Pole Dancer With Unique Use of Her Legs

The pole rotates. Watch about an inch from the bottom, you can see a screwhole as it spins.

So, my question has always been, how do they rotate around the pole so easily while still maintaining enough friction to stay on the pole?

Not all poles rotate, to make things even more confusing.

I cannot wait to watch this at the Olympics.

Gotcha, thank you


I'll just leave this bit of info here :

Anastasia Sokolova

World's Best Pole Dancer :

want to see upper body strength ? see 2:24 --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUTYVN-_FCA

has a body carved out of stone and her own line of clothes : https://imgur.com/a/BjZG3

Uneven bars, parallel bars, vertical bar.

A lot. A whole lot.

Source: took a bunch of pole classes, fell on my face constantly (on much, MUCH easier moves).

How often do people (women) fall on their faces while practicing this stuff?

I nearly broke mine once. Once.

I mean, it's not 'cheating'. It's just using a spin pole. Static vs spin pole uses different techniques and both are valid forms of pole fitness.

I would be tipping with five dollar bills

But seriously, the athleticism she displays really makes me question why this isn’t an Olympic sport. This really would lend itself to competitive scoring

I used to be turned on by pole dancing, now I'm just exhausted looking at the effort involved.

The amount of strength required to to that.... I'd fall off immediately.

You mean:

Pole dancer pole dancing

I have a list of 10 critical questions I need answered before I die. Thanks for taking care of this one for me.



Pole friction burns are pretty common too. If you follow people like this on Instagram they talk about it all the time.

Some poles can do both, usually the ones you use at home. But the non rotating ones are easier to use. Source: girlfriend does pole dancing and dragged me to a class once.

I've done Pole dancing for 2 years and having pro teachers and working up through the moves slowly, I've never fallen on my face,, you can die falling from some moves,,

I’ve done classes and they didn’t rotate. It actually hurts pretty badly— it burns. Sometimes they use a powder to take all the moisture off but mostly you just have to squeeze tight and get momentum going. It was really hard and I had bruises and burns after, which is apparently par for the course.


The pole rotates.

Who decided one day that pole dancing is going to be a thing


see Swiss Pole Show : Anastasia Sokolova

But some girls say spinning is more fun if the pole is itself is static and doesn't move. Or, at least, that's what my friend who owns a pole studio told me.

Cool to see everyone interested but I'm seeing a lot of confusion in this thread. Poles can be both spin and static. The girl in the gif is currently dancing on a spin pole meaning the pole itself is actually rotating. Some poles can be both spin and static just by adjusting some screws at the bottom.

Also, not all pole dancers are strippers and vice versa. Many people pole dance competitively nowadays and use it as a form of exercise/fitness.

Despite what some videos floating around Facebook might tell you, men did not "invent" pole dancing. Yes, there were some performance arts many years ago where men "danced" (more like acrobats than dancers) on poles. But pole dancing as we know it was not necessarily born specifically from these. It's safe to say that there is certainly influence from these male art forms but most modern pole dance styles were influenced by good ol fashioned strippers.

That being said, pole dancing is super fun and a really fucking good workout so if you're interested you should give it a shot.

so how do they maintain friction without the pain of metal dragging on skin?

Exactly. There are different moves that you can perform on a spinning pole and it is in no way easier or 'cheating' than using a static pole. All pole dancing requires physical fitness and technique.

I'm always amazed how much strength they show whilst making it look so, so effortless. Mindblowing.

This isn’t a cheater pole. Pretty much all poles come with two modes: spin & static. If the pole is on static then we use momentum to spin. It hurts like a bitch at first but you get used to it.

edit: by “all poles” I mean high quality ones. Not flirty girl fitness poles.

I mean, I think it did start out as a purely stripper thing, so this is one of the very few times when you could make a real argument for that. Now, that said, I now find these gifs more impressive than arousing; the skill and coordination required to do this shit is ridiculous.


Not always! For my friend's bachelorette party we took a pole dancing class, and the ones we used most certainly did not rotate. Still one of the most fun and intense core/upper body workouts I've ever done.

Edit: Realized I left this part out - stationary pole can mean some burning. I'm by no means experienced on the topic, but would assume a rotating pole (as seen in this gif) would mean a decreased likelihood of poleburn.

Personally I've never found pole dancing to be "sexy" or anything like that, but my god is it impressive. The amount of upper and lower body strength to successfully pole dance is ridiculous

My heart skipped a beat when she dropped head first


Ye... Oh wait.

Weird. My pole does not rotate.

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You use centrifugal force, momentum, and body strength to hold yourself up.

And you get absolutely covered in bruises from doing it. It's not easy and requires a ton of strength. The grip positions are also different.

I've stripped before and I pole dance for fitness now. I have a spinning pole at home, but I lock it in place as I prefer a stationary pole. Spinning poles require a different technique and I find them more difficult to use.

Might happen!

World's best pole dancer? Lol y'all need to come to Atlanta.

This is like the day I realized Santa Claus doesn't exist. My perception of the world is forever changed.

It could have looped 10 times and I never would have seen that.

Pole dancing was a thing before it was used by strippers.

This pole rotated, you can see it spinning.

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The part where she is spinning upside down, if she fell, broken neck right there

Doesn't that burn

Not that what she's doing doesn't take a lot of skill, but when I first put 2 and 2 together and figured out that the pole spins, I was a lot less impressed.

It will be in the next Olympics. I think they announced it last week.

You got the wrong pole ;)

I was being somewhat tongue in cheek, but the non-spinning poles are much more impressive to me.

Steanger Things

Most have a static and a spin mode. You switch between the two my tightening or loosening the little screws at the bottom. :)

Countless strippers I've worked with also confirm this.

is she spinning right or left

"worked with"



Then how do they do the spin without having a rotating pole?

What are you a pole dancing purist


If you look close enough, you can almost see her screw hole.

This is a cheater pole.

Normal pole dancing doesn't involve a rotating pole.

Oh that's fair, sorry! Yeah I like static too.

Huh, TIL. What was the original context, then? Was it originally "just" a sport, like gymnastics?

That was incredible

Steanger Thighs?

Holy shit that no handed cupid flip

Video of her pole dancing or it didn’t happen.

He can give mine a spin.

Weird. My pole does not rotate.

LPT: You rotate the hand.

They are introducing it as an observer sport in the next games.