Poll: Trump's approval rating drops to 36%

Poll: Trump's approval rating drops to 36%
Poll: Trump's approval rating drops to 36%

It still needs to go lower. It needs to be lower than Ebola.

As long as it is higher than the rating for congress (20%), it is still too high.

Yeah, I'm a conservative who will probably be voting straight Democrat for the foreseeable future.

Reasonably well intended people that I kind of disagree with about most things > Russian agents, not to mention essentially any GOP official I am aware of

But I think most people forget that it seems very likely that some moderate Republicans are leaving the party. I've seen many people write that they have lost faith in the party's ability to unite and actually lead this country.

How many freaking times has it dropped to 36%??

Congrats DT! No other president in the last 70 years has fallen as far as you.

Nixon basically planted a time bomb in the party with the Southern Strategy. If more effort were placed on dragging the worst elements of the party kicking and screaming into the present they could have fixed it and just been a regular conservative party, but instead they just kept pandering to the base, letting the party slide further and further away from reality...

I'm an indecent because I'm pretty across the board on issues but I just feel like I have to vote democrat if I don't want tje country destroyed. What happened to the Republican Party. Good lord.

That's 40%, according to Trump.

I wonder if he'll be rounding when we get to 34%.

It's not really even that. The intellectual republican class, the leadership and strategists and think tank groups, pacs and big donors, they've had the same motivations, they want to cut government spending on social programs to pay for cuts and kickbacks for themselves--that's the scheme. Small government is good for them because they can take the money the government would be spending and put it back into their own pockets. Defense spending is good not because security is important but because that money gets to go to defense contractors and ultimately people like Dick Cheney--you also get to say that you're big on security and support the troops. Welfare programs aren't bad because they're ineffective or people don't deserve or need help, but because they'd rather have that money themselves. They don't care about police safety or making sure they have the right tools, that money goes to gun manufacturers. Right to work, deregulation, that's bad for consumers and workers, but it shrinks operating costs and is good for shareholders, which is what the GOP leadership most often is.

Southern strategy and Reagan bringing on the evangelicals is because all that shit above is a completely unpalatable platform for 99% of the country.

Relax, sweet boy. It's only been 6 months.

36%, stagnant or not, is still the lowest approval rating (6 months) of any president in polls dating back 70 years. In Trump's (your) vernacular: Not good!

The only thing that will make his approval go lower than 34% is if Fox News' editorial staff turns on him. Russia could drop the piss tape tomorrow, but his numbers wouldn't budge if Hannity, Carlson, Bolling, and Fox and Friends stick by him. It's depressing to think, but Fox News probably has more power over whether or not Trump will get impeached than Congress does. Fox's hard news division is turning on Trump, but I doubt that will matter.

I came here to say this, I watch it daily, it jumps back and forth between 36-40% depending on the day, it's basically stalled from its downward trajectory since the inauguration. So really it's steady at that percentage, he's stopped losing support essentially. I follow the Gallup daily presidential approval poll, so you can check me if you think I'm mistaken.

Seriously I feel like it's deja vu

Welcome to my 16 years ago. I abandoned the GOP when they created a war with Iraq under false pretenses.

"no one gets better ratings than me. believe me"

His approval drops to 36% 3 times per week. Please stop posting these.

The group of people that are the problem have been dragged kicking and screaming into the present since day one. The South were forced kicking and screaming to give up slavery and forced to give up over 100 years of "Jim Crow" apartheid. I always wonder, how long it would have taken the South to give up these positions on their own, if they weren't forced to do so by the rest of the country.

I feel like, Nixon and the Republican party would have used less hateful methods than the Southern Strategy if they could convince these southerners to vote for them based on other non-racial related policy. Being that they are the "Party of Lincoln", they have a reputation to maintain and all. But the South just can't let go of their hate. So, the Republican party probably realized that's what motivated this group of people to vote, and if they were going to win elections, they had to give these people what they wanted. And perhaps they felt like the could control it at first, but this group of people are going to taint any party that seeks their vote. Yeah, they are a ticking time bomb, and I don't know what it's going to take to start having them voluntarily move forward into the present. I thought it would be as simple as just waiting for the older generations to die off, but then I see and hear all the hateful rhetoric spouted by other subs on reddit, and I don't even know anymore.

According to Donald? Yes. According to Gallop? No.

all the articles repeating "new low" are about historic lows in each individual poll by different poll-takers, a "new low" at Quinnipiac would be his recent 34%, whereas in WaPo/ABC their new low would be at 36%

it's not stagnant, he started out mediocre with a bunch of empty executive orders, dropped due to legislation failures, wasted 60 cruise missiles on a Syrian airfield and went back up, then has been dropping since and dropping to levels he hasn't seen

Trump is winning! The highest disapproval rating since modern polling began! WINNNING WINNING!

Just 4 years ago, there was Mitt Romney. I certainly don't agree with his economics, his social views, or his foreign policy. But I at least had the feeling that the man wanted to be a leader and that he thought he could help the country.

To go from that to actively trying to destroy the country and joining forces with Soviet spies, while robbing the treasury and ruining our global reputation with general buffoonery.

No one could have anticipated it going so far off the rails so quickly.

could have fixed it and just been a regular conservative party,

The Democrats are a Conservative party. Hell, they're to the right of the UK Tories.

The Republicans are a "Reactionary" party.

Real conservatives do not usually call themselves "conservatives" and they conserve, they are part of a living tradition, doing their best to preserve and adapt it, helping their tradition adjust to an ever-changing environment so that it remains meaningful and viable. In the US this the "Establishment" wing of the Democratic party.

The Reactionary, this quote I use a lot says it better than I ever could:

The reactionary, is quite different in his concerns and methods. Although he professes to be interested in "liberty," particularly for himself and for people who closely resemble him, what moves him to action is the alarming possibility that some suppressed group--peasants, minorities, laity, women, etc.--may not only have the temerity to exercise power, but also to do so in their own names, as if that power belonged to them as a right. The reactionary may proclaim himself the defender of a tradition, but he usually comes upon the scene after the revolution has already transformed or shattered it. He harbors in his heart a contempt for real traditionalists, seeing their softness as the reason why traditions collapse, and he admires the harsh revolutionary methods that destroy the very thing he claims to love. The reactionary fabricates a fantasy image of his moribund tradition, unleashes an appropriated version of his enemy's revolutionary tactics, and attempts to "restore" this faux tradition, imposing it upon a culture that has already evolved and moved on.

Sound familiar? Republicans. In fact, I don't think I could name a more right wing, reactionary major party in the developed world than the current Republican party. (This is if you consider eastern europe developed or not because they do have some crazy ass major parties)

Yes, to 35.

That is not an accurate explanation for the phenomenon you are describing.

I feel you-- I grew up conservative and it's crazy to see so many of my nature-loving, conservationist, small business, union-loving, rural family change into scary conspiracy theorists. Honestly I feel like Fox did most of that. Propaganda is a hell of a drug. Fox has always been weird to me but I feel it just went way over the top in the last 15 years.

His 538 aggregate actually seems to be about on par with Gerald Ford now. Of course that's not exactly something to be proud of given this was after he pardoned Nixon

Every time John McCain raises an eyebrow.

The big takeaway for me was the party ID question:

35% Democrat

23% Republican

This doesn't mean that Democrats were oversampled. People tend to answer that question not by telling the interviewer what their party registration is, but by saying which party they're leaning toward.

Democrats have been benefiting from huge positive swings in special elections, and this poll shows that support for Republicans is drying up fast. Democrats could take both houses of congress in 2018, despite having more Senate seats at risk. The Senate still looks like an uphill climb, though.

Good luck with that, despite all the articles about his approval reaching a "new low" it's been stagnant for 2 months now.

While Shephard is a wonderful journalist, he has been the network's token liberal for several years now. Him opposing Trump is about a shocking as it being over 100* in Phoenix tomorrow.

Exactly this. The batshit insane social stuff is a means to an end, unfortunately the base are all true believers, which in turn has turned some of the elected officials in true believers as well.

The so-called intellectual conservatives are more to blame than anyone for how things turned out. They can't control Frankenstein's monster anymore and their own role in creating hyperpartisanship in the country is making it incredibly difficult to root out the sickness.

Trump got a right good scolding from Shepard Smith the other day. I think the Murdoch family, especially the sons, are tiring of Trump's nonsense.

Im getting really sick of seeing "trump reaches new low of 36%"

The number never changes.

It's most likely because being a god damned traitor turns off the American people

82 percent approval for Trump among Republicans vs. 11 percent among Democrats. The deciding vote, as ever, is cast by independents, and just 32 percent approve.

This matters far more to me than the 36%

He's not a liberal, he's just the token sane person.

I believe the "new low" is a combination of factors: while "approval rating" is still at 36%, "disapproval rating" is probably climbing.

No one could have anticipated it going so far off the rails so quickly.

The inherent weakness of the American political system was part of the cirriculum in my Politics class in Denmark in 1997. If you had a interest in international politics, and were not from the US, you knew that the US ran a great risk of something like this happening.

You had plenty of warnings. The reelection of Bush clearly showed that something was quite far from right, and the Republican obstructionism under Obama sent huge red screaming and flashing warning lights for everyone to see.

Anticipating things going off the rails was trivially easy if one heeded the warnings. But the Americans chose to ignore them.

The UK runs the same risks, BTW, though to a lesser degree.

Statistics, how do they work?

Fox and breitbart need to turn on trump before it goes any lower, the right wing media bubble holds alot of influence.

kinda silly how there needs to be a new article everytime it drop back down to 36%

What a loser

He doesn't have 95% approval among Republicans.

Which is rounded up to 40, do you even math, dude?

Ebola mostly kills black people right?

"Record low" only means a record low for a given poll. A record low will be different for each poll, which is why you see a bunch of repeating headlines.

Has he EVER been above 50%?

War is peace. Love is hate. Losing is winning. Perfect.

My partner's father is the same. Fox was always on in the background, constantly droning propaganda into his house. Now he's a Breitbart junkie who believes everything they post.

Different polls. ABC/WaPo has only done one other approval poll back in April and he was at 40 then.

I hate to come off as the cuntish superior Canadian, but I wouldn't be shocked if 36% of Americans somehow approved of Ebola. Surprised, sure. But not shocked. Just saying.

The fact that it's above 10% is a monument to the failure of both education and the media.

There was that time that Donald Trump Jr. agreed to meet with a representative of the Russian government promising dirt on Hillary Clinton and he gladly took the meeting. And then published the evidence saying as much.

Also we now know that she was an obama admin plant to warrant spying on his politcal campaign.

Ha, fucking hell. It is amazing watching you people contort into the most ludicrous positions to defend this family.

Lol. Dude, why would that even be something to be proud of? "US president is stagnant at 36% approval".

...they want to cut government spending on social programs to pay for cuts and kickbacks for themselves--that's the scheme. Small government is good for them because they can take the money the government would be spending and put it back into their own pockets...

One of my favorite questions over the last few years asks Conservatives which regulations are the problem. Like when Trump demands that we rescind 2 regs for every new 1. Or some panderer rails against how many pages of regulations are contained in the new spending bill. What do the rules say that is so hurtful to your interests? What regulations are so onerous that your 'freedom' is being restricted? I rarely get an answer, but if I do it usually turns out to be local zoning and permitting requirements. Not even federal or state level stuff.

This is the result of the propaganda from the right that says "Government is the problem, the free market is the solution". People persuaded by this never figure out what that 'the problem' refers to something they'll never encounter unless they are the top 1% of the 1%. Or a coal company. Or an agribusiness conglomerate. Or an investment bank.

I wish I could be stupid and not understand statistics, chance and polling.

I'm an indecent

Hell of a typo.

The idea of victory at any cost and an allegiance to money over any image of the country as a whole.

Sure, but it's all the other Congresscritters.

My guy is great.

He even says so. That's why we re-elected him for the seventh time, to change Washington.

In the washington/abc poll. Just once. You see this headline when ever it hits 36% for the first time in a particular poll.

To middle America, to the average American, "the batshit insane social stuff" is represented by the Kardashians and weirdos in Hollywood. It's creeps like Anthony Weiner. It's radical feminists, black lives matter racists, and parents encouraging 9 year olds to be trans.

Exactly, it's this kind of language and impressions that one will get when you're watching Fox News 24/7 and practically regurgitating Breitbart any time your safe space gets invaded. To them, telling women they have to alert their rapists before they get abortion isn't crazy or insane, but black people protesting police brutality is insane. To them, kicking millions off health insurance to bankroll tax cuts isn't crazy, but bringing the violence against trans people into the national conversation is, to them, opening up our federal lands to be looted by corporations to prop up a dying coal industry isn't crazy or big government (somehow), but Kim K showing her ass on instagram is apparently enough to stop the presses.

That's what propaganda does.

The "batshit insane social stuff" on the right has been reduced to not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding. That's about it.

Exactly, again, that's what we're dealing with. This isn't even a huge issue but the propaganda machine has convinced these people that it is and it's an attack on religious "freedom", when religion isn't under attack in this country. Well, except the religion of anyone who isn't an Evangelical Christian. But good luck getting through to them on that point.

It's almost as if the right has totally forgotten they've held and continue to hold the torch for homophobia yet somehow rationalized equal rights for LGBT individuals to be "attacks" on their faith. It's quite amazing, honestly. For that reason I think Fox News should be taken off the air, it's blatant lies and cons gullible people into thinking they are being attacked.

And poor, don't forget poor.

I feel like I keep opening these things to see it lower than 36%. But it hasn't really been.

"Per month"

You're looking at barely more than a single month.

Trump got a right good scolding from Shepard Smith the other day

And then immediately was called to be fired by the Trumplings.

The thing about cognitive dissonance is that even when your heroes tell you you're wrong, you double-down on your fantasy world and say, "You're in on it too" and add a second layer to the tinfoil hat. When you're brainwashed, the only thing that will change your mind is being deprogrammed. otherwise you end up drinking the kool-aid.

Has he EVER been above 50%?

34% is really 100% when you remove all the illegals.

So, the Republican party probably realized that's what motivated this group of people to vote, and if they were going to win elections, they had to give these people what they wanted.

This is the crux of the matter, and one that many progressive Americans seem to miss. This party is is a symptom, but it's the voters that are the disease.

Until the US can address the divisive media, team based politics, relentless attacks on facts, education, and critical thinking, I don't see how it gets better. Even if it started today, it would take a couple of generations to deprogram and repair the damage that's been done.

36% of the people are fine with treason as long as it pisses off everyone else.

What's amazing to me is the 95% approval rating within the party. Has any other president had such low overall approval but high within their own followers?

Fox and Breitbart staffers would let Moscow Donnie shit in their mouths as long as progressives had to smell it.

They're producing outright lies in their headline graphics. They're allegedly censoring their website comments sections. They're a completely and total propaganda device, yet there will be no change because there is no one to whom they are accountable (other than shareholders who only care about getting value delivered on their investment).

Republicans and capitalists are people who live in /sub/neckbeardnests. They're convinced that what they're doing has actual meaning while the real world around them becomes more and more tragic.

It's an easily digestible headline and something people want to be true, i.e. that Trump's popularity is continuously plummeting. I doubt it's some bot-led conspiracy, just a manifestation of voting based on headline alone and wishful thinking.

Rounded up to 50 and we all know where 50 rounds up. He gets the best ratings after all.

At this point, his eyes are popping out of his head.

Definitely not 1-3% per month, but his approval is dropping.

Look at the aggregate average of polls. Currently it's at 38.6% approval, a month ago it was 38.7%, a month before that it was 40.5%, a month before that was 41.2%, etc... It's not 1-3% per month, but it's a good 0.5-1.0% per month.