Poki shows a dick pic on stream

Poki shows a dick pic on stream

She's a woman.

No ban.

Hassan text?

Opening Facebook DMs during stream. Clicks on the photo message. Message was sent during the stream.

Yeah, no one could have possibly seen this happening.

20 post about it, just shows you how many of these cucks watch this shit

Shit dude. I forgot. If you even stream for 1 hour of IRL compared to 5 hours of league you're an IRL streamer.

I sent you a picture of my dick, please reply

smh girls can show dick pics on streams but tyler shows a slightly unclothed and gets banned :think:

Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks noxWhat

Watch what shit exactly? She is a regular gaming streamer playing games. Literally never sexual.

Why do you hate women so much?

Dw she can't get banned, grill streamer.

Because people do get banned for this, just not attractive females with their tits out. It's called consistency.

lmao she didn't even get banned on Youtube

she was streaming on both and no "automated censor" got her like they did Ice

lol she's the definition of an e-girl on Twitch who leeched off of popular players to become popular.

Did they add "reading your private DMs on stream in front of your audience" in the latest LoL patch?

When she sees the dick first time

you gon learn what a long dick look like today

The whore! I bet she wasn't even wearing a burka

Pokimane isn't a titty streamer tho. She plays league

Shes so cancer to listen to

That's my point, Twitch rules aren't consistent...

I dunno. Tons of very attractive women have 100-1000 viewers. She gets like 5-6k everytime I see her online.

There comes a point where people have to be honest about titty streamers. They don't get that many viewers. Obviously if she's pulling multiple thousands they are there for reasons other than her being hot, because otherwise they would watch some hot camwhore having their tits hang out.

she was streaming on both at the same time?...didn't know twitch allowed their partners to do that

Edit: When you go to her youtube live channel it says "Last streamed live on Apr 15, 2017" 🤔

Hasan you better share her nudes with us

That's pretty big tho, Kappa

Hassan has her nudes she wont get a ban.

She plays league

Is that supposed to be better?


No shit nobody should but if you're going to have a retarded rule at least be consistent on it. If the rule is no dicks she should be banned end of.

This reads like someone who's never interacted with a girl besides their mom.

TFW you try to insult other people but you think every girl streamer is a camwhore. SeemsGood.

PogChamp DICK PogChamp

hassan is on it no bannerino!!!

i mean her nipple did slip out but yeah i get what you mean so many girl streams do get a pass

She'll probably just get a warning if this is the first time its happened. Reckful and Forsen "got away" with a bunch of horse cocks and other shit before getting temp bans. More recently, kaceytron showed a BBC and got off with just a warning.

We don't know. Its a meme.

How is she leeching if the only evidence pointing towards them dating is a 3 second clip of her walking with bjerg in the background of an interview

Uh huh

Way to win the karma race, Grandpa.
Gotta get that karma


ah so spending 1% of a stream doing not gaming makes you a titty streamer? very interesting.

you do realize the only reason she is popular is because she is attractive?

Shame Reckful got banned for the same thing for a week. Worst week of his life FeelsBadMan

This guy

She did slide into Meteos's DMs and had them leak.

That shit was funny as fuck.

She's actually in the top 1% of league of legends players, but whatever helps you feel better about yourself

I once saw a video where she was with Lilypichu, monogamy must not be her thing, smh.

She's literally not though. She dresses fairly conservative and plays games for 99% of her stream. I know nothing about LOL but I guess she's a decent player? Not sure though, she could be trash.

I've only watched her like twice. Once doing league and once streaming some convention irl streaming. But every time I've seen her on she's been playing games. Idk, maybe someone else can shed more light on it.

oh, nah. afaik she pretty much always purely plays league during her streams

Mitch didn't get banned for showing the image of someone taking a shit or whatever neither, did he?

idk if you're joking but apparently she's Diamond which is supposedly pretty good