/pol/ caught an antifa rioter who attacked people with a bike lock, turned out to be a professor.

/pol/ caught an antifa rioter who attacked people with a bike lock, turned out to be a professor.

Lock him up !

This guy is one seriously sick fuck. No normal human can pop innocent people on the skull with a fucking BIKE LOCK, these cops need to put this guy away before the next case is a homicide.

They also hacked his Amazon and ordered him 14 bike locks with 1 day shipping, the dude must be hiding in the basement with a tinfoil hat.

If i was paying my kids tuituon and found out they were taking a class about anti-authoritarian views on incarceration, i might do some bike lock beating of my own.

In a solitary confinement

i hope he gets charged with attempted murder.

His rate my professor's score is less than 2 out of 5 stars :p

The name has been crossed for the anonymity of this person.

teaches about incarceration.....about to learn first hand that he doesnt know shit about what he teaches.

The silent guardians, we are always watching.

Apparently he's made appearances at a lot of other Antifa riots. I read he was at a Milo event and also hit someone with a bike lock.

So he has multiple murder attempts under his belt.

Dude has got to be a sociopath.

If 4 chan wants to find you, you get found. I don't know why these fucking idiots even hide their faces anymore.


It is just brigading from pol and t_d though. Nearly every single rating (besides 2) were after the Doxx

I'm not hopeful for something like that, a judge probably wouldn't put much stock into this evidence... but I've read about how many people Cali locks up so maybe.


He has 6 murder attempts with that bike lock, all at Antifa-infested events.

If the prosecuting attorney in the criminal case against the mad professor has all of the evidence that 4Chan gathered, this professor is not going to get off with a slap on the wrist, he'll get multiple years, even on a plea deal, in California's gang-filled jails.

Maybe that will show Antifa that they are not protected if they commit violence against others, and their numbers will finally decrease for good.

Yep, the retarded little liberals at this indoctrination center loved this little faggot.


Here is a gatewaypundit article on this incident. If Gateway Pundit is reporting his name, are we allowed to mention it here?

The unfortunate reality is, the more liberal the professor the easier the course. Easy courses (free GPA inflation) tends to get great reviews.

Maybe them pol cats should have mailed KY and vaseline.

Well, this professor surely is devoted and dedicated being a professor.

I wouldn't do it because of admin and site rules but you most certainly can link to the gatewaypundit.

That takes on another meaning, given his circumstances.

Easy, buy membership to a site where they sell passwords... most people use the same username and passwords for all sites so once one site has been compromised and the passwords put up for sale you can pretty much find anyone's passwords.

He's about to do some field research on incarceration


Oh, but they let them out so they can kill cops. Don't worry.

All hail and praise kek!

Lock him to the space shuttle just before liftoff

To the Reddit admins, "doxxing" is whatever they need it to be in order to smear T_D.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

[bike] lock him up

Oh don't worry, the guy who he hit decided to sue

User name checks out.

That's the joke.tiff

There's a huge site on the clearnet, the dark/deep web stuff is more identities, CC info, SS info

edit: If you're curious to see, go to haveIbeenpwned and check your emails/usernames as they search the pastes/breaches for you.

Fuck I love the tracking capabilities of /Pol/

I'm not hopeful for something like that, a judge probably wouldn't put much stock into this evidence.

Not a local prosecutor. But a Federal Prosecutor looking at a terrorist charge may see differently.

Gotcha. I won't post his name but I am curious what the rules are for future reference. Suppose for example that in addition to GatewayPundit, Fox News had reported this. At what point does a name become reported enough (for any given story) that we can use it on here?

how tf?

it's too late for that

Personally, I would say don't post dox on reddit, and also dont post dox on other sites and spread it here. However, if the news is reporting this, and you link it, its not your fault, it's the news.

Yup. Me neither.

Gotta love that weapons-grade autism.


What next? He's done porn like all the other antifa who were unmasked?

welp, i'm utterly fucked.

I saw the name earlier today in a screen cap of 4Chan and wondered the same thing. Honestly one "news source" should be adequate no matter if it's gateway or CNN but to be on the safe side I'd say that if the name is used in the title of the news story no matter how wide spread or not then there would be no repercussions to put the name in comments.

Reddit admin is cucked. I can see doxxing accusations happening if the sole source was infowars vs exclusively coming from the Huffington Post.

Use your best judgment.

Don't underestimate the chan division. These dudes... They are the equivalent of the net special forces. Like, very special force. Weaponized autism on levels unheards of.

As far as I'm concerned, they are pretty much the proof that connecting a big amount of people is the equivalent to making a new neural network composed each of a single brain. Some kind of cyber mass intelligence.

HaveIBeenPwned is a reputable site. It's ran by known security developer Troy Hunt.

No, he needs to face justice for his crimes, not mob violence. If we just violently retaliate against him, Antifa could use him as a martyr to increase their numbers.

Only making him see his day in court (particularly with a guilty verdict and a multi-year sentence) can work to get him off of our streets while also demoralizing their remaining members.


Good work boys

Unacceptable behaviour from somone in such a profession. It is likely he also encourages many students into the violent ANTIFA group. He should lose his job immediately and be charged.

Damn those guys went deep, i would've never thought of half the stuff they did to find the guy.

this guy is a professor?

i guess we now know why is our kids not learning?

Maybe he's a Constitutional Law Professor TM ?

Sounds pretty smart if you call yourself one from time to time. I heard it works wonders

There's sites that sell passwords? Deep web stuff or surface web?

I mean that's what it looked like to me. He could have easily bashed in that guy's skull and killed him with a blow like that.

He's lucky it didn't play out that way.

SUE LAD!!!!!!!!

Positive feedback loop of leftist stupidity.

That's what they want you to think 👽👽

They don't know. They've only remotely heard stories of the chan. They hang out on tumblr, facebook and some parts of reddit. They don't realize.

I'm sure he's screwing his students. The young and impressionable flock to that type of personality.

you left his name in the MySpace url

apparently /pol/ hacked into his Amazon account and sent himself 14 bike locks with 1-day shipping!

can't wait to hear that he's been shitcanned from his job, too...He'll be fired, right?!

Lol, Anti Authoritarian Views on Incarceration? Those liberal course names sound like the satirical episode titles from Community:


Also: how is Antifa an Anti authoritarian organization? If you don't agree with them they call you a racist and assert that from then on every means are justified to terminate your participation in the public debate: they then form a group and attempt to silence you by means of violence.

pol cats

That's a great name!

There is no point. It's all over the internet now.

Wow. What a scum bag. Just because you're educated doesn't mean you're morally better.

Welp. Shit happens.

Good news for this guy, he's gonna get free enemas for life.

He might be better off in jail. We know where you live holmes.

Can't teach classes from a prison cell

Actually he's not even a professor, why is it a thing now to appropriate academic rank to anyone who happens to be employed by a college? Every article is referring to him as a prof!?