anyone notice that icees are the worst movie drink. either you drink it all and piss or you wait until it’s a melted sticky precum

I'm honestly down for a 5 minute intermission on anything over 2 and a half hours, even 2. I love that long ass intermission in old movies like the king and I and sound of music. Gives me time to crap and eat, often at the same time

But once you drink it all you get a nice empty cup with a lid and a decently sized opening. And for the ladies the lid can be put upside down and used as a funnel. No leaving the theatre anymore :D

Even if I don't need to piss, if you're sitting for a 3 hour epic an intermission gives you time to do some probably very necessary back and neck stretches. I cannot count the number of times I have felt my neck lock up.

I hate I agree with you

A few years ago, I traveled by myself through Portugal and decided to see a movie. The last Hunger Games movie had just come out, so I went to see that.

about halfway through the movie, the gang find a place to hide and go down some stairs. Katniss looks up as the trapdoor closes and the screen goes black.

Then the lights in the theater came on and INTERVALO came on the screen. I thought there was a problem with the movie, but then people got up and left.

Turns out intervalo means intermission and they do that with long movies there, just pick the midway point and give everyone 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, stretch, or whatever.

I was thinking that, but then I remembered that when I'm actually drinking the eight cups of water a day that I'm supposed to instead of sitting around all dehydrated, I do actually have to pee every fucking hour. It's one of the main reasons why I don't drink eight cups of water a day like I'm supposed to.

So I'm going to assume the people complaining about this are properly hydrated.

Fun fact, the average movie length is actually 2h 9m which is longer than most people expect. Just like my pee-pee

You’re nasty but you’re not wrong

We have these in Switzerland too, they're pretty great. They make sense for the theatre as well because they sell more stuff at the snack bar during intermission.

What do these people do when they're not watching movies? Do they go to the bathroom every hour?

Dude so many movies recently, where i was like bring on the dancing popcorn. Doesn't happen