Please Save Kids’ Health Care

Please Save Kids’ Health Care

I hear the Senate is going to be offering free paediatric physicals starting in January. You just bring your underaged daughter in, and they'll check her out for you.

My understanding is that actual Satanists would be extremely against harming children.

Not if you worship satan. I am starting to believe the republicans worship satan.

I don’t understand why we can’t all agree that programs like this should be the last to be cut.

Orrin Hatch is going to die in disgrace because of this.

Sorry can't hear you over the sound of collapsing the social safety nets!

The children that need these programs aren't the children of the Republican donor class.

Therefore they are subhuman takers gaming the system and worthy of scorn and ridicule. Those oligarchs SLAVE in their boardrooms for 2, even 3 hours a day!

Do you think they do that so they can have money STOLEN from their piles of money to save POOR children?

Those children made the choice to be poor. They need to take responsibility for their birth.

26, Doc thinks I have EDS. Have an appointment with a rheumatologist in about a month- I can't afford the copay, but I also can't stand for an hour at a time most days. Can't get a job because of my disability, can't keep affording school, because I can't get a job.

Sure I get insurance through my university, but its been between paying for a copay or eating. I need PT for a lot of my issues, but that's upwards of $50 per visit with insurance.

At least I'm only responsible for myself though... I can't imagine being in charge of another life and not being able to afford the care they need to stay healthy. What have we become?

I'm just planning on becoming a street person or something I think.

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