Police coming into xQc’s apartment with guns shouldn’t go in a “funny moments” video

Police coming into xQc’s apartment with guns shouldn’t go in a “funny moments” video

Noobhunter was a content-stealing pile of shit before I saw this

When do we start flagging his uploads for stolen content?

People are stupid.

Welcome to the USA, where possibly dying in your own home is a side effect of being loud.

Hahahahaha he could have died!!!!!111!1!1!!1!1

When you say "his videos", which portion are you talking about that is a video of him doing anything?


It's not just about funny moments, the same way /sub/livestreamfail is not just about livestream fails. As long as it's entertaining and clickbaity it's gonna end-up on those kind of videos...

Fucking retarded

Plus he has to gather all of this footage and put it all together practically daily. Some of us don't want to watch a streamer for 4-38 hours straight. It's nice to have 10 minute recap videos when you're bored

It wasn't a swat.

If you look at his earlier videos it was his own content which netted barely any views but when he started to make highlight reels he starting getting hundreds of thousands of views , from his perspective you can see why this transiom occurred. His channel is like many others on YouTube, trolden who makes highlights for hearthstone is the most comparable, trolden himself is a beloved renowned icon within the hearthstone community yet he makes the exact same content. To be frank I don't see why there is hate surrounding noobhunter I watch him when I don't have time to scroll through all the subreddits or to watch streams.

he was doing a drunk stream. it was a noise complaint.

It's tricky. XQC isn't rehosting the video. Someone interested in watching that video can't go on XQC's stream to watch it. The people who see it on XQC's stream were not necessarily trying to watch that video. This is different from rehosting the video. Imo, streaming a video is similar to streaming a video game. It's not an equivalent experience to the actual thing.

And there will be always people that say it's your fault.

Ah the classic “lying in the title because I want to stay monetized.” It wasn’t a noise complaint, and your content is garbage.

He's just another highlight channel that actually edits his videos his nowhere near the worst.

Well it's his fault. Just moved in to a new apartment, with new neighbours, and already starts screaming his head of and making loud banging noises. Imagine how obnoxious that must be to this in his vicinity who aren't voluntarily listening to it.