PlayStation graphics have come a long way... (x-post from r/PS4)

PlayStation graphics have come a long way... (x-post from r/PS4)

To think we're at a point that a console game of Kingdom Hearts makes toy story look better than the first two toy story movies

That Toy Story 2 game on PS1 and Dreamcast was awesome! I'd love to play it again.

Just wait till we can render Pixar movies in stereoscopic 3d VR (two separate view points rendered at once) in real time. Be cool to watch a toy story movie right in front of the action

It's from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III.

When did THIS -> become sexier than THIS <- ?

It was on N64 as well. I bought it recently out of nostalgia. Controls are wonky as hell but still a solid game with a great difficulty curve. Also, fuck that tree level.

Are we at the point where we have perfect toy story 1 graphics in real time?

Ever since c++

Huh. Toy Story in Japanese. My nostalgia is confused.

(Heavy Eastern European accent) "I just can't wait to play this stereoscopic 3D game, so I can be like "get out of here, Stalker" in 3D"

(Binged a ton of old SBFP and now it has corrupted me)

Looks closer to 3 if I'm being honest. Toy story 1 and 2, as much as I absolutely loved them, have some serious jank going on when you watch them these days.

Yeah, High Definition has not helped those films.

It looks absolutely amazing.

Not downvoting because you're clearly an Xbox gamer....

Downvoting because whether you accept it or not, your goal was clearly to incite anger in PS4, PC, and Switch users.

But it failed. There is such a thing as owning multiple consoles you know. That's the luxury of having the freedom to choose. You can choose none, or 100. But the fact remains that your comment failed in its goal

You vs the guy she tells to don't worry about

No, only PlayStation graphics have evolved over the years. XBOX consoles are still running with the same quality as the original XBOX, dont you know?

Pixar doesn't use Mocap as far as I know.

dang that joke is sharp

Its a terrible dub. Real fans watch Toy Story in the original english.

The dog's fur being just a texture stands out so bad now

Is this an actual toy story game on the PS4?

What sticks out for me was the first level with the green acid in the basement, the construction level with the jackhammer, and the level at the airport with the plane going around in circles.

IIRC the reason that so many last-gen games skipped splitscreen is because the game is essentially rendering twice for the different viewpoints. This dual rendering is part of the reason why players are often locked into the same area in games such as Halo. They can share assets such as the environment. Nintendo console games have always been about cooperative play first, so in exchange for lower polygon counts and more cartoonish graphics, they can have 4 player splitscreen across a majority of titles.

Now as cool as the concept of split screen VR might be, the fact that VR itself requires use of physical space limits the ability for multiple users to play in the same room. Considering this, each friend simply playing from his/her own room or own home seems the better option honestly. Even if you might miss out on some bumping-into-each-other shenanigans and the joy of playing alongside them.

edit: I'm an idiot I thought you said splitscreen VR for some fucking reason. You were just talking about dual rendering for our current "true" 3D rendering ability. Rip me. W/E had fun writing anyway.

Don't you just mean "Graphics have come a long way?" Not like PS1 was the only console with a Toy Story game.

Meh. It's visually basic.

Don't wait, emulate!

Wait till you see what Rex does to Bo Peep


I can assure you, us PC gamers are laughing our asses off.

A nu cheeki breeki iv damke!

Physically I look like PS4 Buzz, but mentally I feel like PS1 Buzz

Damn, PS4 Buzz looks better than Toy Story 1 Buzz, maybe even Toy Story 2 Buzz.

Especially with Andy and his mom's walking animation. Either they didn't have mocap or they couldn't render walking.

Rex Bo Peeped the Woody out of her Buzz Lightyear and Jessied his Potato Head all over her Ham and ended with a Slinky.

Duh, and computers are used just for spreadsheets.

Physically I look like mr. potato head. Mentally I fell like the fishing pole with legs

Actually they finally confirmed a 2018 release

I remember in the initial press releases for the PS2, it was claimed it would produce Toy Story level real time graphics.

Is it possible to learn this power?

Y'all find a way to complain no matter what, don't you.