/pol/ News Forever: " Leftists are so desperate to stop Trump from tweeting that they're claiming the President talking about an adversary country is bullying."

/pol/ News Forever: " Leftists are so desperate to stop Trump from tweeting that they're claiming the President talking about an adversary country is bullying."
/pol/ News Forever: " Leftists are so desperate to stop Trump from tweeting that they're claiming...

Not only an adversary but one threatening to kill Americans with nuclear weapons. You don't ignore a threat and hope it goes away you have to meet it head on.

There aren't words that describe their idiocy

They want to block Trump from Twitter

OK, let 'em. Trump will switch to Gab, and the world will follow suit

I'm fully convinced that if NYC, San Francisco, etc. we're to be hit by a nuke the libtards wouldn't want to retaliate. They're literally such pussies millions of our own could be murdered and they wouldn't want to do anything about it. They're traitors, all of them.

They would actually blame trump for it and want him removed from office. That's how twisted they are.

josh whedon of firefly fame? damn i'm sad

Whedon is a massive cuck and always has been.

Twitter would cream themselves if they could. But they won't because Trump tweets bring them ridiculous amount of traffic and revenue. Can't say no to that sweet capitalism.


Twitter knows how much money they make from Trump.

He's a huge cuck.

And apparently illiterate. The whole "choose another path", I guess they don't get it

The League of Professional Victims just gave Fat Boy a free membership and a secret decoder ring ;)

fuck joss whedon. overrated in every way.

It baffles me how someone this liberal could make something as libertarian as Firefly.

No use crying over a cuck, they do all the crying now.

Yeah man it broke my heart to find out what an insane lefty he is. That Avengers Hillary ad was infuriating and listening to him talk politics even worse. Ditto for Dan Harmon.

I would like to point out that the crew of said Firefly were the bad guys. The giant imperial machine with incredible technology, they were supposed to be the good guys.

His interview on Joe Rogan shows he's a next level cuck. It's insane. Whines the whole time. Loved firefly but Joss Whedon is a walking tampon.

He seriously may be single handedly keeping twitter alive.

They'll crawl out of the rubble, bleeding and covered in burns and soot, only to apologize for being northkoreaphobic right before dying of radiation poisoning.

Whole bunch of this, especially now that Trump is having a dick measuring contest with the eunuch over in N. Korea. It'd be passed off as "because of Trump, they were forced to defend themselves, so now we need to impeach him because he's leading to acts of war against minorities in big cities"

Celebrity worship is for cucks.

Less than a month after 9/11, the media started in on the whole "not all Muslims" bullshit. Anyone with half a brain knows that "not all muslims" are terrorists, yet they had to shove this down our throats while we were still reeling from the twin towers.

That's not their idiocy, just their actions.

Real question: Is it possible for Leftists to state their case without using the most extreme wording possible to describe a situation? I honestly would love to have some discourse with someone from the other side that didn’t include the usual 10-15 buzzwords they parrot over and over again.

Really, Joss? Genocide?

They delete his account n Twitter n the twits who work/own it will be out of jobs n Twitter will be no more! TRUMP IS TWITTERS CASH COW!

Even if they did bam him, doesn't he have access to the official White House Twitter account?

They always tend to miss the mark with popular fiction. See J.K. Rowling's inability to recognize Trump as Harry Potter, barraged by fake news, unaware that she's basically sided with Voldemort.

Like the fact that they can't meme, their perception of reality is so skewed... when they look to or make up their own fictional universes, it's with the same demented frame of reference.

Their political commentary is funny or poignant to them because they are politically retarded and at a philosophical disadvantage. Their actions these past years have steamrolled their neural pathways with blind hatred. It's too late for most of them. They just can't help it. We'll MAGA in spite of them, and their kids and grandkids... should they accidentally spawn something, will thank us for it.

I believe sedition is the word we're looking for.

Trump, "I hope N. Korea doesn't do anything"

Liberals, "Trump threatened a nuclear holocaust"

Math just isn't adding up here.

Here's a reminder about Joss Whedon: he likes to pick on high school-aged girls that were recovering from cancer if they meet Republicans from Congress.

I can hear the Superfriends announcer now..."meanwhile on Cuck Island!"

It would really suck to be as pathetic as Joss

spez: a word

Trump should do it anyway. I don't care which platform but he should start posting his daily updates (like tweets) and official WH statements on any new social media network away from SJW swamp that is Twitter and Facebook. He is the media now and in perfect position to bring on some really needed competition in the market.

Bu..bu..bu..but that's what Obama did and it worked!! 💯💩

Twitter will never ban or delete President Trump. That would be business suicide

That dude is a legit piece of shit.

Libs have been shouting anti-Russian rhetoric for a year straight now trying to instigate WWIII, but Trump responds impolitely to North Korea threatening to nuke US territories and suddenly Trump's "bullying" rhetoric is concerning?

If they ban him that's a sign of disrespect to trump, and he will boycott that shit and everyone will leave it. It'll be a cesspool of libs and will burn to shit

Thank CHRIST it's not all of them, imagine if it was. My reply to that every time is "not all people who have sex get AIDS, so should we stop AIDS research and caring about AIDS?"

I had to DuckDuckGo who the fuck he was.

Closer to retardation. Treason implies they know what the hell they are talking about.

They're all acting oddly protective of North Korea. Is there something we don't know? Is it where Soros keeps his secret lair or something?

Is it possible the country is and has been so sheltered for some demented globalist reason? Not just because Kim and his ilk were batshit crazy, but because it makes it easier to... whatever weird shit freedom hating, child fucking, demon worshiping, Nazis might could do.

Worst thing to happen to younger generations was Zero Tolerance.

We're on the brink of war with an enslaved, starving country ruled by a raving fucking lunatic waving nuclear warheads around.

Fuck feelings you pansy cunts.

Nope, cults heavily rely on loaded language.

Not all forms of cancer kill, so should we stop fighting cancer?

Islam is cancer.