[Poetry] Bigger and harder

[Poetry] Bigger and harder

I was expecting some clever edit where it implies he put his dick on the cutting board and just started slicing nonchalantly.

I hope "Titanium Rod" is the newest craze

And that's Riley Reid, correct?

I thought it was going to be something from that hot knife channel


Yea, I had to check too. I didn't recognize her immediately from just the thumbnail either...


pornstar looking girl, good production but shitty acting and script

Well they have sex right after so probably not.

I did...


Never knew riley reid sounded like a deaf person.

Unrelated, but what is it about pornos that makes you say "Yep, that's a porno" even if there's no nudity and you don't recognize any of the actors?

Assuming, of course, that none of the actors use any sexual innuendos and there is no URL in the corner.

Dude it adds such a deeper level of humor to the bit. /s

this huge thing

Doesn't have shit on

I really wanted to see him cut that titanium rod


Wow, so edgy.

Surprisingly easy to find actually.

NSFW Riley Reid - Kitchen Knives.

(I did too; that was the joke!)


Don't forget the double entendres and suggestive body language.

What's with the fucking color edits?

Pain Olympics

Like a hotwife through brothas.

I was pretending that I was like OP, uncertain of who Riley Reid is—which supposes that I don't watch porn often or I'd know who she is since she's very famous. When, in fact, I'm so familiar with her work (because I watch porn every day) that I was able to recognize her by just the thumbnail alone; no need for google. Meaning, I jerk off a lot. So much in fact that it's funnier if I pretend that i don't as much as I do, and now we're back at the beginning!

Got it?

I find it funny that you think "faggot" is some sort of punchline.

You're just calling someone a name.

Nothing will ever overcome the inanimate carbon rod!

At the end she gets offered a free knife and she turns it down. Thats bullshit, no one would turn down a free knife especially one that slices both carrots and cucumber with such ease.

I personally sound like a bit of a retard when I get high and try to talk

maybe being high just weakens your symptoms

Hydraulic red hot titanium rod vs. human skull.

Yup. Once you see what she's doing you know that the dude isn't going to cut that titanium rod. That's when I stopped watching.


At least it's not screaming over a red filter

I'd say when you think the only way the plot can move forward is sex it becomes obvious. Without innuendos the porn setup would be conspicuously boring.

Bad acting helps too. And the people being uncommonly attractive.

also the wardrobe seems like it came from walmart

holy shit now thats a throwback

This dude jerks off so much even his reddit comments are jerk offs.

meme porn is my fetish.


Your lies are tearing this family apart, Ms. Reid.

If you think that's bad look up Alina Li. It's off putting

But look at . When I first saw it, it took me a while to notice the Brazzers logo, but I just knew it was from a porno, even though it very easily could have been a comedy skit.

Originally why I watched. Then Riley reed happened.

pretty sure she's high

Gotta have some random edits in there otherwise it's just a scripted scene from a movie. I think that's how people get around that rule at least.

It's fake if that helps at all

I personally sound like a bit of a retard when I get high and try to talk, and most people I know sound a little off as well. I'm not saying she definitely is, but someone's voice can certainly be an indication.

She's just got a Chinese accent...?

This is genius, I should watch more porn.


What about this says "good production" to you?

Riley Reid should become a new meme.

In Rod We Trust!

Is fake bb is ok

Whatever you do, don't watch this

A Magnum dong, if you will.

There's worse stuff that's real if you want to be scarred again

When you're neither clever nor funny and also very rude at the same time and people call you out on it, it's best to just own up to it or simply stop talking, not to double down and make it even worse for yourself.

A cucumber is not harder then a carrot.

it does. Thanks

The original URL where he says "brutal, savage, rekt" is gfycat NippyKindLangur. It became such a meme that the announcer became self-aware and said the URL during a broadcast. GFY obliged and edited the new URL accordingly.

In Rod We Trust!

Why would I get offended by anything? You weren't talking to me.

I was just trying to give you some friendly advice.

This is porn that I can get behind.

in rod we trust

It was written by 4chan, the whole thing is gold.


For comparison, here's the same joke from Corner Gas

Corner Gas is amazing

I was honestly trying to figure out how a vaporwave jump cut was going to work.

Ohhhh of course

/u/Nokel confirmed subconscious racist.

OP of the parent comment, not you

Multi camera setup, lighting, clean sound

This guy gets it

There is appears to be a distinctive type of "porn girl" makeup and facial expressions. It is harder to tell with men, but the ladies have the distinctive "I'm just here to get naked" look about them.

Edit is from popular copypasta on r/hockey

Well she is big with the renewable industry guy who created Rick and Morty and his "meme team" of friends.

Now Tayne I can get into.

The movie?

because pornstars are notorious for working while high

Don't forget titanium rods!

Fucking hell, my friend showed me this when I was a kid. Still scarred.

Are you like 12