Please don't add D2 Modifiers to Heroic Strikes. Because D2 Modifiers are terrible.

Please don't add D2 Modifiers to Heroic Strikes. Because D2 Modifiers are terrible.

I've been seeing a lot of comments about how the heroic strikes are missing modifiers and yes, it does suck. However, my bigger fear is that Bungie, for some unknown reason, listens and adds in modifiers... but only D2 modifiers.

Every single D2 modifier is terrible with the exception of Torrent. Modifiers used to have a great risk/reward balance in D1 that is sadly lacking in D2. All of the burns might have let you take a lot more damage, but in return if you built your loadout correctly then it also made you feel really powerful. D2 modifiers... they just make you weaker and the content harder but not more fun.

The only combo I can think of that is ok is Torrent+Timer. That kind of combo makes the risk/reward fun. You get really fast grenades/skills and are more powerful than usual but you then need to kill faster. Balanced.

So yes, please, add modifiers to Heroic Strikes, it needs to be more fun. But dear god please dont add D2 modifiers.

I had Momentum on a heroic adventure that I did solo. Fuck that modifier.

I miss the burns

not the switching one that changes that we got in D2, but the burns on D1

THANK YOU. There's no need to turn hive knights into bullet sponges or force me to literally jump through hoops.

Yeah, fuck that entirely. The boss fight was absolute garbage.

The modifiers really are terrible. The nightfall really only had 1 modifier that does something the other messes with the timer. That's depressing as hell when we had so many modifiers. Arc, solar, void burn, small arms, specialist, daybreak, light switch, juggler, brawler, catapult, airborne, grounded, match game, exposure. And that's off the top of my head I probably missed a few. monster.

Its so shit. I did it solo too and there's literally nowhere to run and then they put a timer on the Captain one (the up and up adventure?) Trying to stay alive tether the captain literally does nothing he runs away and blasts me away so didn't end up beating the time limit... so don't know if I could have got better rewards or not

Brawler is a cool one that's returning to D2. Not only does it regen health when you hit with it, it also recharges your melee at pretty much Torrent speed.

Brawler + Momentum were in the Heroic Adventures last night, and it made it awesome to use Strikers w/ shoulder charge. You can basically just keep sprinting to maintain your health, shoulder charge when you need to attack, then go back to sprinting.

I demolished the boss with Hawthorne's shotgun. I got stuck for 5 minutes plus a bit before that with 4 or 5 knights bullet sponges and a wizard. Had to wait for my super to recharge because I was out of heavy. Would have been fine if we still had secondary weapons.

Got to say reading this and other comments makes me feel a little better about what was the shit show of me also soloing this heroic adventure with momentum. I thought maybe it was just me missing something or not having a properly optimized load out for momentum (not really sure what that would be though, since when I tried sword/submachine gun combo I just got stomped).

Maybe I'm just missing the obvious, but does the game communicate to you beforehand what modifiers an individual heroic adventure will have?

I came here to say that, holy pants that was one of the most frustrating, risk-averse runs I've ever had to play on this game. It ended against that super trigger happy captain right?

It's like here are all these amazing weapons and perks and play styles to use with your awesome guardian, except right now I'm going to force you into being super conservative with scout rifles and randomly run around in circles whenever you get hurt. THIS IS NOT FUN!

I kind the switching one actually? The fixed rotation order makes it feel almost like a turn-based game if you plan your class makeup and loadouts carefully with your team. I would love to have both the rotating one and the burns as possible modifiers.

Trickle and Juggler come for free... They are always on.