Police officer leaves a bottle of water for a G20 protestor. Via QPS media unit

Police officer leaves a bottle of water for a G20 protestor. Via QPS media unit

Most cops are good people, you only hear about the bad ones

what people tend to forget is a police officer is a customer service role and most customers you have are cunts. hence it wears people down.

Some of the "lads" you see at your local train station, Christ I'd be at my wits end having to deal with some uppity 16 year old kid who thinks he's hard.

Lucky cop just removed thousands of lives off his reincarnation cycle or something.

This reminds me of me as a pregnant woman, sitting in the car crying because I asked my husband specifically for a "cold mount franklin" and he bought a different bottle because it was cheaper.

I was so irrationally upset.

Fast forward to elephant.

Filthy pig giving that poor defenceless man Pump water. Disgusting. Does he not no the people want mount franklin!? What is this world coming too....

I feel sorry for the cop in all that gear, it was a scorcher up here yesterday.

I feel like this is only in America that you get the number of crazy cops. I know a bunch of police officers (and an ex-SOG bloke who rarely raises his voice) from a riding club who are just the nicest guys.

What would make it even worse is knowing that if you do anything nothing serious is going to happen to the uppity cunt later on because he won't learn a lesson

Not only are most customers cunts but they're probably bigger cunts than you'll find in any other job. I mean they are literally criminals you're dealing with.

By all accounts it seems the police have been doing a great job up there.

From a pure statistics respective, it's a guarantee that a large number of people a police officer deals with will be criminals.

Totally uncalled for. Police cooperation with regular citizenry is the basic, fundamental role of law enforcement in a democracy. Taking an alarmist jab at the police for a small act of compassion towards a protester is beyond tasteless, and trivialises the role good cops play when they're doing their proper jobs and protecting public interests.

The vocal minority, so to speak. The problem is that the shitty cops can really fuck up someone's life if they want to and when they do, they get to do it almost with impunity. This leads to an over-generalisation of cops as all being shitty because it's especially not worth dealing with them, in case they happen to be one of the shitty ones.

Um... there's NOBODY in the city at the moment. They are guarding a graveyard. Doing a good job, sure. But this isn't like schoolies or something that civilians actually attend.

My cousin is a local brisbane cop. Nicest guy ever. Massive comic book nerd since he was a kid. Joined the Navy to follow in his dads footsteps then went on to become a cop. But if some 18 year old is being a cunt, breaking the law or not, he's going to stop that in 2 seconds flat, because he's massive and built like a tank. He told me "I don't care if it's against the law or not, you're being a public nuisance and I'm going to take you to the watchhouse for the night while we straighten everything out unless you calm down and do as you're told".

Most of the good cops are just no nonsense kinda guys/gals but real softies at heart.

just what i want from my coppers. a disregard for what is against the law and what's not.

... Really? You honestly think that's a logical and intelligent comment to make?

Aussie cops are the best.

Haha yes! One of the lessons I learned when my wife was pregnant is that if she sends you out at midnight for a gaytime ice-cream and the servo doesn't haven't any, then you go to another servo, you search until you find a gaytime. What you don't do is decide to get a drumstick instead.

What more evidence could you possibly need?!

You obviously didn't live in Queensland during Joh Bjelke Peterson's days.

I think that's more of a historical thing, back to the days of Joh when the police "regulated" the brothel and prostitution industry (ie. took their cut from illegal operations).

Yeah it's just confirmation bias. I've only ever met one cop that I thought was unnecessarily douchey. Depends on the area too, rich areas see less crime usually so therefore cops are more relaxed, willing to accept an excuse.

That was very nice of him! Has there been any cases of heatstroke yet?

We had a friend go mia while out in the town in Brisbane. Next day he came home wearing completely different clothes. The cops had found him naked in a river and taken him to the watch house for a nights sleep and given him some clothes to wear. They could have been dicks, but they just treated him like a human they'd found naked....

I'm sure you guys will turn this into something negative...

I've got a cousin who's a cop in America. Great guy. It's more stupid police policies they have over there that cause them to behave in a poor fashion.

For instance he told me a story about how he was approaching a residence of a girl who had just been sef harming by slashing her wrists with a knife - apparently in a suicide attempt. Now the protocol for approaching a residence where you KNOW someone is/was in possession of a weapon is to approach with your gun drawn, and fire immediately if they approach with the weapon in hand. If this girl had a psychotic break or a panic attack and rushed outside absent mindedly with the knife still in her hand - he would have had to shoot to kill. That's fucked up, because it's clear there are better protocol for dealing with that, but it's what he was REQUIRED to do.

It's more likely the detective will be dealing with 30 people.

Jesus, it is so hot up here, I imagine there has been bus loads of heat related injuries

When he told me this it was in reference to if he didn't know the law specifically but the person causing the problems claim it isn't against the law. And being a public nuisance is more than enough grounds for a night in the watch house.

That cop probably just had it on hand, and thought the protester would need it on a hot day. No big deal, just a nice thing to see.

Did this came originally from the Media Unit? If so he could easily have been ordered to do it. But still, doesn't take away from the good deed he did, I just hope it was genuine like it looks.

Not so much in Australia though.

I thought that was Victorian cops with their "shoot first, then shoot again just in case, then maybe ask questions between shooting" behavior (although that was many years ago)

Hahahahaha oh boy! My wife is pregnant right now and this happens alot! So glad she's not the only one lol :)

I'm sick of telling this story, but since you asked...

I was walking home by myself at about midnight. A black XR6 drove past me, slammed on the brakes and started reversing towards me really fast. Being a scared defenseless child walking by myself in the middle of the night in a relatively dodgey suburb, I was pretty sure I was going to be attacked, so I ducked through some bushes into a culdesac that ran parallel to the road the car was on and starting walking briskly away from it. A dark figure came after me through the bushes and said "STOP! I've got a taser and I'm going to tase you!" I had no idea it was a police officer and I was pretty full of adrenaline by now so I started running like mad. I turned around to look behind me, and now in a bit more lit up area I could see that it was a police officer. I was so relieved to see it was a police officer, and that I wasn't going to be stabbed or raped. I stopped running and said "Sorry, I didn't realise you were a police officer!" and put my hand out for a handshake of apology. He then grabbed my hand and locked it behind my back and dropped me to the ground, tased my back and started kicking me in the head. He dragged me along the bitumen to the footpath and slammed my head against a retaining wall. Then he put two sets of handcuffs on me so tight that they ripped up my forearms (I still have the scars) and they were pissing out blood. They took my phone and wallet to "search for evidence." It was all a bit of blur because it happened so fast, but I was covered from head to toe in cuts and bruises and every single piece of clothing I was wearing was ripped up. They took me home and woke up my parents and told them that they caught me trying to break into someone's house and that I was resisting arrest and "obviously on drugs" (I wasn't) and that they'd be issuing a juvenile caution - but I was never issued a juvenile caution or charged with anything.

The main cop who did it all was a senior sergeant, the other guy was pretty young and didn't really do anything bad. When my mum tried to complain, he came to our house so they could discuss what happened and I don't know what he said but he basically intimidated her into withdrawing her complaint.

EDIT: The reason they used two sets of handcuffs was to get my jacket off without letting me out of cuffs.

But Queensland cops are recognised as the most corrupt in Australia.

That's more of an American thing anyway. Only really ever met nice ones here.

Well living in NSW you know, I kinda have.

I've been arrested a few times by NSW cops. They've always been really decent and gentle, I was a stupid kid and they always seemed more concerned with getting me help than fucking up my life.

The real problem is that the good ones stay quiet when the shitty ones are clearly abusing their powers. Unfortunately, as with most institutions, looking out for your own is more important than justice when it comes to the Australian Police Force.

I was in Brisbane cbd yesterday and the weird thing was: on Merivale street, just outside the restricted area, motorcades 1m away from the public - everyone's chilling, cops are friendly and helping people with directions to West End in the city, chatting with bystanders. On Adelaide street, nothing offical closeby, the whole road is closed and everyone's just trying to get to the station - grumpy cops and ses volunteers arguing with frustrated members of the public.

Because Reddit kinda has a anti-cop circlejerk thing going on.

It's extremely hot today, and he looks like an older gentleman.

Doing the job of a plain citizen, not a police officer.

Maybe an umbrella would be in order. I'm a big fan of peaceful, thoughtful protesting. Not a pack of idiots with signs and voices who rarely know what they are talking about

i wish i was an elephant

Something about trying to give him water mixed with fluoride to make him more submissive!

It was retweeted by them.

Sort of. But the fact that there is nobody where they're not supposed to be means that they're doing a good job.

Read the comments again, it was not said or implied otherwise. It was said that a large number of them are criminals - not all of them.

Obviously it was a generalised statement, and there will be exceptions. But I agree with him overall, we have a really great police force.

Upvotes are all the evidence I ever need.

This aint America mate...

It's not cricket, but from a risk assessment point of view, the consequences of something going wrong are a lot greater. Guarding this event is much more important than that of a sports event. Here, you know that people will probably be trying to target the people present, at a sports event this is generally less so.

Yes, exactly... Very clever...