Plot twist

Plot twist

Everyone looks so good with each other 'cause they're all so hawt

I wanna fuck them all honestly, it’s confusing

Jon and Cersei can just have hateful revenge sex

Would Dany/Jaime be makeup sex for when they tried to kill each other?

Dany: I saw you charging at me with a spear in hand at Blackwater Rush.. What were you trying to do? Jaime: I can demonstrate. - pokes her with his other spear repeatedly

All 4 could become those weird couples who are friends and occasionally have group sex to mix it up

Hate fucking can be a beautiful thing. I'd watch

"A golden finger in the bum, spawn of the mad king?"

Friends& relatives* Imagine Cersei hatefucking Dany. Westeros would explode.. 🤯 I’ll see myself out.