Pointing at random hot girls

Pointing at random hot girls

It would be less cringy if he didn't talk...

This guy learned social interaction through social media.

The real cringe here is that he probably paid $40+ for that cotton t-shirt that is far too small for him.

"Hewwo. My name is [inaudiable] Silver and today I'm going to be pointing at wandom hot gwerls."

Sounds like he should be hunting wabbits instead.

The cringe/awkwardness was diffused by how incredibly personable every one of those girls was! They all dealt with it pretty much perfectly.

Which is why you are sitting in your room alone with your computer and not out in a park being a pretty girl.

So if he gets rejected its only a prank bro

lol it's a prank bro

then the title after that:

Pointing At Hot Girls lol

Welcome to the social epidemic of the next 30 years!

Why can't people like this take the balls it takes to do something this horrific and apply it to actually just talking to these girls normally?

"social experiment"

Apply cold water to the burn.

Or is he you?


cotton washes when you shrink it.

But why

They're talking to him cuz they are freaked out by him. They are probably scared at worst and put off at best. He didn't give them much ability to leave and his behavior switches them into polite mode because he is acting so strangely that they can't tell what could happen next. So while someone might talk back, the best way to start a conversation is to not make them feel uncomfortable lol.

"I have this disease..." is not the best way to begin a conversation with women/anyone.

Dear god this is at UCF. why do I have to go to school with idiots like this? Not only that but he's wearing a Yeezus shirt, the exact same one I have....fuck my life.

I agree. It could have been a lot worse but they were all great. If some random dude did this to me I would probably just say "what the fuck man you're a weirdo".

Its ok. He's got a $60 hipster haircut.


we're just getting used to the bullshit people do for social media

this guy

Maybe it's who grew up really fast?


was just as cringy.

that gave me anxiety

Well, this video is encouraging for me. You can be weird, not attractive, behave strangely, and still be able to talk to random people, and they're friendly.

No that was worse

actually it would take more balls to talk to a girl normally

At least he didn't "poke" them.

I dont agree with you.

Most people try to understand the situation before making openly hostile remarks. They reacted exactly as I would expect them to do. Polite, de-escalating and trying to figure out what this guy wanted from them. Not trying to be a killjoy. :)

He's not talking normally though. He's talking like McLovin... unintentionally.

He probably got it on the Yeezus tour. And the Yeezus tour was fucking amazing, no matter what you think of the album.

Hahaha omg those first two girls were like "don't move. his vision is based on movement".

It seems like American girls are pretty open and cool mostly.

I'm almost positive this guy probably goes to Full Sail College. It's about 15 min from where this was filmed, and he acts just like everyone I went to school with.

Having social skills isn't about being percieved as normal, it's about having the awareness to understand the moods and emotions of others, and how to understand how your actions will affect those people.

Saying "everyone has a problem, therefore it isn't a problem" doesn't actually make the problem go away.

I personally don't think social media is AS big a deal as everyone makes it out to be, but rather we just have increased visibility of people doing dumb things due to cameras.

You mean the Brad Taylor?

Nothing, really. He's overweight, but it looks worse because all his clothes are too small.

Did you watch the video? He points for like 2 seconds then talks. You think it would take more balls to not point?

I would certainly be a very different person if I had the same immersion in social media and lit up screens as these kids when I was young. I got my first phone at 17, and many adults at the time would say that's ridiculous because they figured it would affect my social skills. I figure each generation is going to have a larger and larger chunk of the population with broken social skills than the last.

I don't think I could've been as nice as these girls. Like can I fucking help you dude?

Nobody acted even remotely like he was a rapist... wtf? They even seemed friendly to him. If a girl doesn't ask if she can sit on your face it doesn't necessarily mean that she thinks you're a rapist.

tru I can't deny that

Lol! Super hot spicy prank bro! Did you get that HOT girls number brah? You are a really funny guy bro, do another prank bro! YouTube needs more original content like this bro! Nice ponytail.

Some call it a pony tail, I call it a Party Tail

Some call it a pony tail, I call it a

"The Prankists" jesus christ....


Laugh already, dammit!

I was surprised at how nice they were about it. Dude's being extremely rude.

Fuck. How did this YouTube "prank" culture start? They're not even pranks D:

He can kinda hide behind this whole pointing thing though. I remember doing weird shit that would give me a reason to talk to girls when I was younger. It's more intimidating to just go up and try to start a conversation in a lot of ways because the rejection is sharper.

He knows none of these girls. He will always know none of these girls.

More dank though

Or maybe the person was filming with this:

Or maybe the person was filming with this:

lol yeah, I forgot what I was talking about would require social skills!

There's someone off the camera holding all the people at gunpoint

If we're talking about the same clip it's about autism. It may seem like he is an asshole but I think he just have autism himself and thought it was a good question. Social interaction isn't always easy for them. If I was in the panel I would have answered.

Lord Jesus. 808s is a fucking masterpiece.

oooh a girl! point

It's a tech art school, specializing in audio engineering, video production, game design, animation etc.

Ten years ago it was pretty cool, I hated school and liked the idea of getting a degree out of the way as painlessly as possible. So 20 grand, and one straight year of non stop classes and I left with an associates of science degree when I had just barely turned 18.

it was fun, didn't really learn much, or try that hard either. I wouldn't call it scammy, well I don't know what it's like now, prolly more money I'm sure. For me it was good, and having a degree has helped get where I'm at now, despite not working in the field I studied.

The typical student there were pretty dooshy back in 2002. Everyone in audio considered themselves the best musicians of all time, and constantly making you listen to thier demos, etc ad nauseum. The film students were running around filming everything like this guy. The computer animation people acted like they were computer geniuses etc. It was a pretty shitty group of thousands of people crammed in like 5 square blocks and apartment complexes. You go to a party and there are like 15 people filming fucking everything, while another like 8 people are playing acoustic guitars over each other.

It's probably perfect for people who despise school and want to get it over as quickly as possible. Classes and subjects were fun. I don't know what goes on there anymore.

Hmm. I worked at a retail store that sold the yeezus brand and every item in the line was 40 or more dollars. If he did buy it from at Kanye show I'm sure it was less expensive, but he looks like the type of person to pay 40 bucks for it in the store.

At the beginning of the video I was like that looks a lot like Memory Mall...oh, it is Memory Mall. Dammit

They're talking to him because they're on a campus and you never know who someone else is, might be your friends friend or something. If someone did this randomly to someone else on the streets of New York or something, you can be sure to expect different responses. Probably people keep walking / getting off their park bench and leaving and so on. That's why most of these are taking place in campuses as people are more open to retarded stupid shit like this in between their classes and so on =)


He should've done this instead: