Popped up on my Facebook memories today. I was 15 here

Popped up on my Facebook memories today. I was 15 here

I'm thankful for Facebook memories because they allow me to delete all the dumb stuff I said when I was a teenager.

"the American race"

That's exactly what I did

I am so ashamed

I cringed so fucking hard. It cut my breath for a moment.

When you turn 18 you delete your account and re-do it lol

I almost screamed when I saw it. I couldn't believe I said something so cringe

But what about all my internet points?!

You don't have internet points on Facebook, the only thing that counts is how many friends you have.

What really makes it terrible is that you quoted yourself. It's like a punch in the guts.

I'm Michael Scott

Well I feel you've moved on and realized your past mistakes. Good on ya

You’ve grown if you can laugh at yourself and even share your former stupidity now.

Wrong subreddit


Thank you 🙏

I showed it to my boyfriend when I saw it this morning and he won't ever let me live this down

I'm shit outta luck then.

Not to nitpick your deep sentiment, but we don't share water anyway. People have most definitely died over water rights. It's okay, though. Still very deep. Like water! BOOM

-Stan Smith

True, but then you have to re-add all your friends later.

Go stalk through his old teenage posts. Surely there's something juicy in there.

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you dont take- Wayne Gretzky" - Micheal Scott

He deleted his old Facebook 😭

Now we have to ban OP.

We share the moon

No we don't the Moon is for Americans only. Can't you see the flag?

Definitely took a bullet for the team there

That sounds 100 percent not easier. Deactivating your account is a couple clicks

pls no

I might as well delete my account on Facebook to make sure that my stupid from the past cannot haunt me in the future.

I didn't delete my account.

I manually went through and deleted everything I had ever posted up until 3 years ago. Much easier!

Totally would if I could add my dead dad as a friend on my new account. :(

Does that make me number 1 then?