine and poisoned it. Most inexperienced people overlook these important parameters, although not usually to that extreme..

What a piece of carp!

It's amazing how that skrillex song played in my head as a result of reading that.

He's fly fishing

Honey! Did we order fresh fish?


Well, we got fresh fish.


The roof, yes.

holy shit this explains so much

It's because fish work sort of like cats. If you drop them from high enough height they will instinctively do a perfect nose dive into the water and be perfectly fine.

The impact doesn't kill them?

Atleast we know they'd all land on their feet

Well that was 30 mins of my life well spent.

Edit: not sure why that got down voted, I was being sincere

These are some crappie puns.

Walleye'd be damned, these are some great puns.

Well, the fun thing about momentum is that it's based on mass.

Cats can fall at terminal velocity and land unharmed, as long as they land on their feet.

Those fish wouldn't hit the water nearly as "hard" as a bigger animal.

Goldfish are inbred little delicate flowers. It's like comparing an pure-bread Chihuahua to a wild wolf.

"Ejecto seato Cuz!!" - pilot (probably)


On the flip side, my cousin won a goldfish at a fair and didn't care about it one way or the other. They threw it in a 50 gallon tank alone because that's what they had. The thing grew and grew and grew until it was about the size of my hand (I'm an average-sized adult female). It lived for YEARS in several different houses. It lived so damn long, everybody started to actually care about the thing. Then it promptly died.

I'm actually quite depressed! :D

ironically, it's because the fish get stuck in the water temple.

edit: reading further, I see that my amazing joke is not as original as I thought.

Farmer's wife: "You spent our entire life savings on a fish farm but didn't buy a single fish!? Fish aren't just going to fall out of the sky!"


Farmer's wife: "You spent our entire life savings on a fish farm but didn't buy a single fish!? Fish aren't just going to fall out of the sky!"

All the way through

Fish: Dum dee dum... whaaaaaaasderuohyartpjwgbbmszzflrppzz-SPLASH!! ... wHaT thE fuCk???

Just so we're clear, this is NOT a silver lining!

My dad tells me he was on a canoe trip one time when they got carp-et bombed. They were way too small to keep so they had to frantically scoop them out of the canoes.

I slappa da bass

He was playing koi

A plane like that isn't going 150. More like 70mph. Terminal velocity for a 6inch fish is also very slow, in the range of 35-40mph. So survivability into water would be very high for those fish.

Source: somebody actually tested this in the 70's. 98% survival rate up to nearly 100mph

They want you to know exactly who is most involved with carpet bombing fish

Ah, the good old Square-cube law. It's more than just momentum, but that surface area changes with the square of radius while volume (and therefore mass through density) changes with the cube, so the larger something is the larger its mass to surface area ratio, and the larger it's terminal velocity.

Oh cool! Back in water. Dum de dum.

Some stoned guy on the ground is freakin the fuck out.

Go to bed, dad.



Shit. They sent the wrong bunch of fish. They just populated the lake with the defective ones.

tasty chihuahua bread

Goldfish. Pure goldfish.

When I first read your sentence, I thought that you were saying that somehow the fish were going to know the temp, ph levels, etc. I was wondering how these fish were going to test the water during their fall. Smart fish.

On the third read I finally understood. Too bad: I liked the flying science fish theorem.


Then it promptly died.

This is why I'll never love again

"Beautiful big titted bitches don't fall from the sky every day ya know!"

Statistics show that 60% of fish that go skydiving don't even make it to the ground

I think at the end I saw one of the little dudes land on a tree.

*Benny Benassi song, remixed by Skrillex.

It's the historic story of the Fish Allies fighting the Fish Nazi's in Lake Normandy

Damn thats pretty darn impressive. Nice comment. Could be all bulshit because i know fuck all about the terminal velocity of a trout but it sounds legit and i'm impressed.

I'm just impressed that you didn't make a CARPet bombing pun.



Wow. It's painful to watch you all flounder like this.

It is for the tigers....

Name checks out.

Cod it out already!

Wow I thought /u/kmsilent was just an author of some beautiful satire, but no, apparently shock dropping fish is a thing.

You are correct, FARTBOX_DESTROYER.

I'm surprised the drop doesn't affect the fish more but the scientists dropping said fish will most likely know the ph levels, temp and other water conditions before dropping them so the fish will be able to asses their data and they can adapt accordingly.

Edit: Wording. Thanks u/foospork for the correction. Indeed they are smart fish.

Sink or Swim bitches.

It's a float plane....designed to LAND on water....but this guy couldn't even be bothered to slow down a little!! ...must be Friday.

Currently playing Ocarina of Time again for first time in 10+ years at least. Am glad am not fish.

That's a crappie pun.


Emulators are a thing


Maybe the lake was too small to land and take off, because they also do it by landing as seen

We have trout in Maine?

Aren't you a little young to be dropping fish out of the sky?


Holy shit that was perfect.

Waiting patiently for the adjusted GIF featuring a dropped load of downvotes.

No slapass.

Well it didn't flounder.

If they're trying to repopulate the lake, maybe the fish are spawning and when they hit the water fish eggs and seed explode everywhere

I think they're trying just for the halibut.

Nirvana says it's ok, so it's ok.

Yeah, because it ended up in the fucking woods.