Please bring back Supremacy or add Conquest mode, can't believe the only large mode is this "doomed to die" GA with it's boring linear objectives

Please bring back Supremacy or add Conquest mode, can't believe the only large mode is this "doomed to die" GA with it's boring linear objectives

Title says everything. My favourite game modes were Walker Assault and Supremacy, WA is at least partially in the game (still not enough, especially when I can't choose the fuckin' map), supremacy has been removed entirely which is a pretty stupid decision.

We need an asymetric game mode without linear design and where less skilled players are not harming the objective for dying more often.

Supremacy needs to be in this game. BF2 is not as fun for me as the last Battlefront. Every match I played of supremacy was epic! It was a back and forth all out battle for control of the planet. Digging in with a few teammates to hold off the rebel scum for just one more minute for victory was exhilarating! GA is predictable, the battles are not as epic. I'm sort of enjoying this game, but no Supremacy is a major let down for me. And on the last BF winning actually felt like it meant something. Can was please bring back win bonus?

The irony that you want two gamemodes with linear objectives to help with your boredom of a gamemode with linear objectives.

I just miss the game mode from Outer Rim where you escort the payload. That was the freakin best

How is GA not a real Star Wars objective?

GA wouldn't be as frustrating if it didn't end if the defense wins in the early rounds. So many games are just done in under 10 minutes.

But yeah, a Conquest type mode would be preferred. Getting quite tired of a giant chokepoint where you just run in and die repeatedly.

Word on the street is that Extraction was found in the game files when it was datamined. so that could be coming back sooner than we think.

Perfect balance? I don't believe we played the same Star Wars Battlefront 2015.

Please DICE give us Conquest it was the main gamemode from the original battlefronts so I don't know why we won't get it in this years battlefront.

Let's capture a command post!!!

3 major reasons for Conquest or modes for open maps:

Higher Replayability Star Wars Like Battles Vehicle Combat

Here the link to the official forum. Every help to make this thread bigger is important and welcome. EA's community manager already answered in it and made clear that it's possible!!!

There's a Battleground in WoW called Arathi Basin. It has an awesome game mode formula that would work well in any team based game. Basically there are 5 points on the map that need to be controlled, which then gathers resources. Controlling 3 of the points means your team gathers resources at a faster rate than the enemy team who hold the other 2 points. Controlling all 5 points makes the resources gather even faster and the game ends when one team reaches the win state number of resources. It's an awesome game mode. Only problem would be the issue of time based credit rewards. If you are good and win fast then you don't get many credits. That system needs to be changed so winning gives you a decent bonus.

I think that was probably the best thing about the entire game. I never had such epic matches than those last few minutes of Extraction.

Still a couple of DLCs to come

Conquest I would like to see but the way they have things setup, I don't think it would work. They don't really have symmetry when it comes to the factions, so balancing that would be awkward.

I didn't enjoy supremacy much in SWBF2015 because it broke spawns frequently (spawn near enemies or get spawned on) if they fixed the spawning by having dedicated side areas, then it would be okay.

Uhm, walker assault was linear, but not boring. It was a real Star Wars objective. Supremacy is far from linear compared to Glactic Assault and it's objectives. You can change the outcome by re-capturing points and there is a time limit instead of a stupid counter.

Based on you logic every shooter is linear because you shoot people...

Except a few occasions all of them are about capturing/holding points. Even on those planets where there is a walker it is only one phase where you're actually threatened by it, then "capture/hold" again. For me it seemed that Walker Assault offered better Star Wars experience, rather than an average multiplayer experience. You had an iconic enemy a constant threat on the map which you had to eliminate. Not to mention a team wasn't (more) screwed when they had a few less skilled players who died more often, here they are basically punished even more.

Supremacy and WA were a perfect balance, one is a standard multiplayer mode, the other offers better SW experience, here I belive they tried to reducate the modes too forced and tried to mix these into one mode which didn't work out.