Police Were Told To Keep Roy Moore Away From High School Cheerleaders, Retired Officer Says

Police Were Told To Keep Roy Moore Away From High School Cheerleaders, Retired Officer Says

The 70-year-old former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court

Yet somehow.. he made his way up to a chief justice in Alabama..


And he was removed TWICE.

Once for keeping a statue of the ten commandments outside the courthouse (when a federal judge ordered him to remove it)

And once for enforcing the state's ban on same-sex marriage (even though it was unconstitutional).

The ironic part is that they get annoyed that the rest of us look down on them..

But then, when they do get an opportunity to show the country that they're not moronic religious zealots, they completely fuck it up.. and PROVE their ignorance to everyone.

Obviously this is just the extremely vocal minority that shows up to voice their crazy views.. but the rest of the state isn't helping much by being apathetic.

Alabama has always amazed me in how backwards they can be.

Obviously this is just the extremely vocal minorities that shows up to voice their crazy views

Roy Moore might still win the election. This is not just some small vocal minority. Roughly half of all voters in Alabama would legitimately rather be represented by a child molester than a democrat.

Moore keeps denying these allegations, and that strategy will propel him into the senate.


My sister lives in Alabama, is R, and is going to vote for Moore. This in spite of the news AND the fact that she went through something similar in college.

Pointing out the irony of that isn’t a good idea since I want to keep talking to her.

EDIT: I was the one that brought it up and anyone with siblings knows when the body language is saying “there’s going to be serious trouble if we keep talking about this”. Wasn’t the time or place for that discussion.

No, his voters denial is what will propel him. Any objective outsider would tell you dude is sick. But Republicans want to hold onto the Senate majority. Which I don't look down upon since it's a team sport. But, personally, I wouldn't be able to stomach voting for an obvious pedophile.

Believe women. Take their accusations seriously. Don't minimize their crimes. Create a justice system which doesn't victimize victims.

I tried that when I came out as trans 5 years ago, I havent seen my family since.

He wears a cowboy hat like the 1800's so there is no way he's done anything wrong like serial diddle teen girls.

Even in one of the most secure countries, sexual assault is still so common here. What's the solution to prevent or reduce this?

It hinges on the sexual represssion through religion. If people were allowed to express their sexuality without shame then such perversions would become a lot less prevalent.

He is incredibly religious and he hates the blacks and the gays. There's no mystery how he made it so far in Alabama.

Nuke the bridge insanity Wolf style. Stop talking politics with family.

How much do you know about Alabama?

There are, but the Racists of the South have perfected the art of making sure that Black people specifically, can’t get to the voting booths. Most African Americans down south are poor income and have long work days, and by the time they get off work, voting booths are so far away that they won’t make it in time. The south have figured out tons of ways to get around the Civil Rights act, it’s kind of disturbing.

As someone living in Alabama you get to the point of why even try.

Yes I’m still voting for Doug Jones but with the whole net neutrality thing going on everyone is saying contact your state representatives. I just checked my state rep for my area and it is Robert Aderholt who is widely endorsed by the family research council,NRA, and 100% denies climate is even real and tried to helped block a carbon tax to be implemented.

So as you can tell he has already been bought out by the oil and coal companies you can bet your ass he is already on the big ISPs payroll.

Apathy is really is to come by for intelligent people in Alabama because it feel like your state is a real life example of idiocracy and the idiots vastly out number the smart people of the state which a lot of that problem stems from Alabama and Mississippi having terrible education systems and wide spread poverty.

Those are minorities. By definition, they are outnumbered.

So everyone in the state of Alabama knew he was a child molester and not one person ever mentioned it?

The dude is like the ultimate Alabamian. Just need to confirm one of these underage girls was a blood relative and we’re all set.


Jerry is not a predator. He's more of a parasite.

A child molester running policy, some of which directly relates to child safety doesn't affect them?

He didn't deny attempting to be alone with teen girls unsupervised as a grown ass man.

He's a fucking loser whose drive for power reassurance is satisfied swindling naive people, be they christians who are told cast him in the role of Joeseph, stepfather of god, or 14 year old girl with he found in the district court whose mom was trying to get back child support payments.

He's a predator. He's fucking Jerry from Rick and Morty.

It just keeps going.


I was in Gulf Shores on vacation once during a gubernatorial primary, and the Republican field was straight out of the 1800's. One of the commercials I saw went on a long rant about "Did you know that currently a person is allowed to take the driving license exam in 4 different languages? This is America. If you want to drive here, you should speak English. And when I'm governor, you will." And I think that guy was in the middle of the field, not even a crazy wing.

Not to jump down your throat, but my point is that you aren't being fair at all. You were trying to be dismissive and sweep it under the rug. Again, I understand the impulse. Nobody wants to believe that so many people can be so shitty. But pretending this is some small fringe and not mainstream opinion is part of how it stays mainstream opinion. If you want to be fair, then be honest.

I would think it may be worth mentioning anyway, what with him being a child molester.

Exactly, it says it right there in the Bible!

Not much.

With dildos

Kinda like when a minority segment of people voted for Donald Trump for president?

Aren't there black and gay people to vote against him?

Removed twice for breaking the law*

But he says he's a law and order candidate so he's probably changed his ways. Plus he wears an American flag pin on his lapel!

its called gerrymandering!!

This description fits the whole US.

To be fair, him being a child molester doesn't affect them while the other guy being a Democrat does.

If there was a candidate that opposed abortion, birth control, gun regulations, net neutrality, was totally for the new tax plan that screws over grad students, wanted to bring the bible back into schools, etc and their opponent held the opposite views but was a child molester... and voting for the other guy risks losing the majority in Congress... I'd be pissed at the party. So fucking mad they could let this happen. But if I'm being honest, I'd still vote in my self interests.

Alabama has made more american atheists than any other state. Except maybe whatever state falwell is from.

And twice removed for ethics violations.

I'm just trying to be fair.. and optimistic.

But yes, it's a problem throughout that entire region.


Plus the atheists?

The election aint over yet. Reserve the right to change that opinion.

There are but you forget that they are a minority.