Poor 16 Year old :(

Poor 16 Year old :(

40 is the new 16.

"35 year old men" is the new "women and children fleeing."

There is no way in the world this guy is 16 he looks 12 to me

16 YO King Ethiopian

I'm sad... for the native French citizens living in Calais.

What’s the endgame here. Is it to push the Overton window so far that the populous will believe anything? Or is it to push the populous so far that they won’t believe anything?

Oh wonderful! Now he can compete in the 12 and under sports

Al Jazeera can't stop. Arab networks should be banned in western countries.

That dude looks like he’s 46

Shit holes do that to ya.

He is at least 19. I know that seems young, but being from a shithole will age a dude.


Looks like a fucking demon from the 6th century

Didn't the children refugees burn the camp themselves? Go back to wherever you are from and work to make it better!

Go fix your own shithole and stop whining!

IQ? Maaaaaybe.

Everyone here understands how lucky we are. Everyone wishes we could help more, that the world was a much better place for all, that we lived in perpetual peace and bad things didn't happen.

So obvious it doesn't need to be said. That's liberal-esque thinking that one must state the obvious. Must I really state that I know how lucky I am? That I wish people who have it bad around the world lived much better? That I'm not racist? Not sexists? Etc, etc.

Of course it's a serious issue but ya know what, I'd say this "shithole" controversy has a much better chance to bring positive change than if it didn't happen. How many more decades do we need to realize AID does not work, it hurts actually. We can't save the world and if they want real lasting change for the better (unlike our AID has helped provide) they'll have to do it themselves. Shame can also be a major motivator.

I bet that poor teenagers grandchildren are very worried in whatever shithole country that he left them in.


Maybe there is no endgame and it's not end-justifies-the-means but rather means-justify-the-ends

Not tears. Rape sweat.

How's Sweden this time of year?

7th century surely?

Agree. I see a lot of naive people talking about this shithole subject, and sort of making the argument on my end worse by not realizing how lucky we are to not have to live the way they have to, and acting very whoopty foo about it. It's a serious issue actually.

Are we splitting centuries here?

Not just the men but the women and children too!

Looks like he’s been in prison for 25 years and they released him to Europe.

Work? what's that?!

His parents grounded him.


Lynch them if they don't leave