Poly Bridge - Patch 1.1 - Control Scheme Update

Poly Bridge - Patch 1.1 - Control Scheme Update

Hi, as some of you may know I recently ran an AMA (https://www.reddit.com/sub/NintendoSwitch/comments/7ju7xs/we_are_dry_cactus_makers_of_poly_bridge...) shortly followed by a feedback request on how to improve the control scheme (https://www.reddit.com/sub/NintendoSwitch/comments/7kvtz1/a_developers_question_what_should_we_do...).

I have since updated the control scheme and the patch was approved and released by Nintendo this morning.

The gyroscope pointer implementation has been completely removed, the game can now be played with either:

Dual Joy-cons using the thumbsticks (either attached or detached) Pro Controller Touchscreen

Players are able to switch seamlessly between using the touchscreen and the thumb-sticks.

I hope this update will improve your playing experience with the Nintendo Switch edition of Poly Bridge, if you have any feedback or questions please fire away!

Thanks, Patrick

On behalf of everyone here I'm sure.

Really appreciate all the work gone into this.

That sounds brilliant, can't wait to try it out!

Edit**: Been playing with the new controls and its great in my personal experience! Using the cursor seems way more precise and especially with my shaky hands it seemed very easy to put the bridge where I wanted it to go.

Once again, thanks!

I am so so impressed to see such dedication after launch by an indie Dev.

The work that had gone into the original control scheme was clearly huge, but to overhaul it and with such great communication is enough to win me over.

I had not purchased the game. I had not previously considered buying the game. After seeing this, I will buy the game.

It was "ok", however due to the game's strong need for high precision pointing, and the switch's gyro tendency to drift, it didn't make for a good experience

I am just getting interested in these types of games as I really like puzzle style games and the artwork and music are fantastic. Didn't realize that this game was available on the Switch. I think you have a new customer if I can afford it. Just had some news about an upcoming upgrade in my family so I need to save my money. Hope this game is successful for you folks.

I really wanted this game but I heard there were some control issues. Now that you've fixed it, I'll be buying the game today!

Thanks for updating so quickly!

Thanks for the edit, I have been on the fence since I read about the controls so is good to know is fix. Buying it.

I've been waiting for this update to purchase! Picking it up now to play at home, thanks for all the hard work!

For anyone that was holding back on getting this game because someone mentioned the control issues, now is the time to get it.

It's a great game, looks amazing and it's very satisfying to play. The only drawback was gyro-aiming, and now that's completely fixed.

Thanks for the effort, Patrick!