Please don't push the blur to live servers

Please don't push the blur to live servers

Sharp when standing still but as soon as you move it's a hot mess

Is this anti-aliasing? Motion blur? Either way, it looks horrible even with reshade on. Everything just mushes together.

seriously wish more people were being vocal about this. everyone always immediately goes to "turn off AA" or "use reshade". those are not real solutions and bluehole needs to know that we want it addressed. i dont think it'd be enough to get me to stop playing, but its definitely been ruining my enjoyment of the test server.

The anti aliasing is the really shitty kind. Doesn't affect FPS, but makes it look like crap. Instead, turn it off and boost the screen scale as a substitute. I didn't lose that much FPS, but if you can't afford to take a fps hit you are basically out of luck.

I think it's a side-effect of temporal anti-aliasing. Change AA to low or very low to avoid it. Edit: you can test the motion blur effect on red dots and holographics very easily by just looking in different directions rapidly.

Blur is unavoidable on the test servers. It is not an issue caused by AA settings. Confirmed it myself.

Test version of the game is completely fucking disgusting right now because of this blur. These photos don't do it justice. It really is awful.

AA on test servers makes things blurry, it does not on regular servers. suggesting people turn AA down or off is not a solution.

this is a really big problem for the people that it affects.

Ya this blur needs to go

It's TAA made the blur.

Here is a fix I found and use my-self.

LOL you parrots need to get a grip. Tweaks like these cause no harm or give any unfair advantage so you'll be 99.99% safe from bans.

Fair play is crucial when it comes to how we look at players editing the game files. Gaining any kind of unfair advantage in PUBG is against our Rules of Conduct.

We want you to know that we constantly evaluate and review our policies to keep up with our rapidly growing game and provide the best experience for our users. Having said that, this far, the only group of people who have been banned for changing game files are those who have removed textures from the game. I sincerely hope that you all agree that removing grass, trees, buildings, etc. from the game is cheating.


I dont see a difference?