Place mat

Place mat

Almost /sub/dadjokes material

I'm going to have to ask you to switch the places of the knife and the fork, please and thank you

Almost /sub/placemat material

Fork O - the "o" of the plate Really​ nothing Knife Spoon

Damn near close


This helps you remember that the knife blade faces the plate - gotta protect the spoon from the raptors.


TIL not only is fine dining overly complicated, but I'm also liable to be eaten by dinosaurs if I do it wrong.

And this is why I only eat pizza.

I thought i were on /sub/sweden for a second there

Lol I love how it ended 2 weeks ago and people are still being creative

It's a personal thing. I'm right handed, but have the knife in my left hand and the fork or spoon in my right. Way more comfortable.

You printed that out just to make a pun? Good job!



Nah, one of these got messed up.

Place "mat". Mat = food

so place food, fitting.

Damn near

the osu sign still upsets me