/pol/: There's a push to redefine HIV as a "common treatable virus" to remove its stigma. Let's be clear: HIV and AIDS still have no known cure.

/pol/: There's a push to redefine HIV as a "common treatable virus" to remove its stigma. Let's be clear: HIV and AIDS still have no known cure.
/pol/: There's a push to redefine HIV as a "common treatable virus" to remove its stigma. Let's b...

"Common treatable virus" makes it sound like the flu or cold. Not HIV.

This is part of the larger leftist push to normalize evil. AIDS is legitimately stigmatized because the majority of people with AIDS contracted it by living a risky lifestyle and brought it upon themselves... Just like America is bringing social AIDS upon itself by accepting refugees and other undesirable foreigners and allow them to rot away the underpinnings of western, Christian-rooted culture

A common treatable virus that you have to treat for the rest of your life.

The advances made in antiretrovirals are pretty amazing. You can expect to live a (somewhat) normal life with HIV, assuming you follow your drug regiment (you have to take your meds every day* without fail, or risk the virus becoming immune to it)

That being said, HAART can have some nasty side effects, both short term and long term. These include severe nausea, liver damage, nerve damage, bone degradation, brain fog, etc. Granted, these are all better than the horrific death you're guaranteed at the hand of AIDS, and not everyone experiences said side effects, but being chronically fatigued, experiencing liver damage, etc at the hands of medication isn't exactly my idea of a happy life.

TL;DR - HIV is awful, even with the amazing treatment breakthroughs available.

So sick. Its like how they rebranded Sexually Transmitted Diseases to Sexually Transmitted Infections to make them not sound as bad.

I used to think you were crazy. Now I'm not so sure.

I went to church willing today, for the first time since high school. Lefty bs might make me god fearing christian again.

Going to start referring to liberalism as an Ignorantly Transmitted Disease

Same! I was already warming up to Christian values and traditions again as a homosexual man during all this Marxist hysteria. I thought God hated me and I left Jesus aside for several years, but I found out that this was absolutely not true. But when that Sex Junk video from a couple months ago went viral, it sealed the deal for me and I had it up to here with the degeneracy and Cultural Marxism plaguing the West. I sought out Jesus once again after that and became a born-again Christian. I feel like I'm slowly gaining my self-esteem, manhood, and willpower back.


And say no to anal sex, hookups and unprotected sex as a whole, people! Sins are sins for a reason. They're life pro tips, IMO! Becoming HIV positive and the effects of it is an example that proves that perhaps we should evaluate the choices we make, as they can either help us or endanger us. To me, that's what the concept of "sin" is all about. Sin is less about God telling you what to do and more of him warning you by saying something along the lines of "Cut the shit, stupid, or you or your family are going to end up suffering further down the road." Thank you for this red pill, Jesus!

TL:DR -HIV is a death sentence. Don't fuck around with that shit.

Liberals love doublespeak...

Kind of like "don't call it an investigation, call it a matter." Don't call it "female genital mutilation" or "radical islamic terrorism," etc.

Your mind will really be blown when you realize there is a desire to bring HIV positive refugees into countries to spread it around thus creating citizens that will be dependent on HIV medicines for their entire life.

Whats better than a customer who pays for a lifetime subscription to a service they cant cancel?

Refer to this thread from several days ago. Great thread. Lots of good stuff on the insidious nature of Marxism. The sooner people learn it's not "just another" political view, the better.

twitter reply: "What if /pol/ can shame liberals into getting AIDS as some form of virtue signaling?'

this. dont stop the liberals, if they want to sugarcoat aids, let them all get it & stay clear. let nature take its course. pepe has spoken RIBBIT

If we treated it like the flu or a cold, just let it run it's course as quickly as possible, it wouldn't be the problem that it is today.

Remind /pol/ why:

California Legislature May 31, 2017, 7:07 p.m. Knowingly exposing others to HIV should no longer be a felony, state Senate says

The state Senate on Wednesday voted to no longer make it a felony for someone infected with HIV to knowingly expose others to the disease by having unprotected sex without telling his or her partner about the infection. The crime would be downgraded to a misdemeanor, and the bill would also apply to people who donate blood or semen without telling the blood or semen bank that they have acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS, or have tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, the precursor to AIDS. The measure, which next goes to the Assembly for consideration, was introduced by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), who said it is unfair to make HIV/AIDS the only communicable disease given such harsh treatment by prosecutors. “These laws are irrational and discriminatory,” Wiener told the Senate, adding that the current felony status is “creating an incentive not to be tested, because if you don’t know your status you can’t be guilty of a felony.”


/pol/ made me a Christian again. This timeline is weird.

No fucking way.

There was a doctor in Africa who was starting to make some serious strides towards s vaccine… And then he got shot

Guess who owns stock in HIV medicine companies.

I get where you're coming from, but we're treating it like herpes. Absolutely treat it like the deadly disease it it, but at the same time enforce laws that make it equal to murder to knowingly transmit it to others. There's a push to not stigmatize the disease. That's wrong, imo.

Did that doctor know something about the clintons?

That is how they change public opinion. It used to be called "Illegal Aliens" before it was called "undocumented immigrants."

Speaking of the Sex Junk video, did you hear that Bill Nye's show was just nominated for an Emmy specifically for the writing in the "Sex Junk" episode of his new series and the animation in the Global Warming episode?

Now we all know, once and for all, how much of a giant virtue-signalling circlejerk all of Hollywood has devolved into, leaving it as a worthless swamp that is best left drained and/or impoverished-via-purposeful-ignorance.

savage af


Majority of people with AIDS are gay men. In the U.S. at least. Many gay men engage in risky sex.

This isn’t* rocket science.

No. Fuck this. It's a disease that makes you dependent on a medication for the rest of your life or you DIE. It's like giving someone fucking diabetes with all the resultant expense, danger, and reliance upon American healthcare for the rest of their lives.

Google 'stealthing' it's a very scary thing going on in the gay community.

This is the anti-science left for you. Genders don't matter. Climate science doesn't matter unless you agree with them. HIV is like the common cold. Up is down. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.

This bill died

I take issue with statements like "get yourself off as you see fit" because they highlight a serious issue with American society today: people have been told repeatedly, and many have been persuaded, that they should do what feels good for them, rather than what is good for them. Whether the topic is drugs, homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism, immigration, or the usefulness of Gender Studies majors, many people act only to seek their own pleasure rather than making the sacrifice and effort to make themselves better citizens and better human beings. When people in a society make pleasure their focus, they lose sight of the same problems with society that we discuss every day on this forum. Doing what feels good is not the ultimate goal; sometimes you have to man up and take your medicine.

Would spread the disease. long incubation. Government must treat this disease as it has been doing, imo. Future prevention the only way to stop it until a treatment as cure is found.

Bing bugchasers too. I felt like I needed to take a shower after reading about it.

There's a simpler explanation: pharma companies have a ton a money to spend on PR and lobbying.

Give me a hint. Or just tell me. George Soros? Bill gates? Warren buffet? Hillary Clinton?

There have been a lot of advances with HIV/AIDS treatment. You'll need to take daily medication for the rest of your life, but its no longer like 20 pills 3 times a day.

And life expectancy for HIV/AIDS is back to normal.

That being said, its still fucking AIDS and you're condemning someone to a life of isolation/medication.

Screwing up a person or multiple for life should be a felony especially if done knowingly. Libs are retarded and think the rest of us should be the same.

I'm gonna disagree. The treatments may have come a long way but that shit is mad expensive. At some point we're gonna be free from OCare, and let's be reasonable, the majority of infected aren't going to be able to pay for that.

On a side note I read something a while back that they were able to cure a newborn who's mother had AIDS. Risky, expensive but actually gave birth to an infection free child. Shit like that makes me have hope.

There is a huge difference between being a responsible homosexual and a degenerate. Get yourself off as you see fit but embrace society as well, no true Christian is going to care about your sexual proclivities, just look at the lemon parties at the Vatican recently.

I'm gay.The rate of HIV contraction is higher in my generation than in the one before it. By a lot. This is a huge, unbelievable misstep by the gay community. We are missing a WHOLE FUCKING GENERATION of gay men who all died from AIDS because they didn't have the warning needed to protect themselves.

Now my generation, only 20, 30 years removed, is managing to fuck the whole thing up and is choosing to not protect themselves or be smart and commit to stable, long term relationships, and so now we're getting AIDS again. It's something special, in the worst possible sense.

You have to pay for medication for the rest of your life.

Though if enough people complain about not getting free coverage, there might be a bit of legislation forcing the rest of the taxpayers to fund your indefinite need for pills.

It's uncommon but it is also treatable. Treatable is like diabetes

there technically is a cure

There is not. There has been one person functionally cured of HIV, due to a radical and dangerous procedure, but those results have never been replicated. In addition, that man still has elevated CD69 expression and his T-cell count is still not normal. With proper ART, it's possible to keep viral load below detectable ranges, but there's still plenty of virus there and it's still possible to spread it.

that's so non-inclusive of you! so what if you die a little from an incurable desease?

Well you see, facts exist on a spectrum that has more than just two vales of True and False. If you don't know this fact's preferred factual identity, then you need to use fact neutral language and stop being so biased.

This is what we're up against. Make no mistake this is a struggle of good versus evil.

Sorry, but IMO, it's an exit and not an entrance. Personally, the idea of sticking my penis in an area where you shit from is disgusting and unsanitary, but that's probably the germophobe in me.

Biological terrorists if it's intentional while knowing the status.

The leftists will have you believing that homosexuality and religion do not mix. Religion is for everybody.

/pol/ is the hurtbox.

Welcome back patriot. Join a small group!

The cure is money put into a blender and drinking said money smoothie. Just ask Magic Johnson.

I was given this common treatable virus by doctors in the 80s. Since then, I've been hospitalized for severe anemia, aneurysm, meningitis, kidney failure, liver failure, seizures, pneumonia, and a few other very AIDS specific illnesses.

Currently taking 12 pills a day just to avoid certain death.

Yeah, it's treatable if all you do with your life is fight to stay alive 24/7. Also, no one is suddenly going g to say "oh, it's just AIDS, not a big deal" just because someone reclassified it. Deadly waste of time, IMO.

"reality is stranger than fiction"

-Alex Jones

Same here

I think it was more because "disease" indicates that symptoms of an illness occur, whereas "infection" just means that a disease-causing pathogen is within one's system, and we now know that many people with STIs/STDs can be asymptomatic for a while.

They say the same about /pol/. But most don't realize its like being exposed to extreme radiation. Extremely based and truthful radiation. Once you get a dose, it's only a matter of time till you join us and realise how restricted most of the net is.....

That's medical correctness which is a good thing, what the left wants to do is apply medically correct standards (or so they think) to common language.

But it hints at a continued narrative being built from within the heart of the liberal power-centers for several months now in public (who knows how long in private). If we see anyone else repeating this idea after these two incidents have been utterly shot down, then we would have reason to suspect that they're going to try to force this issue like Salon is trying to force the idea that pedophiles aren't monsters (they unquestionably are, as they have been since the dawn of mankind and the earliest records of human civilization) or like Hollywood elites and liberal politicians are trying to push the ideas of rampant transgenderism and complete unvetted welcoming of all "economic migrants" (both of which will lead to the breakdown of Western society and the utter annihilation of all the progress we have made over the past several thousand years as a civilization-building species).

As the philosopher George Santayana once said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of knowledge." We have all taken in some excess knowledge beyond what society expects us to know (the "red pills" that we like to talk about here), but if we refuse to use our increased knowledge to watch for potentially disturbing trends, then we aren't using the knowledge we have and we might as well not even have it since we aren't doing anything with it beyond what we would have done without it.

daily reminder that california is trying to remove the felony from knowingly infecting someone with HIV

daily reminder that there exists people that fetishize infecting people with their HIV as well as those that fetishize obtaining HIV

The donating blood part is even scarier wtf people don't want to get aids from blood used to save their life.


What the fuck did I just read?

What's even better is to tell tax payers that actually they are all responsible for these people being promiscuous and taking intravenous drugs (probably because of white privilege or Islamophobia) and therefore they must all pay.

If HIV is so treatable why do insurance companies refuse to take on the life insurance risk of anybody who has it?

See the following:

The Gift / Bugchasers #ShoutYourStatus

It's already happening.

This is amazing to read! To God be the glory!

I have that post printed and pinned to the wall near the door of my office.

An anon posted on /pol/ a while back that the whole refugee situation was for setting up a massive payday for big pharma in treating AIDS, and that Merkel was completely in on it, since there was a high rate of AIDS within the refugee population, and that they were regularly doing things that led to further infections, including infecting the native population.

I was skeptical of the idea, but...shit, maybe there's something to it.

Vox on Snapchat last year did a whole snap story about how HIV is no big deal and people shouldn't be worried about getting it or having unprotected sex with people and not knowing their history. That living with HIV and AIDS is ok and normal and wouldn't affect your life at all.

It was geared towards teens. So I'm not surprised the mainstream will push to normalize this.

I wish I could cite where I read it (conspiracy theory type shit)

Basically about how the invasion of "migrant males" from AIDS/HIV infested countries like Africa, Middle East are part of a large global plan from pharmaceutical companies and Soros types to take over Europe by systematically spreading the virus through rape, drug use, race mixing, etc. resulting in Europeans needing HIV treatment drugs for life.

It then becomes a cash cow for these companies and their investors. The insurance companies get involved, socialized medicine gets involved that's why the big push for Obamacare type scenarios.

I laughed it off as some bullshit conspiracy but I'll be damned you start seeing the patterns. It's probably confirmation bias but damn it makes you look twice.

SPEZ: It was a 4chan post that someone else linked to farther down

And to be honest he amount of progress we’ve made in 30 of antiviral drugs for the therapy and suppression of HIV is incredible. Most patients in treatment have an undetectable viral load.

But this doesn’t mean it’s cured

They're trying to normalise bill.

AIDS carries a justifiable stigma in that it is a dangerous and contagious disease.


Damn bro, I feel ya. Sending positive vibes. Please take my energy ~~~~~

It's already been done. I mean, I'm not in school anymore and don't watch cable tv, but you don't see ANYTHING about it anymore. Even MTV had shows that it was the literal talking point. Part of the push of hey go fuck like a rabbit and slap whatever you want in your veins. De(mocrat)pendency.

Who was the idiot that proposed it????

That's fucking horrible

And Ebola has now been classified as a permanent weight-loss product. You know, to remove the stigma.

Seriously, how you feel about a fucking disease doesn't make it any less dangerous. It's like calling a diamondback a rattle-worm to take the stigma away from being a lethal reptile. Medicine is a science and it should never be about fee-fees. It should be about science.

Hollywood awards shows are nothing but a circlejerk. In fact, any awards show that depends on a hidden cabal of elitists voting in secret based on opinion and not open competition is a circlejerk. You should not be allowed to give yourself an award. You should have to earn it, like a military medal or sports championship.

The reason they want to do it is because addressing the problem requires being "homophobic".

If you want to stop the HIV epidemic you can't "just look for the cure". You also have to ask why homosexuals are 43 times more likely to be infected, and why they account for 56% of new infections. You'd have to tell gay people that their behaviour is dangerous and try to tell them to be cautious with their sexual partners, to not be as promiscuous.

But the left doesn't want that. To tell someone "you need to be careful" is heresy to them because they rely on fulfilling all your immediate desires as their schtick. If you say "the solution is to not fuck everything that moves" then you're all of a sudden a homophobe or some other kind of phobe. I may not support LGBT but I don't want them to get fucking HIV. But the problem can't be solved until the problem is addressed in the first place: Ya gotta stop fucking so much.

You can expect to live a normal life with HIV.

As long as you're not an African from Congo where they initially "found" that virus right?. And they wonder why Americans people everywhere are reluctant/suspicious to embrace vaccines. Sheeeeeit.

Anyone heard of "The Gift"?

Basically, some homosexuals are actively seeking out HIV; they TRY to get it! They advertise on dating sites, looking for HIV+ people to "give them the gift of HIV!"

Duck "The Gift HIV" and be sickened.

Any gay pedes here are most certainly smarter than this (because you're all Trump supporters!!)

And don't forget, straight people can get HIV; so don't FUCK AROUND!

The hills lefties love to die on: AIDS is actually good, fucking kids is actually good, intolerant muslims are actually tolerant, crime ridden cities should have more electoral votes than peaceful suburbs and rural areas, illegals don't vote, illegals should be able to vote, handicapped people don't have a need to defend themselves with weapons, etc.


Remember when aids was called grid?

One of the biggest myths of HIV that the media ever created is that it is just as easily transmitted through heterosexual intercourse. That is a straight up lie. There are multiple studies that have disproved that but of course they would never be widely reported.