Poor guy?

Poor guy?

If each of those men has a six inch penis, that's 459.5 feet of dick. If each requires 100 3-inch thrusts to get off, then there's 45,949 feet of thrusting, plus 459.5 feet of initial insertions and final removals, for a total of 46,868 feet of total motion. In other words her pussy saw 8.88 miles of action—4.44 miles in and 4.44 miles out. Translated into vertical motion this is ratcheting her pussy from sea level to the top of Nepal's Mt Nemjung and back down again, in under 12 hours.

Assuming a teaspoon of ejaculate per "completion", thats 4.79 quarts of semen containing 68 billion individual sperm cells. Laid end to end they would go to the moon and back 4.7 times.

You're right—math is fun. I'm almost positive I got some of the numbers wrong.

Weird and disappointing is the name of my autobiography

...at which point they left the porn industry, moved into her vagina, and have been living happily ever after.

I love that you took a measurement of 'just under 12 hours' and decided that you could turn that into a 15 significant figure measurement.


linkety link link. I warn you, its weird and disappointing

Edit: yall mothafuckas need jesus

Is that numberwang?

If he is into sharing, it is probably win-win. These 912 guys were getting the wife AND the husband off.

Damn.. That is a lot of dick.

If i remember correctly it was one at a time. But you could just watch the video.. Puss was blue at the end.

Lisa Sparks' husband AMA request!

How did you feel when your wife was banged by 919 dudes in 12 hours?

919 guys in the same place at once? I could barely get 40 people together to raid in WoW....

so... you, uh... got a link?

There's a book by Chuck Palahniuk called Snuff about a girl trying to break this record. Not his best, but I thought it had some funny parts. Really captures what something like this would've been like. The dudes just waiting around in some coconut oil smelling lobby, possibly catered, for their turn to plow into an ambitious girl's bruised peach.

That is definitely numberwang.

This is usually the case. There was a popular 90's/2000's porn star and her husband was in a rock band (I can't remember either of their names ATM). He met her, knowing she did porn, and married her. He even directs some of her scenes. Usually, porn is just business. A fun business, but at the end of the day, it's a job and nothing more.

Plus, after her love glove is all banged out by a thousand dudes, he gets to play a rousing game of Ass Blasters when they get home.

In these record setting gangbangs, the dudes don't go until they cum. They usually get a few seconds of pump time then move along for another guy's turn.

Thanks, I get that a lot (not really)

It's also what my parents call me.

Sloppy 919ths?

Well obviously you weren't offering sex.

Batman now uses it as his secret cave

average guy in that record attempt lasted 47.0076169749728 seconds

Evan Seinfeld and Tera Patrick.

My vagina hurts just thinking about that. Ouch!

Don't be modest, I'm sure you get your fair share.

Imagine being number 920 in line. She takes one look at you, "nope, I'm done".


This is my kind of thread.

She's personally responsible for the loss of at least a gallon of cum when I was a teenager.

That one weekend.

Plot twist: The first one had AIDS

How do you lose that much dick?

Eventually a puff of white dust came out and my dick coughed like an old smoker.

I would not, could not. I wouldn't bang her on a boat, I wouldn't bang her in a moat, I would not bang in Batman's lair, I would not touch that derriere.

You don't know that..

"I didn't feel anything"

"I didn't feel "



She sucked

In a row?

That's them!

Ah, Tera. She's personally responsible for the loss of at least a gallon of cum when I was a teenager.

Mine too, and I don't even have one.

i love that too!

Try not to suck any dicks on your way to the parking lot!

It's amazing. Whoever gave this guy gold is a true hero. I don't know why, but gilding dumb comments is hilarious to me.

She doesn't look like that anymore.

She's gone from average to plump to BBW.

Someone thinks your comment is dumb.

Edit: Oh no :(

Torn up nine hundred twentieths.

More like opening a window and fucking the night.

I thought you said they don't give them time to cum?


that's 459.5 feet of dick

I lost it

All I got was a little flag that said "bang".

So that's what ratchet pussy is.

You need to curb your enthusiasm.

Fellow porn enthusiast here, can confirm. 2 minutes is a common time limit per guy.

Her love pouch must be like leather after that marathon!

kind of an understatement

not even with a 10 ft (dick) pole


She lives in our town. Saw her on our Midday news show talking about a soccer camp or something. Then someone told me who she was, and about her "world record." So weird on so many levels...

"I'm jamican would like fuck u give me call 876 891 3839"

no, its a chick getting banged

Do your own sciencing, I refuse to go back into that video. That was a very dark time in my life and I am trying to change for the better.


Yeah, they use "have sex" to literally just mean pumping their penis once or twice and moving on. So at 77 men an hour each one could still take 46 seconds each.

Her vagina is an actual 8 Mile Rd. Now I understand what Eminem went through.

Doesn't seen so secret

Not even with your dick Not even with a stolen dick

In her vagina apparently.

I may be thinking of someone else, but I believe she was offered something like $12,000 to do this and was just never given that money. To me, that's the really fucked up part of this story.

Edit: yep, wrong porn-star


This surprises you?

I'm in a polyamorous marriage with a woman I've been with for 10 years. We're both light swingers, and we are sometimes promiscuous.

I honestly don't care how many lovers she's had, or will have, at any given moment. We keep it safe, and if she wants to take 5 dicks in a night, so be it, as long as she keeps it safe and comes back to me.

But I had to think about this one. Would I feel differently if she had >900 lovers in a day? I dunno. I can't totally say I'd be okay with that, and I can't entirely figure out why 5 is fine, in my head, but 900 weirds me out.

Hey! Hey you! Come back here!

How does this get gold

I imagine that the fluffers do the majority of the work and that it all required very good... um, timing, I guess. I'm sure you know this isn't lovemaking, but this isn't sex, either. The point of the production is to meet the set requirements and reach a goal.

You can think of it like being President of the US. The job really is too big for one person to do alone, so he's surrounded by people that have a vision, people that consider whether it can be done, people that plan how it should be done, and people that take it all the way until it's juuuust about done. Then, with something as simple as a signature, the President, the star, executes all that work that other people put into it.

tl;dr If he cums; it counts.

As far as the loose vagina hot dog hallway remarks, think about a woman having sex with 919 men once each at 2 min per vs another woman having sex with the same man 130 times for like 15 min each. Pretty much the same. Sure it's gross to some, but the 'loose vagina' because of it doesn't even make sense.

She did an AMA. Now she is a BBW porn actress. I remember a post once on TIL and there were links showing where she started and where she ended up.

so what you are saying is that all 918 guys had their dicks in her at the same time? That's amazing.

Can't find batman though.

Was that a faceoff?

I warn you, its weird and disappointing

Do you forget what website you're on?

Would you could you in a cot, could you would you fill that twat?

I could not, would not in a tank. I could not, would not bang that skank.

She looks like Phyllis from The Office.

Not flattering...

She looks like Phyllis from The Office.

I think that even with 5 guys you can do it in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

With 900 you're literally just opening your vag for every dude on the street who happens to be walking past at that time. But then again, doing it for money for porn is a different thing again, because all of them would be tested and tagged and vetted by an agent.

I guess it all depends if you think that someone can own another person's body even a little bit.

(I can't remember either of their names ATM).

Porn thread, immediately mentally translated this to ass-to-mouth.

somebody doesn't understand sig figs

She actually is from my home town, Bowling Green, KY. From what I understand, he's completely cool with it, they're in a polyamorous relationship.

Different strokes, as they say.

Not a poor guy. They know exactly what they are doing in their relationship. Notice how it says "Happily married"?

He has all the popular STDs.

You are thinking of Annabel Chong

"So what do you do for a living? People wanna fuck me"

It's because of this research project I'm doing.

i might touch myself

If every guy went to completion, that works out, using an average ejaculate volume of 2.75ml, to over 2.5 liters of jizz expended.

did you pay for yours?

I would like an AMA by a guy that was there. Was it odd jacking off and fluffing in front of other guys? Did people prematurely jizz? How many finished inside her vs. did a few pumps and then the guy said next? Did they test for STI's?

Even if they were gentle, that's a lot of friction for 12 hours. I myself start to feel sore after 45min-1hr of slow sex. I just..can't even imagine.

He was offering sex with someone who plays WoW.....

I thought it was prettay prettay hot!