Players who had 2 primes?

Players who had 2 primes?

What are some examples of players who had a great stretch of seasons, then a few stretches of bad seasons, then back to good?

Michael Jordan, though it wasn't basketball he was bad at in the middle.

Lance Stephenson?

Knicks Z-Bo

Jailblazer Z-Bo and Memphis Z-Bo

Sandwiched in between was

Maybe Eric Gordon? He didn't want Pelicans (Hornets back then) to match his offer sheet in 2012, they still did and he looked unmotivated for the rest of his time there.

Now he's a key member of the Rockets and a 6MOTY winner.

Tyreke Evans comes to mind.

Yeah it's like he had two primes. Nice work, 2Blitz.

Rajon Rondo

Wasn't Lance good in 13/14 then bad for the next 2 years, then he returned to good in Indiana last year?

Grant Hill had some what of a resurgence in Phoenix after a debilitating injury.

Kyle Korver is probably the best example. I think his Utah Chi period was much worse than at PHI/ATL

Also JJ Barea. While he was at Minnesota i thought he was on the verge to cut off the league

Now you have DeMarre Caroll.

As for all-star caliber...hmm...Maybe Jason Kidd and Pau?

Duncan? He had few bad seasons in the late 00s, then he bounces back and won another championship.

His level of play didn't drop though, just his team's.

does LeBron count? lol he hasn’t had a bad season but you could argue his athletic prime was miami.