Police dog after sniffing drugs all day

Police dog after sniffing drugs all day

What a lucky dog, getting to sniff all those drugs in front of the cops. When I tried this they threw me in the slammer.

He’s so proud of himself!!!!! What a cutie

I too am glad that the police have taken off of our streets this god awful looking weed.

Thank god they got all that weed off the street

High as pup

Not really, that looks like some downtown brown brick weed..

For once, I'm actually glad they got that stuff off of the streets!

Not really, that looks like some downtown brown brick weed.. surprised the poor pup could even smell it.



Right lol

if that shit is weed i'd like to slap the poor s.o.b that made it, it looks like feces

Caught drugs that are milder than beer. Person who's caught with it has his life ruined, not AWWW at all.


Looks like hash. But shitty hash.

Good dog, get that shitty weed outta here!

I'd have that same face after sniffing drugs all day

no u

It’s all bricked dirt... looks awful

I was agreeing with the gentleman’s witty remark. I am not sure how I would get downvotes for agreeing with somebody, when he got seven ‘up-votes’. Doesn’t seem to make sense to me haha

His favorite one is the roofies.

Some persons life is over cause of that brick weed. Just reminding yall


It has feces.

remember though: drugs are bad for you, m'kaaay.

Downvote this before you get heckin deleted to heck heckerdoggo heh-h’yeck

The quality of that weed is the real crime here...

Got a whole 100$ of dirt , way to go

It is hash. I don't care how it looks I would gladly take it so it doesn't have to be all lonely in lockup.

I thought it was hash or alfalfa bars for livestock

Dogs don't care if they waste tax payer dollars.

Ruining lives one unjust law at a time.