Please Welcome this New Mini-Pede!

Please Welcome this New Mini-Pede!


winning, winning, and MORE winning!

You know, he is the best thing that ever happened. It is very cliche to say so, but it is true.

Thank you! I never thought I'd have a family, but here I am, husband and father.

Oh my gosh, so tiny :) it’s the best thing ever, enjoy every moment! ps nap when you can.

What a beautiful baby! Welcome to T_D, MiniPede. We are your other family.

This message is for you out there down voting this beautiful baby and his awesome dad. Get a grip on reality. This is what life is all about, LOVE! The undeniable, unconditional love of a parent and child, and the love we are all showing them. Try it for a change. It works.

Dear heavenly Father,

Please watch over this family. Please bless them, keep them safe and healthy, and guide this young man's parents so that they may raise him to be a good, kind, and caring person.

In Jesus name,


Miserable lefties, that's who. Downvoting a beautiful newborn. Is there anything more despicable?

I can't believe that a lovely comment like yours has been downvoted so much!

Awww! Mazel Tov! Cherish this time, they grow up fast & start talking back.

Congratulations! Enjoy it when they're young as time flies by so quickly.

Congrats! I know you’ve heard this a bunch, but it goes sooooo fast. Enjoy every sleepless and wonderful minute with your baby Pede.

Congrats, Dad!

It’s a miracle.

Being brigaded here. Thank you!

Thank you! The people here are great!

Ultra rare ultra mini pede!

May God bless your new child. MAGA!

Beautiful little one.

Who downvotes this?

Congrats on that little miracle!

Best news all day

Congratulations Pede(s)

Aw, I must have fans. :-D. What’s a few downvotes? We have a country to save.

Nice work, pede!

OMG! I love that! Pepe!!!

Many thanks!